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The DayZ ST works pretty good for me. You should give it a try.

Wanna hunt together?

Game Support / Re: Insurgency 60 Fps ST update please.
« on: 01:33 PM - 01/08/22 »

Game Support / Re: Ps5 st profiles
« on: 05:14 PM - 01/03/22 »
It's highly unlikely XIM will provide PS5 ST support based on a third-party device like Beloader, especially when many people have reported issues with it.

If everyone had reliable ethernet to and from PC & PS5, that'd be the best way to support PS5 via the official PS Remote Play app, but accessibility is a problem.

I play with beloader since day 1. No problems. Xim is on 500 hz mouse on 1000..

Game Support / Insurgency 60 Fps ST update please.
« on: 05:12 PM - 01/03/22 »
For ps5

Hi there, also would like to know because no other has asked on the forum yet, will there be a Beloader PS5 Profile for Games like Hell let loose? The XBSX Cofig is Amazing, but ltiny bit to much deadzone at aiming. Its one of my fav Games, im shoked a little bit that its not so popular here.


The game is much better now and the population is also growing by the day. Would love to see support.

i love that Game too. Maybe we can Hunt together one day? :o

I will need to talk to mist4fun to confirm, but I believe Hunt Showdown support was removed because it's aiming system became so poor that it was impossible to make it playable on XIM.

They changed it to 60 fps. Huge difference now

Deutsch / Re: Beloader
« on: 09:41 AM - 12/11/21 »
Gibt es das netzteil irgentwo zum kaufen?

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 08:54 PM - 12/10/21 »
Hunt Showdown for next gen would be nice, a ton of ppl are playing it atm..

Was something else. Well xim apex is in cronus Zen working 1:1 as it would work single. Had titan 2 with apex same story

Support / [Q/A] Replaced USB Port. Now dont work. Help?
« on: 08:36 AM - 12/09/21 »
Bought anew Usb Port 3.0 and replaced the iriginal one from the xim. Now everything light up but dont work.. What is wrong?


The game is smooth. Look at my xim play killed the whole server alone


Trust the xim team more that they can make better St

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 09:05 AM - 12/01/21 »
Is Hell Let Loose not going to be supported on PS5?

I ask it myself too. Thought now that beloader is here they start to make ps5 configs too

Nextgenupdate is out...

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