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Game Support / Re: G Pro Wireless or Viper Ultimate?
« on: 01:21 PM - 02/05/20 »
this is my third g pro wireless in less than 6 months. itís trash. iím getting something else this week when i have time. thankfully i got best buys protection plan so i get a new one when it breaks at no cost but tired of it. right click dies within a month of use no joke.

Game Support / Re: PUBG Retrain
« on: 04:44 PM - 02/03/20 »
i use the same setup i had before (my curves work even better now, i swear itís not placebo effect). i copied my config. made a new one using the ps4 st. pasted my config and itís great. no ps4 controller needed.

Game Support / Re: PUBG Retrain
« on: 11:44 PM - 01/31/20 »
iíve noticed all my lag is gone since using the ps4 st on xbox for the past hour or so. loving it.

Game Support / Re: PUBG Retrain
« on: 11:26 PM - 01/31/20 »
wow. itís great. just trying this now on xbox using the ps4 st. this canít be a placebo effect, honestly feels great. please donít change a thing!

Game Support / Re: PUBG Retrain
« on: 11:34 PM - 01/30/20 »
this would be nice. enough people still play this game. itíd be much appreciated, plus it just got an update.

Xbox / Re: looking for NA pubg xbox friends
« on: 02:22 PM - 01/17/20 »
i added you. i just re read my post and wow auto correct messed up big time. i donít even remember what i was trying to say exactly but glad you got the point.

Xbox / Re: Pubg Fpp NA 18+!!
« on: 02:19 PM - 01/17/20 »

got some TIN T2 iemís a couple weeks ago. for being an iem the sound stage is great and i hear everything. i bought a $10 mmcx cable with a mic on amazon and everyone has said i sound great.

why do you forum guys get so but hurt? genuinely asking. i mean this is turning into reddit

when i turn on xbox xim wonít work. i checked my settings. controller signs me in and when i try to restart everything the controller wonít power the the system. something weird is happening and canít figure it out. sorry for the second post about this

curious to what the community has to say.

Solved* please remove. my controller firmware is 4.8 something. when i turn everything on my contoller takes a second slower and itís just not working. iím not good at this stuff.

same. tried CR tonight since PUBG was down. i used the fortnite st and it was a pita to setup especially bc thereís no training mode. took me a while and still not happy with it. however itís fun

mine does the same thing. actually feels better, itís prob a placebo effect or something like that

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