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Support / Re: XIM2? Still being Sold?
« on: 01:41 PM - 03/07/09 »
I just got a reply from someone in the other thread. He said they are still being sold. Im number 424 don't know what number they are on now so who knows how long it will take. I just know I can't wait to play Halo 3 and own all the people still using the controller as I was pretty  decent with the controller but still.

General Discussion / Re: Wowwy Wow wow.
« on: 01:38 PM - 03/07/09 »
lol Alright guys Im order number 424...sounds kinda high. Any idea on what number they are on now?

Support / Re: XIM2? Still being Sold?
« on: 10:39 AM - 03/07/09 »
Im with you man I want to buy one as well but don't know whats going up with the XIM 2's.  ???

General Discussion / Re: Wowwy Wow wow.
« on: 09:33 AM - 03/07/09 »
Nice man Im still debating on getting one because I can't find out of the XIM 2 is actually been released yet or they really are just pre-orders.

I find problems with 360 games with autoaim.  For example Halo 3, if you try to snipe your crosshairs will stick to the target and not only does minute adjustments become a pain but you can't use any sort of twitch like in CS for example because the autoaim throws off your aim during ur movement.
Can't you turn autoaim off? Also isn't autoaim off by default on the MLG gamelist? Thats the only one I play anyway.

One quick question as I PM'd the Admin last night but haven't gotten anything back yet...is the XIM pre-built out yet and how hard is the calibration? I went to shop link on this site and it says pre-order only but it seems like some people already have the pre-built XIM 2?  ???

Might have something to do with the USB PCI card being 2.0 and the onboard only being 1.0. I've seen certain hardware not work well or at all on USB 1.0 ports. The solution 99% of the time was to buy a PCI USB 2.0 card.

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