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General Discussion / Send me your none working adapters
« on: 04:24 PM - 02/29/08 »
Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your.. none working PS2->PS3 adapters :)

I have been working on a custom firmware for the toolstick to improve adapter compatability. I had the adapter that I listed in the none working thread and have been really scratching my head why my custom firmware hasn't been working. I got a dualshock 2 controller and it turns out the actual adapter is bust.

So what would be very nice is if anyone happens to have an adapter that doesn't work if they could donate it to me I can continue work.

For all that are interested the normal firmware seems to emulate a playstation 1 analog controller, and by emulate I think it only implements the READ_DATA command. Two reasons why it might not work on certain PS2->PS3 adapters.

Here are the PS2 controller commands I have implemented.


If anyone wants my firmware code thus far email me it and I will send you a copy. Take note that I have not implemented the communication between the PC and the adapter yet so this by no means works as a XIM yet. I am working on the XIM -> PS2 part of the code just to see if it is even possible to make it work perfectly.

I would prefer it if possible if someone from the UK would do me this awesome favour as it means it will cost me less to post it back to you. Also please be aware I can't promise anything right away as I am doing this in my spare time.

Thanks for your time.


Support / XIM with cheap PS2->PS3 adapter
« on: 03:47 AM - 02/13/08 »
Hi folks.

Seems the adapter I bought doesn't work with the XIM. The only thing that seems to work on it is holding down the up arrow with the backspace key in order to bring up the menu to turn off the system or controller.

Interestingly if I tap backspace and then press up then the up key registers so I am able to move up through menu items this way. Nothing else seems to function though.

Support / Xim software not working properly
« on: 03:09 AM - 02/13/08 »
Hi folks,

My XIM arrived today so I connect it up and load the XIM software and immediately notice that the bars don't appear on it when I move the mouse. Also if I press CTRL-ESC or CTRL-ENTER nothing happens at all.

If I unplug the XIM and run the software again the bars appear when I move the mouse and CTRL-ESC works fine to close the program.

So it seems like the XIM program is falling over when I have the XIM connected.

Any ideas?

Hey guys,

I realise that there are a lot of people who don't want to be having to run their computer to use their XIM while playing. Some don't like the noise, location or the electricity that it uses up.

So I was wondering if one of these products would do the job.


Basically they are tiny x86 compatible computers that cost about $200, they have USB ports, VGA, PS/2 etc. So I was thinking with a tweak of the software you could setup a cut down windows on it (get rid of explorer shell) and run a special version of the XIM software on it.

Seeing as it takes a memory card you could plug the card into your main PC to setup configurations etc and then plug it into one of these with your XIM attached. You could even connect a monitor to it and configure it that way. Which would be great for people who have a TV that can accept multiple inputs. You could switch your TV to VGA mode, tweak your XIM, then switch back to your game :)

What do you think guys?

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