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Can someone show us black ops 4 that game was horrible with xim apex.


Now that is a great idea.

I remember that game sucking so bad with Apex

It can be achieved on Xim Devices.

Jiggle aim doesn't need to be circles, a simple side to side shake does the same effect.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Native gyro
« on: 12:29 AM - 02/16/22 »
The news article mentions that aim assist is disabled when Gyro aiming is on. (https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/news/gyro-aiming-and-flick-stick-come-to-fortnite-in-v19-30-more-controller-options)

Thanks for confirming. Predictions that XIM NEXUS may now be accused of "cheating" because if you use it on a game like Fortnite that has native gyro support you get AA?

Saw a TON of ppl asking why Xbox didn't get gyro aiming. Told em XIM Nexus is the only way.


Are you in any way surprised that the Nexus is being or going to be classed as a cheating device?  it was inevitable :-)

Ignorance has no boundaries, anything different these days is classed as cheating.

My response to such accusations now will be simply tell people to play Division 2 on PC with Nexus, then play it with PS4/5 controller using REWASD to enable the PS4/5 gyro as mouse. Then ask them do they really think the Nexus is an advantage?

Yep, I am deliberately cherry picking that game for a reason.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Native gyro
« on: 04:48 PM - 02/15/22 »
It's probably accepting gyro as if it is a wireless mouse, Nice that it is doing it directly in the game.

As for the flick stick kind of operation, it is only easy to pick up if you have little to now muscle memory for a controller right stick.

Lots of games accept dual simultaneous input from both M/KB and controller.

Its how I have been using gyro controllers for a long time, and often it also gives aim assist too.
To name a few PC games that also give aim assist and allow gyro use ( If using steam overlay or REWASD ) PS4/5, Nintendo Pro, and Steam controller
Division 2
FarCry 5
Battlefield 1, 5

Coincidently,  if using REWASD those games can also give aim assist with a native mouse but it is limited in it's usage.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Buying a Xim Apex
« on: 07:25 AM - 02/15/22 »
The great thing about the Xim4. 

It's not even close to the performance of the Apex,  but it still is head and shoulders above every other adaptor on the market.

General Discussion / Re: XIM Nexus compared to XIM Apex
« on: 06:57 AM - 02/15/22 »
Both Apex and Nexus use the same smart translators, so the accuracy you can achieve is the same with both.
Nexus however has way more smoothing options. Unlike Apex where you only have sync and smoothing, with Nexus you have the ability to customize every smoothing detail of the translation. This includes things like smoothing around the deadzone, on fast movements, flicks, heaviness or lightness. To not overload the user with options you can also choose from different presets, which then do all the work for you.

Let's not forget the ultimate smoothing the Apex has that the Nexus doesn't, which is the users arm.:-)

I am not certain, but it seems to have a square aim deadzone.

I wrote a script a long time ago for the G13 so I could make it draw a perfect circle with the crosshair ( in PC games where it is native mouse ).   
I have used it in the passed to demonstrate the ST for Fortshite was really good by making it create a circle, square and diagonal lines from corner to corner inside the square.

I use this to test with the generic ST's to see if I can get it to show something resembling a circle. When I used that on crossfireX   it drew varying rectangular geometry with rounded corners on all of the generics, except one, where it drew a diamond shape which was wider than it was tall. 

I would love to see the represented deadzones on the images of the generics so we can see what the basic shapes are.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: miss subconfig
« on: 03:29 PM - 02/14/22 »
Something I have used in my setup is to use separate hip and ads ( not shared ).
Then I set up the right stick to have reversed vertical in ADS only , this means as you tilt the controller forward to counter recoil, it is very easy to add a little stick by pushing it forwards as it travels the same direction.

Although,  I have not played BF2042 on console since the beta ( I have it on PC instead and use KB/M ), others have said the aiming on 2042 leaves a lot to be desired.

General Discussion / Re: DPI
« on: 10:49 AM - 02/14/22 »
What dpi should i use? I like 12k dpi bc its fast. I have tried 4k but its too slow for me, and if i want it more fast i have to use 400+ sens on the xim app but i still dont get the speed i like. Should i stick with 12k or go down and take the beating on 4kr until im used to it with slower speed. And my aim is ok so

The sweet spot for AA is 3000 - 5000.
For a more natural feel, use 8000 or higher,   with polling at 1000Hz and Sync Off.
If you run a headset through the controller, and you are on Xbox then use Polling of 500Hz instead of 1000Hz
Use a  xim sense that provides about 30cm ( 12" ) for a 360* rotation for Hip, the same sense number usually equates to about 180* - 270* for ADS.

Setting up any more aggressive than that will just make you hit the turn speed limit too often.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: miss subconfig
« on: 09:23 AM - 02/14/22 »
Will there also be something like the recoil trick ?
That was a really nice touch with the Xim Apex
the more I play with the nexus the worse my aiming gets, I have tried lowering the y axis, lowering the motion but when shooting Iím all over the place with my aiming.

I tried keeping my hands steady on my desk but Iím either aiming to lose it to right when adsíing.

Iím definitely looking for a way to force the y axis down when firingÖ

Are you generally a good controller player?

