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This is a very interesting thread. I have a question for alanmcgregor. Firstly thanks for all the great information here.

I'm currently looking for the ultimate headset for positional accuracy for call of duty games. I play a variety of cod games but mainly cod4 and some of the later releases

I'm willing to spend anywhere up to $500.

I can see that you strongly recommend the sennheiser hd660s.

I was just wondering which you feel would be the better option between the hd660s and the beyerdynamic dt1990 Pro?

I know that the jubilee version is available, but for simplicity I'm just looking to see the differences between the hd660s and the dt1990

These headphones would be for 100% competitive advantage for hearing vital sound cues (eg. Footsteps) on call of duty series games

Thanks in advance  :)

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