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General Discussion / PC: Anyone playing BF4 today?
« on: 01:20 PM - 03/08/14 »
Just got my new PC up and running and looking to play with some good people! I have my modmic hooked up. I feel like no one talks on BF4.

Having a strange problem with Counter Strike GO where my driver crashes a couple seconds into the game. Rolled back drivers and used display driver cleaner or whatever that program is in safe mode and it is still doing it so it must be the game. BF4 and Ghosts plays perfectly fine.

The only reason I kept my XB1 is so I could play with my friends. Really just 2 people in particular, but I can literally count on my hands how many times we've played together since the One launched back in November. With that being said I'm still keeping my PS4 and PROBABLY will be keeping my XIM when dat PS4 support eventually comes.  8)

Also I can't stand how the games look right now. I'm a graphics whore at heart. Haha PC gaming is more expensive but for I think its also more rewarding.

This is my new build that will run me about $2k brand new. Probably will buy some of these things used. Like the GPU for example I can save $50-100 right off the bat right there.

EVGA 780 (might get second one later on down the road)
Asus Maximus IV Hero Z87
16GB of 2100mhz memory (still haven't settled on a brand)
NZXT X60 280mm radiator AIO
Corsair C70 case
Corsair HX1050 OSU
Samsung 840 Pro 512GB SSD
2TB WD Performance drive
Sound Card (Asus Sonar perhaps???)

I would actually like input on what sound card I should go with. I know some of them are stupid expensive. I just want something that can drive my 250ohm DT990's.

Also how is surround sound done? I'm use to console gaming and getting virtual surround sound from my Mixamp. On sound cards I know they require front, center and rear for 5.1 setups but I think that only applies to physical speakers?

I was playing Outlast a little while ago and thought I'd stream the game through Twitch but when I hit the share button all I saw was upload video clip and upload screenshot. There should be a third option that says Twitch and Ustream but I'm not seeing it.

Something I missing here orrrr....

So I'm trying to figure out what's going on here. When I launch BF4 no inputs from the keyboard or mouse register in the game and I mean nothing.

I thought it was the XIM Edge but I just played Ghosts and it works perfectly fine. I even tried using the ST from Ghosts just to see if BF4 would recognize and inputs and I still got nothing.

Any ideas what's going on?

EDIT: Oh yeah and before anyone asks I am seeing the correct keys I'm pressing pop up on the XIM manager so I know the Edge is sending the signal the Xbox just isn't respond but it only seems to be for BF4 which is very odd.

General Discussion / Anyone play League of Legends?
« on: 07:30 PM - 02/13/14 »
Now that I got my Surface I've been looking into games that are fun and can run on my Surface. I've heard a LOT of great things about League of Legends and was curious if anyone on here played?

If so I'm installing the game now. My username on there will be same as on here damstr.

Would be great to play with someone that has some experience. The closest thing I've played to this type of game is StarCraft which probably isn't even close at all. haha

General Discussion / Voice chat volume extremely low
« on: 08:42 PM - 02/11/14 »
Here is my setup.

2010-11 Mixamp
Frio E17
DT990 Pro
Mod Mic 2.3

My voice is loud and very clear to other people but I can barely hear them. If I turn the knob all the way to voice it doesn't make their voices louder it just turns the game volume down. Pretty sure its suppose to equalize it out.

Any ideas?

I'm trying to take the single iPhoto Library file and move it to Windows Live Photo Gallery.

The problem is the events that were broken down in the file are all over the place. Literally 6-7 folders deep in some of them and there are hundreds of them. It would take a couple days just by going through each folder and extract the images into the Live Gallery.

Even then all the meta data won't come over to the Live Gallery either if I'm not mistaken. I was wondering if there was a program out there that could break down the iPhoto Library file and turn it into a standard file tree that is easily manageable.

Keep in mind I don't have my MacBook Pro anymore. I found 1 or 2 programs that would allow me to to what I'm talking about but I would've had to do it on my MacBook Pro before I sold it.

I may have missed this somewhere but when you turn on your Xbox One, unplug and plug the XIM Edge back in is it suppose to automatically connect to whatever the Laird BT dongle is paired with?

