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XIM APEX Discussions / 1000hz off sync causing lag?
« on: 03:23 AM - 02/21/20 »
So in pubg new tdm mode I tried playing with off sync while using 1000hz..

Instantly the game became a lag fest.. was not a stutter issue big turns were very choppy. And gunfights became a mess as ppl were teleporting and desyncing all over.. I've used the apex for over a year and never seen this happen.

Switching back and forth beetween default and off during the match you could clearly see the problem come and go..

So why use 1000hz if it causes ur console to lag?

Game Support / PUBG Retrain
« on: 04:03 PM - 01/28/20 »
I've been saying for a while that theres an issue with the pubg xbox st and have talked to mist4fun about the issue on discord a few times

And today I think I figured out the issue..

Set ads sensitivity to 1.0 and try to draw perfect circles

On 100 verticle movement sensitivity (reccomended in game settings) you get more horizontal movement then vertical movement.. it makes your circles more like ovals..

Set verticle sensitivity multiplier to 150 in game and you get a better circular motion when moving your mouse..

It seems the Y/X ratio is incorrect in the ST.

Mist if you could take the time to look into this it would be awesome

I'm sure theres alot of other ppl that would appreciate it

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