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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Aim problem
« on: 01:53 PM - 05/21/21 »
deadzone controller , stick drift

What about the deadzone?! For stick drift my controller is just new and has no drift at all bro

XIM APEX Discussions / Aim problem
« on: 12:30 PM - 05/21/21 »
So today i tried something new with the apex. I put the x/y ratio at 0 and I just used the aim sensitivity at 10 and everything on the xim manager is set to default. Now when i move my mouse on the mousepad my aim will only move to the left and right side of course, but while I keep moving the mouse left and right i cant make the crosshairs stay in the center and it will slightly move up by itself

Any idea why is this happening

Game Support / Xim apex original
« on: 11:09 AM - 04/25/21 »
Hello, I bought a used xim apex. How can i make sure if my xim apex is legit and i also want to know if there are any issues with it ?!

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: How to connect a nav to apex?
« on: 10:34 AM - 08/02/20 »
I fixed a post above. I think the text above described using port location to identify ports rather than port number. The port number can be identified by the number of dots above the port.

When using the nav in wired mode this port order should be used.

port 1: mouse
port 2: nav
port 3: controller

When using the nav in wireless mode a different order is used. Here's how to do that.

NAV off
XIM off
Controller in XIM Port 3 "..."
NAV in XIM Port 1 "."
XIM on
Connect manager and make sure NAV shows up
Unplug NAV
Confirm wireless NAV shows up in manager

After I connect my ps nav wirelessly, which port in the xim apex is ideal to plug my mouse in?! .. im using a wireless mouse as well

Believe me bro I tried to adjust my 360/m to the one I usually play with but when ever i move the mouse on the mousepad the crosshair move so fast. I cant understand whatís exactly the problem even after trying to solve this issue with testing it on a new xim apex but its still hard for me to tell whats really going on with the aim sensitivity.. Ive been an apex user for so long, playing with the same sittings that I feel comfortable with over a year and overwatch is the only game i play with the apex, im pretty sure that there is an issue with the aim sensitivity   

Helloo mist4fun

I have tested something new today. Usually i play with a config of overwatch called (Exponential) so i tried today to play with a different config of overwatch called (Linear) and my aim speed just got much better with the linear confg. I believe there is a problem with the exponential ramp config.

I had to buy a new xim apex, gaming mouse and mouse pad because I thought the problem is coming from one of them but then nothing has changed with the speed of the mouse aim sensitivity. It still too fast and unplayable

In general i still prefer my old aim speed with the exponential but for now ill stick with the linear because itís better than exponential. I really hope this issue can be fixed in the near future

Many thanks


Yes i re-measured my 360/cm and i didnt see that im having the same turnspeed i play with like before. i cant even control my aim because its too fast. I tried to lower my mouse aim sensitivity a little bit but its still to fast

Hello mist4fun

My mouse has on board memory, i disabled the dpi button on the mouse + I enabled one profile only on the mouse and set my dpi to 16000 , for hip i use hip translator and never played with ads because i only play overwatch with the xim apex , my in-game sensitivity is set to maximum 100 for horizontal and vertical , i use common for synchronize and a linear ballistics curve , 1.02 for YX ratio and a 1000 hz for apex's response rate

I only play overwatch with the apex so i just have one config for most of the characters i play with in this game and still suffering !!

Technical Support / [ACTIVE] Ps4 mouse aim sensitivity bug
« on: 12:01 PM - 04/01/20 »
Hello .. im having an issue with the mouse aim sensitivity in the apex manager, the sensitivity i play with is no longer feel the same, it feels much faster now than it used to be. I checked all my sittings on the apex manager and in game sittings, i even bought a new g703 hero gaming mouse to see if this would solve the problem but it did not unfortunately

These are the sittings i use over a year and never changed them :
Polling rate in mouse and manager : 1000 hz
Mouse dpi : 16000
Mouse aim sensitivity 2.80
Sync : common
Y/X ratio : 1.02
Simulate analog behavior : off

Please help me because my aim is no longer as good as before 

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