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antithesis you are the man thanks for telling me to swipe. that is not anyware to be found on how to get there. I got the k63 wirelessly working its a beast.

thanks everyone for support.

the keyboard and mouse is working fine. I just don't have any option in my profiles seems to be a xim thingy

Thanks and this topic will get an update?

corsair are dodgy 4 real?? it a wired keyboard all keyboards are the same. I've nobody know how to fix this im going to return the xim.

I got my xim apex once to show ads and key binding. after closing app on android phone and loading the profile it never game back. it only works once after factory default reset. anyone has any idea to get this part working? also tried a second phone iPhone same issue. no key bindings or ads config to set.

I've watched the tutorials but I don't see the sense for ads and aim. also don't see any key bindings. can someone help me explain this part to get it working? yes I have the profiles loaded.

I needed to do a hard reset. got the controller keyboard and mouse working now finally.
only thing I cant get working yet is change the controls. I can load the config set the mouse polling rate to 1000hz. and I don't see the key binding part. anyone can help with this?

I've set my control to cable it works when the cable is directly connected to the ps4. when its not the controller doesnt respond anymore when plugged in to the apex hub. is that supposed to happen?

controller is working on blutooth mode do I need to put it into wired mode? I've yes how do I do this?

controller is working while connected. mouse and keyboard aint doing nothing

Hi All,

I've just bought a xim apex and a Logitech g703 and a corsair k63 keyboard.
I cant get any of them to work. steps I've already taken.

Update the xim apex with my pc now has latest firmware
connect the xim apex to my ps4 pro and connect it with my phone manager on android it sees the corsair keyboard and it sees the Logitech mouse and the controller.
everything is plugged into the right ports.

Keyboard is connected wired just to get unsupported things out of the way.
I've downloaded the latest games config with the manager and setup my game profiles.

What am I missing to get things working at all?

Any news yet?

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 03:42 AM - 01/06/20 »
Bloodborne support aswell please

Thank you

Any update for this? I would love to be able to use my K63 wireless again.

What firmware is your k63 on?

Can someone create a profile for the game bloodborne?

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