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Was something else. Well xim apex is in cronus Zen working 1:1 as it would work single. Had titan 2 with apex same story

Bought anew Usb Port 3.0 and replaced the iriginal one from the xim. Now everything light up but dont work.. What is wrong?


The game is smooth. Look at my xim play killed the whole server alone


Trust the xim team more that they can make better St

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 09:05 AM - 12/01/21 »
Is Hell Let Loose not going to be supported on PS5?

I ask it myself too. Thought now that beloader is here they start to make ps5 configs too

Nextgenupdate is out...

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 12:17 PM - 11/27/21 »
Please add hunt showdown. Now 60 fps on console

FPS doesn't change how look mechanics work

It changes much. I ppay with battlefield st and its great. But an st would be better!!

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 11:31 AM - 11/25/21 »
Please add hunt showdown. Now 60 fps on console

Game Support / Hunt Showdown PS5
« on: 03:13 AM - 11/25/21 »
Next Gen has 60 fps update. Can u make please config?

Game Support / Re: Battlefield 2042 ST
« on: 04:33 AM - 11/23/21 »
This Game is so Bad guys.. how dare you..

General Discussion / Re: Ps5 & xim apex compatibility
« on: 12:48 PM - 11/05/21 »
Anything ever come of the adapter as of late?

Yes readed about it looks like its something that you connect wia bluetooth or ethernet. Forget this. Better sell ps5 and get xbox

We are supposed to receive it today. If so, we will need to do some evaluation of it first.

Did you receive it?

Each game's look mechanic is unique to that game and platform. It's why games have separate and unique support. I don't have a PS5 so I wouldn't be able to tell you what is a good fit for the game. It will take loading XIM with different game configs to find one that fits best.

Is the aiming smooth or clunky? Because on ps5 it kinda jumps every 1cm

No hell let loose?

No, nothing had changed since you first reported that the Xbox config doesn't work well using the PS5 version.

Can you Recommend any Profiles for the PS5 Version? Its really frustrating

Game Support / Re: Need Contact from mist4fun
« on: 11:52 PM - 11/03/21 »
Unfortunately the PS5 isn't a supported platform and support is separate to each platform. Choosing another platform in Manager just doesn't change the way buttons look in Manager, it uses unique support for that platform.

I fully understand the decision regarding support for PS5 but surely HLL is different from the triple A titles which are dropping now and near future, in that HLL works perfectly with third party controller, which the other titles donít.
Is there any way Mist would reconsider - the game is so good Iím on verge of buying Xbox so I can play it!
Yours in hope 🤞

I wouldn't be able to support it even if I wanted to unfortunately, I have no PS5. Well, I did but it went to XIM development. :)

Thats bad, really bad. This game works on ps5, so you could make an config. Man. Xim cannot only support xbox all the time..

General Discussion / Re: Ps5 & xim apex compatibility
« on: 11:49 PM - 11/03/21 »
I asked them to include the ability to measure latency statistics, but, I don't think they added that.

Please give Feedback as soon as Possible

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