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General Discussion / PS4 Battlefield 4 Players
« on: 07:07 PM - 11/05/13 »
Alright so pretty much everyone I usually played with on my 360 is getting the Xbox One. Even then most of them are flipping it and waiting till early next year.

I'd rather not look for gamers out there as I know there are a lot of cool people on here I'm just not sure of who all is getting the PS4 and BF4. I will be playing BF4 on the PS4 at launch the night of the 15th for an unhealthy amount of time.

My PSN name is damstr same as my Xbox Live name.

So if you are getting the PS4, BF4 and will be playing next week post your PSN!

General Discussion / Roxio Capture Card HD Pro thoughts?
« on: 09:51 PM - 10/27/12 »
Well next weekend I'm getting married moving out of the Marine Corps' barracks and into an apartment with my wife. Finally will have the space to do stuff like capturing video and making montages that I've been wanting to do for a while.

I was wondering what you all think of this card? I mean it was built for the exact purpose I want it for and thats capturing HD video from my 360. Anyone hear use it? I know KYR Speedy uses it and his vids are amazing quality wise. Not sure if he's using the software that was included or not. If I had to guess I'd say he's probably using Sony Vegas.

XIM 2 Discussions / Any chance of using an XIM2 on Mac?
« on: 07:33 AM - 08/17/12 »
I just got back from deployment and all I have at the moment is my new MacBook Pro. I have my XIM2 as well but I never heard of it running on a Mac before.

What if I got Virtual PC or something for my Mac that would allow me to run windows would that work?


I didn't know if this should've been put in the Wii section or what.

Anyway I'm a HUGE Resident Evil fan. Easily my most favorite series of any game of all time.

So after playing Resident Evil 5 (still haven't beaten it yet) its kind of left of a bad taste in my mouth. Its a great game don't get me wrong but it just doesn't feel like Resident Evil after playing all the other previous games except RE 4.

I remembered how much I loved the RE remake and RE Zero which were IMO the best Resident Evil games released to this date. And for those of you who don't know the games, the graphics would make a lot of todays games look bad. Remember this is on Gamecube.

This is actually my second Gamecube. I bought the first one to play these same games, and RE4. Sold it after I beat those games. Now I'm buying it again just for RE. lol I told you I was a big fan.

I found out that some select Gamecubes had a digital port that allowed you to output in 480P. I found the official Nintendo component cables on ebay and I think I'm going to buy them as well. I just did all of this today.

Anyone else play the Resident Evil remake and RE Zero on Gamecube? Also does anyone else feel the same way I do about RE 4 and 5 about them just not feeling like RE?

I just feel like I had to post this somewhere.

Yeah so its my first day with it. This was my 16th game to which I was still getting used to everything.

I have the gernades set as my forward button, back button set as my melee. I would often confuse the two and almost kill myself by throwing a nade instead of meleeing. haha

But I'm definitely starting to get the hang of it.

Anyway here is a video. A lot of these kills would not have been possible on a controller for me. Such as the banshee gun down with only the assault rifle. Double kill stick on a warthog.

Also at the end when my team is in the 90s and I get the sniper...is it just me or should I of definitely killed that guy I was aiming at? Seems like my bullets were going right through him. haha

Ok so heres the video. Might be still processing as I literally just loaded it up. Might be a HQ version in about an hour. Youtube sometimes takes a while.

Split into 2 parts.



General Discussion / Anyone here into cars?
« on: 09:33 AM - 03/16/09 »
Figured I'd start a thread and see if there is anyone else here besides myself that has an interest in cars.

I myself have an Evo VIII

I'm considering selling it for a drag Supra, but I actually like having traction on the street since I have awd.

Xbox / My Halo 3 montage...
« on: 09:31 AM - 03/10/09 »
This is pre XIM2 which has been shipped and should be arriving this Monday which I can't express in words how excited I am.

Anyway this was all played with my controller. I'm REALLY interested to see what I'm gunna be like after the XIM2. Do you XIM users have no problems no scoping people? One thing I notice I do with the sniper rifle when trying to no scope people is I really don't aim with the right thumb stick, I just move my character around with the left thumb stick for the fine adjustments. Thing is this is really slow. Hope that made sense.

I'm pretty good with the sniper rifle with the controller, but for some reason I can't BR to save my life.


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