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Why hasn't his been locked?

General Discussion / Re: XIM2 irrelevant for PS3 users?
« on: 02:44 AM - 05/01/08 »
Shouldn't it be possible to port a lot of the benefits of XIM2 to XIM1?

As far as I was aware the calculations for the translation exponent and digital dampen are done in the DLL, so in theory the new functionality that does things like makes Halo3 so much nicer could be done with XIM1.

The only things I don't think you could port back would be analog triggers (from a PS3 perspective), and for the 360 we wouldn't be able to remove the dependancy on the XFPS.

For PS3 users we should be able to get all the features of XIM2 minus the analogue triggers from XIM1.

Unless you are doing loads of calculations in the firmware which is kind of wasteful considering the user has a more then adequate CPU right there so you wouldn't need as powerful a microprocessor in the device.

General Discussion / Re: XIM2 irrelevant for PS3 users?
« on: 05:53 AM - 04/30/08 »
PS3 gamepad when connected with the wire acts as a bog standard USB HID Gamepad with the addition of one "sync" command.

If there was a toolstick with USB on both ends I imagine it would be relatively easy.

Support / Re: XIM2
« on: 12:03 PM - 04/08/08 »
OMG lol.

Not only has this dude managed to miss the behemoth of a thread that is the "Xim 2" thread but he goes and posts in the support section!

General Discussion / Re: Xbox 360 controller on PS3
« on: 03:53 PM - 04/07/08 »
Ok spent 15 minutes and got something reasonable working. It's not perfect but i'll leave it up to everyone else to tweak it to perfection.

First grab XAE and extract it somewhere, make a new file in the profiles directory called 360.ini put this in that file

Code: [Select]
"800 DPI - Ingame = max X+Y"


Now grab glovepie and paste this into the script part

Code: [Select]
// Type your program here, or click the GUI tab to autogenerate it!

if (joy1.z > 0.1){
Key.Two = true
wait 0.01
Key.Two = false
if (joy1.z < -0.1){
Key.Five = true
wait 0.01
Key.Five = false

key.F5 = joy1.Button5
key.f6 = joy1.Button6
Key.Up = joy1.Pov1Up
Key.Down = joy1.Pov1Down
Key.Left = joy1.Pov1Left
Key.Right = joy1.Pov1Right
Key.Six = joy1.Button10
Key.three = joy1.Button9
Key.BackSpace = joy1.Button7
Key.Enter = joy1.Button8
Key.nine = joy1.Button3
Key.eight = joy1.Button2
Key.seven = joy1.Button1
Key.zero = joy1.Button4
//Mouse.x += MapRange(Joystick1.pitch, -1,1, 0,1)
//Mouse.y += MapRange(Joystick1.yaw, -1,1, 0,1)

//Mouse.x += joy1.pitch/10
//Mouse.y += joy1.yaw/10

//Mouse.xy = [(mouse.CursorPosX + joy1.pitch/10) , mouse.cursorposY + joy1.yaw/10]

debug = mouse.DirectInputX

mouse.directinputx += joy1.pitch*50
mouse.directinputy += joy1.yaw*50

//joy1.pitch= 0
//joy1.yaw = 0

To use hit Run in glovepie and then start up XAE, your 360 controller will now control your PS3 :)

Things that need tweaking are the senstivity in XAE, the translation exponent in XAE and that 50 that I am multiplying the controller movements by in the glovepie script.

If you find some good settings or improvements please post back for everyone to enjoy.

General Discussion / Re: Xbox 360 controller on PS3
« on: 12:07 PM - 04/07/08 »
I've wanted to do this but can't seem to figure it out.

It looks like using glovepie you can get all the digital buttons on the 360 controller to emulate keyboard or mouse key presses so you can make those work that way.

You can get one of the 360 controllers analog sticks to work by making the analogue stick emulate the mouse in glovepie. You cannot however make the other analogue stick work. You can make it work digitally (ie full left or full right etc) but not with analogue movement.

