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So I've looked everywhere but can't find an answer maybe since the st is so new maybe not but in the short time when I press my mouse my sensitivity jolts up during the animation of aiming down sights and them as soon as I'm fully down it goes back to normal I tried messing with ads timing thing can't remember the name where you can adjust the Ms I love tried in increments of 25 all the way up to 350ms and it's still the same I'm wondering if anyone knows what's going on it makes the game unplayable with the xim for me so I've just been sticking to native support but would like to try the xim

Change the delay for ADS activation to 300, its a safe number to use.

Game Support / Re: modern warfare st release time?
« on: 06:02 PM - 10/29/19 »
You can have it "RIGHT" or you can have it "RIGHT NOW"

Famous quote from Mark Rein on the upcoming and most eagerly awaited release of Unreal Tournament 2003

I would so much like to see the actual numbers of Xim users in these games compared to the claims by snowflakes that they were killed by a xim cheat instead of being killed by a better player that may or may not have got a lucky shot.

General Discussion / Re: XIM VS Consoles that support K&M
« on: 10:07 AM - 10/29/19 »
I think there will always be a place for the Xim or some kind of adaptor.

I feel the way the game balance has been done in MW is excellent.
I don't feel I am disadvantaged to controller players in any way even the AA, If the Focusing assist is used is almost like aimbot , it tracks through walls.
Against PC players, I don't feel that disadvantaged, they have high FPS, high Frame rate monitors, and wider FOV,  but in all honesty , that stuff  with the exception of FOV really doesn't make a different to anyone except the top skill bracket players. ( If you are using a Xim and not turning off aim assist whenever possible, you are not in that skill bracket )
Oh YES, I know it makes a difference, but it raises your game by tiny amounts.
Think of it as having a 5 absolutely identical performing 500 bhp cars on the drag strip, then one of the cars gets an extra 5 bhp

I will always have my Xim to use when needed and I will use it on MW as well as Native, depending on who I play with, playing with PC friends will be Native, playing with console friends will be Xim (with aim assist off).

Also to note the Xim also allows me to use my xbox 360 steering wheel on my Xbox One or PS 3/4, it allows me to use my Xbox controller on PS

General Discussion / Re: XIM VS Consoles that support K&M
« on: 08:12 AM - 10/29/19 »

Below is what I use for native M/KB, please keep in mind I am a low sens player so 450mm per 360 rotation in 1 second. 
Mouse DPI 800
Mouse Sense 3.00
ADS Sense Type, I prefer Legacy but the game keeps changing it back to Relative so I have left it as Relative.
ADS Sens (Low Zoom) 0.85
ADS Sens (High Zoom) 0.80
ADS Sens Transition Gradual
I personally use Mouse acceleration 0.05 which is why you see the 1 second timing on the 360 rotation

If you have cross play enabled, you will get into a lot of PC lobbies, at the moment it isn't an issue as I have seen no evidence of hacks and to be honest the real amount of cheats in the world is tiny compared to what people believe.
If you have any mouse skills at all you will hold your own against them even with the console limited frame rate and FOV.
If you have cross play disabled you will be in Xbox or PS lobbies respectively most of the time.

This game has really highlighted who uses the Xim for advantage, and who uses the Xim for preferred input method.

I hope this is helpful.

Game Support / Re: Best ST for COD:Modern Warfare
« on: 10:35 AM - 10/26/19 »
I have been simply playing Native and having great fun.

I did have the inconvenience of having to purchase a new keyboard though as my favourite gameboard the Logitec G13 isn't supported by Xbox.


Cross play on and mostly lobbies of PC's  but still holding my own and usually much closer to the top than the bottom.

The game is balanced to the point Native mouse which has no aim assist, is very well balanced with controller and the various levels of aim assist from Precision which is a very small FOV assist, to Focusing which is so strong it might as well be an aimbot.

My only fear with the cross platform is the same as everyone elses on a console, which of course is when the real aimbot wall hack cheating begins on PC, at that point I will turn off cross platform.

General Discussion / Re: Modern Warfare ST
« on: 09:53 AM - 10/25/19 »
Native doesn't allow the use of G13 Game pad.

But then I am sorry for maybe trying to help by offering a different ST choice .

General Discussion / Modern Warfare ST
« on: 08:04 AM - 10/25/19 »
I know there will be maany different threads and opinions about this untill the official ST arrives.

But during the PS Alpha I used the infinite warfare and it felt great after some small adjustements.
During the Beta I used XBox and the IW felt perfect exactly as as I play with IW.

During the full release The IW ST sucked ( they must have changed the aim system so much )
I Tried ALL other ST's from the original modern warfare ( Cod4 ) up to Black ops 4, they all sucked.

Then I thought, as the people who have made the new modern warfare also made Titan Fall, I will try that ST.

It is by no means correct and I have had to a strange setup in game but it makes it playable.
Set up I have used in game is
Air Response curve  Set as Linear
Aim Assist OFF  ( any aim assist simply made things feel bad )

In Xim

I have needed to set Z/X ratio to 1.5 for both Hip and ADS
For Aim , I use Syncronise as OFF  ( I do this in EVERY GAME )
For ADS, I have been forced to use Syncronise default.

It is by no means perfect, great or even that good.  But it is the most usable I have found so far.

On a side note.
Although the campaign was great, I did expect it to take a little more than the 41/2 hours it took to complete.

Game Support / Re: help for rainbow six siege
« on: 01:57 AM - 10/22/19 »
It appears you are new to mouse control.

With time you will move the mouse back to center (Reset) on the pad naturally and subconsciously.

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