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Game Support / Re: Enlisted where is ps5 Config?
« on: 09:17 AM - 08/06/21 »
You will need the beta Manager as well.

If you would like to test our latest beta please visit the link below. Please read the instructions on the download pages. Feedback in the beta section of the forum is appreciated.


Newest beta is already intalled. Like i wrote before. omg

Game Support / Re: Enlisted where is ps5 Config?
« on: 06:13 AM - 08/04/21 »
XIM doesn’t know you’re using a PS5. You can use any version of an ST on any console, but performance may vary.

If the XIM APEX Manager app is closing, it’s for some other reason. Update to the latest beta at https://xim.tech/beta

just tried to install newest beta firmware it says i already run the newest version. still if open ENLISTED and want to make a xbox series St of enlisted  App close?

Game Support / Re: Enlisted where is ps5 Config?
« on: 02:22 PM - 08/03/21 »
PS5 is not officially supported and is not getting game configs. The Xbox version should work well enough.

You cant create xbox series config on device on ps5. The ap closing immediately

Game Support / Enlisted where is ps5 Config?
« on: 03:13 AM - 07/30/21 »
I see only xbox >:(

wen  wer lust hat bitte adden :) psn ist bevz_1993  :D

Deutsch / Battlefield squad?
« on: 01:00 PM - 05/09/20 »
Hi, suche hier ein paar gleichgesinnte erfahrene xim Player für ein Squad, wäre echt geil

bitte Nachricht hier oder psn adden:


 ??? ;D ;D

PlayStation / Meat Hunt bf5 PS4
« on: 12:57 PM - 05/09/20 »

add me if you like to go for meat on bfv on ps4 for
fun  ;) ;)


if anyone want go hunt meat in bfv on ps4
 ;) ;)

Always high but good and cooperative


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