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What mouse, mouse pad, controller, etc. is best for PS5?

I love to link up with you and hop into a private match to fine tune our settings and test some things. Send me a message or post your Xbox details.

Hardware Compatbility / Re: Help Setting up Xbox Series X
« on: 09:06 PM - 05/28/21 »
Okay, I can confirm I've gotten it to work with the default Xim hub.  Not sure why the powered hub changes things...

Hardware Compatbility / Help Setting up Xbox Series X
« on: 08:47 PM - 05/28/21 »
Hey peeps, I just purchased the Xbox Series X and have installed Destiny 2.

I'm running all the latest console/controller updates and have updated my Xim Apex to the latest firmware which supports my Xbox.  The problem is that I'm simply unable to get the Xim to work...

I seem to be unable to have my Xbox controller connect to the Xim via USB since it wants to connect to my Xbox via wireless connection only.

Please help.

I've been using a PS4 Pro with Xim Apex for the last couple of years now and have now just switched over to Xbox Series X, so I'm curious to know whether I can use my PS4 controller with this, or will I be required to purchase a new controller.

With my PS4, I'd insert my Xim into the PS4, then insert my powered USB into the Xim, and from there my PS4 controller, mouse, and PS3 controller would be plugged into the powered USB.

Now my Xim in plugged into my Xbox Series X, with the powered USB plugged into my Xim, and my Xbox controller, mouse, and PS4 controller are plugged into the powered USB.

I'm using a Razer Viper V2 mouse.

Technical Support / [ACTIVE] ADS issue
« on: 07:18 PM - 10/29/20 »
Hi, when using my right mouse button to ADS in a gun fight, in Destiny 2, it occasionally descopes and gets all wonky and aims all over the place.  What's up?

Anyone else ever experience this before?

PS4 Pro with Samsung SSD

Manager: 5.00.20190804
Firmware: 5.00.20200307
Mouse: G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming 1000hz (set to 500hz and 6,400 DPI)
Keyboard: G213 Gaming Keyboard
Xim is also set to 500hz
Using Default Sync with 1 smoothing (but this changes quite often)

I think the issue usually happens when I use steady aim or simulate analog behaviour.

I should also not that the xim usb dongle has disconnected from the xim and has gotten stuck in my ps4 several times.  I simply plug it back in and everything seems fine.  It's a shame the xim apex is so fragile and will come apart simply from pulling it out of the PS4 usb...

Shared Configs / Destiny 2 PS4
« on: 06:08 AM - 09/23/20 »
Iím very curious to k ow what everyoneís K/D and KA/D ratios are in PvP.

Kills / deaths and kills + assists / deaths

Please share your mouse dpi and polling rate and xim settings as well. Maybe include what weapons youíre using, too?

Iím a 3.0 player and my best game ever (in quickplay) was a 47.0 efficiency on the map, Burnout.

Shared Configs / Destiny 2 (PS4)
« on: 09:15 PM - 08/15/20 »
If anyone here mostly plays crucible on PS4 and uses Xim Apex, send me a message.  I'd love to link up so we can do some serious testing using different weapons.

I'm looking to link up on PS4 and go into a private match in order to set up a perfect Xim Apex profile for a variety of weapons, as it seems one profile doesn't fit all.

Is anyone interested in helping tune our settings so we can properly play our best in the crucible?

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