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What about mnk on rainbow six siege and other ps5 games

With one of the third party controllers plus the XIM firmware from this topic you can play the PS5 version of RB6 with your XIM (and other PS5 games).
So mouse and keyboard cannot be used on any ps5 games currently?Cause I was about to order xim apex for connecting them that's why

Mouse & keyboard does work, but you need to order a third-party controller to shim the authentication along with the APEX.

Mouse + keyboard + third-party controller (to authenticate) + XIM APEX => PS5 will work.
Thank you. I have a scuf and mnk but I live in india.So should I order xim apex now or when there is an update for support of scuf cause it takes around 30-40 days to deliver.

Bruh, Iím from India too. I bought the Hori Mini from Amazon for rs 2390 and it works great with Xim Apex. Also, there are a couple of local vendors in Mumbai who had the Apex. Iíll pass on their no so you donít have to import. I had got mine from AliBaba in 2019

Shared Configs / Re: CoD Cold War Beta Config (Updated)
« on: 04:12 AM - 10/22/20 »
The beta is offline so I wonít get to try this till the full release

Question : did this help you with the strange aim assist on this game? I often felt the assist was moving me away and not towards the target. Hip fire specially was ineffective if you even moved the mouse slightly.

I wonder if fewer people were playing the beta for this game. Didnít see many config pop up on the forums


Im current use MJ FAME inspired curves but on 12000 dpi and i have very good games with 50+ kills, if u want give it a try and tell me if u like.



1000 polling rate on mouse

1000 hz on xim
full config

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Beta test 12kdpi 1k hz ] START COPY >>>

Thanks, Iíll try it out. I prefer low DPI

Game Support / MJ Fame inspired settings for Cold War ?
« on: 03:30 AM - 10/11/20 »
Hi guys

Donít see much conversation for the Cold War beta in terms of settings here. Does anyone have a MJ Fame inspired version for this game ? ie 800 dpi version

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: About sync options on XSX
« on: 02:48 AM - 09/28/20 »
Sorry but are we even sure about compatibility till before the consoles are launched ?

Chances are very good that things will work for Xbox Series X/S because of Xbox's announcement of their commitment for full forwards and backwards compatibility of peripherals between current and last gen.

Sony hasn't provided enough information yet to know either way.

Thanks for your reply . The only thing they confirmed is DS4 will be compatible with PS4 backward compatible games

Iím wondering where everyone is at. Are you planning to buy or wait till xim team gets their hands on the consoles ? If buying then which one? Iíve been primarily a PS4 player as latency with crossplay off (modern warfare) is better for me on PS4. However we are hearing that ps5 is not completely backwards compatible with PS4 controllers which might mean xim apex will probably not work.

Iíve been meaning to transition to a keyboard. Iíve been using Nav since I got the Apex and wondering if thereís any real benefit to move ? One I can see is that a keyboard allows more flexibility on button binds but is that it ? Is wasd as flexible as analog ?

I am looking for the same

Question.. are you a Nav user or Keyboard? Whenever I copy your entire settings, I realise youíve mapped quick turn to one of my mouse buttons.. interesting as it allows you 45 degree movements. I had to remove it as it was messing with my muscle memory

Played with this on shipment and it is amazing ! I went 3Kd consistently for a few matches before SBMM started to penalise me lol

The only thing I changed besides sens is the YX ratio on Ads

I loved your last config so Iím gonna try this one.

Question: can I use a slightly higher dpi (3200) and adjust sens accordingly or do I absolutely need 2K dpi?

This config is absolutely perfect for me. Question to the creator, can I increase the YX to manage recoil better (AK) ? If yes, should this be only in the ads page ?

Hey Toni

My bad, the fast sens issue resolved when I restarted my xim next time on. Guess the 1000 hz setting doesnít update until restart

This works fine for me except when I ads and strafe, itís really not as flexible. So Iím guessing itís either to do with the sens or the steady aim (5)

If I want to have faster sens, what do I do in the curve exactly ?

This is wayyy too fast for me

I had to reduce sens way way down and it kind of defeats the purpose of the config

Hey, a few of us have the same issue. You're not using a Razer Viper Ultimate by any chance?

No, Iím using Logitech g604

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