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General Discussion / lmao
« on: 08:38 PM - 01/06/12 »
So a lot of relatives & friends visited during the holidays and all @ least one point talked about getting a  "bug" off my screen.  I was somewhat confused the first time then it hit me.  It was about the "glad wrap with period" I had put on as a center landmark.

Anyone else do this bahahaha?

I'm not the newest member here but I'm curious as to how you found the xim.  I know we have some dinosaurs here too lol.  Last time I played on a pc was single player only with the original COD game and remembered how nice it was to aim but didn't think much about it on console.  I'm good on sticks so it didn't really attract my attention much. 

Personally, I saw a Slashgear article about the FRAGfx 360 and was curious.  Did a few searches on the net and found the usual suspects of devices that would allow one to use a mouse/keyboard/nunchuck. 

I always noticed how many devices had mixed reviews and the community was lacking.  But there were always short snippets here and there about "XIM" so decided to search for it.  Lo and behold found these forums and a robust active community.  Easily the biggest factor in my decision to purchase and now enjoy my device.

So what's your story?

Hardware Compatibility / Addition to working controllers
« on: 11:10 AM - 09/23/11 »
This is what I'm using with my XIM3.


Works flawlessly and no problems whatsoever for those who have it already and are looking to purchase the xim3.  =)

Xbox 360 Pad EX 2 with Turbo

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