General Discussion / Send me your none working adapters
« on: 04:24 PM - 02/29/08 »
Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your.. none working PS2->PS3 adapters :)

I have been working on a custom firmware for the toolstick to improve adapter compatability. I had the adapter that I listed in the none working thread and have been really scratching my head why my custom firmware hasn't been working. I got a dualshock 2 controller and it turns out the actual adapter is bust.

So what would be very nice is if anyone happens to have an adapter that doesn't work if they could donate it to me I can continue work.

For all that are interested the normal firmware seems to emulate a playstation 1 analog controller, and by emulate I think it only implements the READ_DATA command. Two reasons why it might not work on certain PS2->PS3 adapters.

Here are the PS2 controller commands I have implemented.


If anyone wants my firmware code thus far email me it and I will send you a copy. Take note that I have not implemented the communication between the PC and the adapter yet so this by no means works as a XIM yet. I am working on the XIM -> PS2 part of the code just to see if it is even possible to make it work perfectly.

I would prefer it if possible if someone from the UK would do me this awesome favour as it means it will cost me less to post it back to you. Also please be aware I can't promise anything right away as I am doing this in my spare time.

Thanks for your time.


Hey KingAfrica you still get the updates even if its one that doesn't work i'm afraid.

I'm looking for people to send me none working adapters so I can perfect my custom firmware so if your thinking of just junking it then Don't!

I have managed to fully implement the entire PS2 protocol on the toolstick, but I was wondering why it wasn't working. I then got a dualshock 2 controller and it turns out my @#$% adapter is actually broken! It's probably been working all along.

Confirmed not working

I always thought there must be a + shaped deadzone in certain games. So when your turning left it wont pick up minor up and down movements so you don't wobble about.

General Discussion / Re: Xim 2
« on: 11:21 AM - 02/16/08 »
No, the Toolstick will not be involved. We are getting a custom circuit board fabricated. I believe I have the final design complete. We are just waiting on the parts to come in to finish the last prototype to confirm the design. After testing, derektm will be working with board fab/assembly companies to find the best deal. I'll be providing more regular status updates when we are at this point.
Will we be able to build the XIM2 like we did with the XIM1?

I would highly doubt that you would be able to build it yourself. Sounds like obsiv and derek are working to get it produced in quantity by a board assembly company which is a good idea as it should bring the price down.

So, cheaper for people who just want to buy it, slightly more expensive for people who didn't mind building it themselves as they wont be able to make the saving by doing some work themselves.

Although this is just a complete guess :)

Support / Re: XIM with cheap PS2->PS3 adapter
« on: 10:24 AM - 02/14/08 »
Hey Juncti,

If your adapter doesn't work i'll order it and post it over to you just for the cost of the thing + postage.

I am semi considering working on a way to make the xim work with any adapter but it will take some time without any existing source code to work with. I have a friend who has been an embedded systems engineer for a little over 20 years so I could call in his help if needed. Although I am trying to broaden my programming skills so I will try without help (my current job only involves high level programming langugages and reverse engineering the XIM will require knowledge of assembler).


Support / Re: XIM with cheap PS2->PS3 adapter
« on: 08:17 AM - 02/14/08 »

Support / Re: XIM with cheap PS2->PS3 adapter
« on: 07:49 AM - 02/13/08 »
Thanks for the response Imran,

I tried your routine but unfortunately it didn't work for my adapter :(

The closest 5 HMV stores to me are out of the venom adapter too. I think I could get the XIM to work on all adapters but it would require me having access to the source code.

Support / XIM with cheap PS2->PS3 adapter
« on: 03:47 AM - 02/13/08 »
Hi folks.

Seems the adapter I bought doesn't work with the XIM. The only thing that seems to work on it is holding down the up arrow with the backspace key in order to bring up the menu to turn off the system or controller.

Interestingly if I tap backspace and then press up then the up key registers so I am able to move up through menu items this way. Nothing else seems to function though.

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