If so then its not working for me. We don't have to re pair every time we want to use the XIM Edge do we?

I just got my Surface today. It has BT built in. As far as I know you can only connect 1 BT device at a time but have many paired to it.

What I want to do is be able to connect my Surface to the XIM Edge and also be able to use an Apple wireless keyboard/mouse which are also BT devices at the same time. 

I was considering using something like Logitech for the keyboard and mouse combo since they use 2.4ghz wireless for some of their devices but I would really prefer to use the Apple keyboard if possible.

General Discussion / HDMI question (2 input, 2 output)
« on: 04:35 PM - 02/03/14 »
So this is my current setup and it works very well. I pretty much need a 2 input to 2 output device. I have a 1 input to 2 output device.

                                             -------Monitor (with ony HDMI input)
Xbox One ----- HDMI splitter
                                             -------- TV (via 24ft HDMI Cable)

I want to add my Surface Pro into the mix so I can do the same thing as my Xbox One so its like this.

                                                          -------Monitor (with ony HDMI input)
Xbox One          -------- HDMI splitter
Surface Pro 2    --------                       -------- TV (via 24ft HDMI Cable)

This is what I'm currently using to split the HDMI signal and it works amazing. Even passing this through the El Gato capture device there was no noticable input lag.

OREI HDMI 1x2 Splitter

I need something like this but with 2 inputs and 2 outputs. I just don't know what you would call it. I don't feel like daisy chaining splitters so if there is one device that can do what I'm talking about that would be great.

Any help would be great!

General Discussion / Surface 2 Pro
« on: 11:18 PM - 01/26/14 »
I currently use a late 2011 MacBook Pro with a Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD as my all around laptop. The SSD makes this thing FLY. Cold boots to the desktop in 15 seconds. Probably the single best upgrade you can do for your computer for those of you who have yet to experience SSD's. Wife uses her iPad mini so she never needs my laptop anymore.

I know the Surface Pro has full blow windows on it and can run desktop applications so whatever you can use on a desktop windows 8 computer you can use on the Surface 2 Pro. Things like iTunes which I don't know why but found very surprising.

Anyway I was wondering if anyone here is using the Surface 2 Pro and how they liked it? Is it good enough for a laptop replacement that I use all the time? Or should I keep my MacBook and pick up the Surface 2 Pro then make my decision? I planned on getting the 256GB/8GB ram model.

Seems to play games like Sim City 2013 as well as some other games decently.

So I'm trying to figure this out. I bought a Sony Nav because I got one for pretty cheap. Since the Asus bluetooth adapter won't work on the beta, does that mean whatever ones are confirmed to work with the beta will support the Sony Nav AND wireless config?

This isn't so much for the people who has a recliner and can put the keypad/mouse on the arm rest but more for the people who are on a couch and need a stable platform.

I just bought this off Amazon. For $16 I figured it was worth the risk.

I will be using it with the Razer Nostromo and Logitech G700S.

My only concern is the small mouse pad area.

So what are you all using to game from your couch?

I just got my Edge for $80. Want to buy a wireless keyboard and mouse so I can game from my couch.

Had a XIM 3 before and everything was wired so I'm a bit new to the wireless products.


Support / XIM Edge bluetooth and Xbox One questions
« on: 03:24 PM - 12/11/13 »
Ok so I've heard that the XIM Edge supports that Asus bluetooth adapter and plan on using it with the Xbox One. I'm not sure how it all works but these are my questions...

If I'm not mistaken the XIM Edge must have a USB plug for both the keyboard and mouse correct? Would that mean I need 2 asus bluetooth mini adapters one for the keyboard and one for the mouse?

As far as the Xbox One goes how will the controller have to be connected to the Xim Edge? Is it via the charge and play USB cable or can we just use a mini USB cable on the controller or are they the same mini usb cable? Thinks it this latter lol

Also is there any ETA on the XIM Edge beta? I won't be home till the 18th for Christmas and it would be awesome to have then after doing some military training for 3 weeks! :)

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