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PlayStation / Re: Call of Duty MW3 - PS3
« on: 07:39 PM - 10/29/11 »
Which XIM3 firmware are you using ? IF XIMManager 20110928 (BETA), then now thats not what i am using. I am using XIMManager-20111028-BETA. Firmware is still the same, but new ST have been added and old ones updated.

XIMManager-20111028-BETA                             XIMManager-201110226-BETA
 includes the following:                                           1.New Battlefield 3 Smart Translator
1.- New Battlefield 3 ADS Smart Translator              2.Experimental Black Ops Smart Translator
                                                                       3.Experimental Reach Smart Translator

You must be an RC tester to be able to download beta firmware/pre- release ST before they go public for everyone else

i understand!!! i'm using the 20110928 and the MW2 ST to play Black Ops!!

this is good!! i'll wait for this new firm!!! do you have any idea when this firm will release?? I believe that you probably can't say this!!!!

PlayStation / Re: Call of Duty MW3 - PS3
« on: 06:34 PM - 10/29/11 »
I too will prolly be using the MW2 St as well. We may not have to have a new St for the game since COD controls never really change much at all. By the way the new black ops ST ( RC testing currently) is a lot better. I use it now and like it better than using the MW2 ST i was using on black ops.

when you say the new Black Ops ST, you mean the black ops st in the last Xim 3 firmware??? is it better then the MW2 ST????

PlayStation / Call of Duty MW3 - PS3
« on: 07:08 AM - 10/28/11 »
hello guys, I created this topic so we can discuss about Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 that it is about to release. What ST you guys will use for MW3 until the official MW3 ST releases? I'll use my Modern Warfare 2 config that I'm using in Black Ops.

PlayStation / Re: VIDEO: XIM3 on Killzone 3
« on: 12:58 PM - 10/13/11 »
Do they come out with map packs like the CoD series does or did they just release one and thats it.

update: Just saw this :( 


This is bad...I completly forgot KZ3...It's a amazing game, but we have this bad things at multiplayer (wich is more imporant to me in FPS games)...

PlayStation / Re: VIDEO: XIM3 on Killzone 3
« on: 11:34 AM - 10/13/11 »
Very good GreyMouser, I'll try your experience in my KZ3. But I have one question...Do you use exactly the BC2 ST? Or change some buttons?

Good timing! (I'm on the forums for a few more minutes).  Yes, I used the BC2 ST-beta 1 ("B1" suffix in my pic two posts above). I don't know if the ST has changed. The only thing I changed from stock ST settings was the primary and secondary sensitivity. The button mapping is as shown in the picture. You can change all to your liking, of course (the beauty of XIM3!).

Off topic, I actually sold off KZ3 shortly after the video cuz I maxed out nearly all my classes. There's no 'prestige' in KZ3...So I can't play with you on it, lol. Maybe another game.

You can find other XIM3 users in your geographic area here.

I understand friend. I'm playing Black Ops with XIM3 (I receives mine at this monday) it is amazing, KZ3 I already stop playing just because of this (not much things to upgrade and gain)...

PlayStation / Re: VIDEO: XIM3 on Killzone 3
« on: 11:00 AM - 10/13/11 »
Very good GreyMouser, I'll try your experience in my KZ3. But I have one question...Do you use exactly the BC2 ST? Or change some buttons?

Exactly!!! You have to use a wired Xbox 360 controller!

So when you use your xim3 with the ps3 do you have to plug in a wired ps3 controller into it or does it work straight away with no need for it?


actually a xbox360 controller

Hello everybody,

I really need to create this topic because I would like to share my experiences. First of all, CONGARTULATIONS for OBsiV and all the guys behind this project.
I'm a PS3 user from Brazil and received my XIM3 this week, when I plug it and put my Call of Duty Black Ops I couldn't beleive in what I was seeing, it works PERFECTLY, simply PERFECTLY.
I thought that I was using my computer to play FPS games again.
I choose the BLACK OPS ST, change the configs as I wanted and then I've got here to the forum to search about other users configs and I found about MW2 ST so I decide to try it and works better for me.

Well guys, that's it. Thank you very much for this AMAZING apdapter.

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