What game and what settings are you using for motion aim?
First set the controller motion settings to their default settings,  you need to familiarize yourself with how the motion aim works before messing with settings.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Motion aim with hipfire
« on: 09:09 AM - 02/11/22 »
I don't intentionally use motion aim for turning but, if you have to track an enemy in a game with a high TTK, you can often move your hand a significant amount away from center. I think you need to dedicate a key to enable motion aiming when held, so as soon as you're done with motion aim you can let go to recenter. Or have it enabled all the time and have a button to disable it that you press every time you need to recenter.

To make it work nicely it would probably need a capacitive touch trigger as that is most likely where the fingers rest most naturally so no need to actually click.
I have used a steam controller since release, and like most people, I use the right touch pad to engage the gyro by touch alone and was found it quite difficult to get used to not having that ability.
What you're asking for can be achieved by setting the motion to engage and using the left or right trigger to engage the motion at 1%,  that way very little pressure would be required to activate motion and release to re-centre the controller.
Keep in mind although it is very little pressure required, it still is some pressure and it will take it's toll on your finger muscles over a long game session.

For the Nexus
I use the gyro always on and use a curve to calm down the rapid twitch.
I use the gyro for almost ALL vertical aiming
I set up the ADS sense to be very low ( just enough to track a running enemy at a medium range )
I have the ADS only, right stick vertical reversed so it is more natural to use the stick to aid the motion for controlling recoil.

I am aware that in games like Halo most shooting is done from the hip but that can still be set up using the 1% on trigger to activate motion, and make the actual shoot action require more trigger.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: auto sprint
« on: 09:31 PM - 02/09/22 »
This was a quality of life request from lots of people during testing.
Antithesis suggested only during hip it should be allowed, but there was a reason why that couldn't be implemented.

What I have always done in steam if it was a situation that broke something else, is , I just added a delay for the auto sprint to start after 1000 milliseconds. ( I tried lower times but settled on one second )
For my situation it worked perfectly as it would take that position to be held for one second before it activated, which eliminated my accidental entry of the sprint.
My situation was simply to help me get into a sprint without smacking the stick down to much, if I needed to enter sprint in emergency I still had the normal push down.

On the nexus I have bound left stick down to a back button, which takes some getting used to, but it works for me.

I find recoil much easier to control on NEXUS and Division's a great game to test that out. I hadn't considered reversing the vertical axis in ADS, how does that work?  :o  You've got me wanting to install Division 2 now just to figure out what you've done  ;D

As I stated, I only have the  reveres vertical stick for ADS, it works for me really well.

I started doing it as I predominately use motion for vertical movement and only use the right stick for horizontal aim in both hip and ads, it does need a little vertical for re-centring otherwise I would have it at Zero, with this setup I spent a lot of time on Battlefield V, and found the motion often wasn't enough for a full mag burst. This made me need to use the stick for vertical movement (YUK!!!) .

So I am tilting the controller away from me and needed to pull the right stick down, the opposite way of the rest of the motion, so unnatural. So, I decided to reverse the right stick vertical for ADS and it felt very natural.
There are some brain dead moments when the giant drone things need shooting down and I am looking up in ADS and accidently pull down on the stick to lower the crosshair, to find it is going the wrong way, but they are few and far between.

For me personally, the 3rd person shooters, or slow turn shooters are the place where the Nexus gives equal or better performance than the Apex.

The Division has one of the worst look mechanics I've ever encountered in a console shooter.  Bullet sponges & chicken running aside, it's a great game and something I've been meaning to go back to for awhile.

The biggest problem for me in The Division is the heavy, ramping recoil. Forthcoming changes to Y Ratio means we can set the Y-axis higher than X-axis, so the controller won't need to be tilted as much to control recoil. Currently it only reduces Y Ratio, which is the opposite of what we need for recoil.

I can also see how an AUX config would help with sniping. A rear button should take care of that as a trigger to load the sniping AUX settings, or remap LB/L1 to something else and use that button.

Looking forward to seeing if & how AUX sub-configs pan out on NEXUS. It's great to see some use cases emerging that could benefit from an AUX page :)

Not sure how different the division and the division2 are , I have never played The Division, but The Division 2 works fine with Nexus and better than it does on The Xim Apex.

I have not had a problem in Division 2 on Nexus, in fact I consider 3rd person games the niche for where the nexus is at its absolute strongest.

With regards to recoil control, I find it easy enough to push forward a little to counter most weapons ( I use 100 or so on motion sense with 60% vertical ). That is prety mush my go to default starting point for every game I have tried.
I have been running separate hip and ads settings ( not shared )  which enables me to reverse the stick vertical axis IN ADS ONLY , I then set the vertical sense on ADS to be something like 30% or often lower.

For recoil control, if you need more than the motion gives with a small tilt, push up on the stick a little, which is way more natural than pulling down if already tilting, as the vertical sense is very low it will not move much but it will give easy control.
That method works in every game I have tried.

I don't feel the need for increasing the X axis, but if the option is added, then it's something else to use in order to get those settings tailored to each persons taste.

I asked a good while ago about an aux for use in things like Battlefield where there are varying control requirements for various vehicles and infantry. It would be good to have the option if it is possible. BUt I kind of talked myself out of it as the options I wanted are actually in the game. I knew on release there would be many other people who requested the option of an extra AUX page.

It works extremely well for any game that has controller support and a ST.

Maybe in time some of the ST's could possibly be re-looked at for specifically PC purpose, as the PC wasn't supported with Apex.

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