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Game Support / Re: PUBG: Advanced Setup (Updated 20190801)
« on: 01:49 PM - 08/11/19 »
yeah itís an iphone. thanks tho

Game Support / Re: PUBG: Advanced Setup (Updated 20190801)
« on: 06:58 AM - 08/10/19 »
xim apex and the same firmware/manager.  thanks for the response.

Game Support / Re: PUBG: Advanced Setup (Updated 20190801)
« on: 08:45 PM - 08/09/19 »
no matter what i do i get an error when trying to paste the code. i use a keyboard but wanna try the sony nav, picked one up at gamestop for dirt cheap. figured iíd entertain the idea but itís not working. i just used the code a couple weeks ago no problem

edit: when i try to paste just the curve it does not work

this is my first real post on here. just got my xim a few days ago. i got everything setup, updated to the latest firmware with app as well. loving it. super cheap janky folding table will do until i find something that i like. it gets the job done. i used a little balsa wood shim between the apex and filing cabinet to support the apex. it felt wobbly and unsettling. shoutout to everyone who helped me with the firmware update, ballistic curve and all the other settings. thank you.

**if anyone who is familiar with pubg and auxiliary setup let me know. iím doing something wrong and could use some guidance**

XIM APEX Discussions / anne pro 2 60%er
« on: 07:29 PM - 07/13/19 »
unfortunately it doesnít work. this keyboard wonít show up on the xim app. i was so excited ha

Game Support / Re: PUBG: Advanced Setup (Updated 20190712)
« on: 05:47 AM - 07/13/19 »
iím looking for a condo go an copy and paste. like i said iím new and also which one do i copy and paste? just the curve?

Game Support / Re: PUBG: Advanced Setup (Updated 20190712)
« on: 12:56 AM - 07/13/19 »
iím new. first reply and iím brand new to all of this. when i copy and paste the full setup code will this affect me because iím using a keyboard and not a sony nav? sorry for the ignorance, iím aware i could have searched this yet i cant find a solid answer that i understand.

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