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My bad then. Yeah, that could be a good starting point, as for me, I'm probably skipping this one, I was really unpleased with MW, it was the biggest camp fest I've ever seen. I don't think they would just turn SBMM off. I don't play games to sweat my balls off every match, or to snort some sort of energy formula to stay competitive. I'll check what people say when it comes out. I truly hope it's much better. As for now, I don't even see a reason to buy any of the new consoles. It's a rough year.

You probably won't see an ST in the beta, as far as I know they're only being made for the final releases. It would take days, the BETA would probably be over by that time. Best bet is to use older ST's until then.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Aiming and movement
« on: 02:57 AM - 03/10/20 »
Thank you guys for the responses. I picked my controller up the other day, I was back where I left months ago in just a few hours. Maybe I do miss the analog movement. I wanted to get an Azeron but now Iím too scared to invest in it until I fix my problem. Time to find a nav somewhere.

XIM APEX Discussions / Aiming and movement
« on: 02:28 AM - 03/10/20 »
First of all, I know this doesnít really belong here, but Iím curious if itís just me. Unfortunately most of you  wonít be able to talk from experience, but if you have any tips/suggestions, itís greatly appreciated!
Iíve been using the XIM for around like 6-8 months now, and I can only praise the product, however I have a problem, me. You see, Iím left handed so I purchased an ambidextrous mouse which I use with my left hand. What I noticed is that my aim is on a level it has never been before, but my movement is so @#$% awful, it feels like my brain doesnít want to work, Iím just running around like a headless chicken and I canít seem to stop that.
What really caught my attentionton is that I had around 3-4+ kd in pretty much every game when I was using a controller (normally), but now itís like an all time low. Iím talking barely 1,3-1,5.
I decided to change my hands for a month or so to see what really happens. It just feels frustrating sometimes because I know I can do better. I always did.
Am I going to mess up my muscle memory completely? I feel like I have to try this, itís starting to really piss me off lately.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Question about Sync Off
« on: 02:46 AM - 02/05/20 »
Itís my bad then, I was messing around with the polling rate to see how it feels. I guess I didnít restart the xim, it must be that. Iíll try it when I get a chance.
Thank you, sorry for the rookie question! :D

XIM APEX Discussions / Question about Sync Off
« on: 09:37 AM - 02/04/20 »
Iíve been using Common/Slow until now to just get better with a mouse. Now that I feel somewhat confident, I started to reduce the AA and it feels amazing that I donít have to fight it that much.
Now, I have a 900 mm mouse mat, and I always set my sensitivity to be a 360 at around 45 cms. When I switched to Off, everything worked just fine, however if I turn my console off, or just restart it, my settings go crazy. I mean like nothing has changed, but my sensitivity is around 3-4x faster. If I change it to match my 45/360 again, the AA feels weird and my aim feels... well... heavy?
Am I doing something wrong? Is there a solution to avoid this?
Thank you in advance!

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Razer Tartarus Pro viability
« on: 03:49 AM - 10/31/19 »
Ah man, I really thought they would make a left handed version it. I have a compact keyboard but Iíd happily get a pad (RGB, I can only play at night, I prefer lights off). And yeah, the Azeron is kind of unavailable for quite some time now. I think it was around 280-300Ä if you want to be prioritized. Iím all in for good stuff but thatís a bit mad, even for me to be honest.
Iím sorry I couldnít answer your question, I just feel like lefties are kind of being ignored. >:(

Game Support / Re: Modern Warfare ST
« on: 01:32 PM - 10/29/19 »
Thatís ridiculous. Isnít the core gameplay enough punishment for those who just want to have some fun? I mean... I wouldnít describe checking every single corner/window/object on the map twice fun. I canít be the only one. I hope they change some of the aspects. Really do.

Game Support / Re: Modern Warfare ST
« on: 12:29 PM - 10/29/19 »
Why would they put SBMM in Quickplay in the first place? I thought people always hated that crap. You sure itís really there?

Game Support / Re: Modern Warfare ST
« on: 10:36 AM - 10/29/19 »
I had way too high hopes for this game.
The campaign was a solid 7/10 in my opinion. Definitely had great moments (Cleaning House) but nothing spectacular.
The MP... man, itís sad. Not a single video game burned me out this fast. Not in my entire life. I see where they were going, I bet they knew it was going to be a risky route but they went on with it. I appreciate that.
I donít see myself playing this game anymore in the future, itís just plain boring. I played it for like 10 hours, didnít enjoy a single minute.
I canít say that I actually regret buying it, as I said story was OK so there is that I guess.

Game Support / Re: Ground war Modern Warfare settings
« on: 10:42 AM - 10/27/19 »
Swipe right again once youíre on the ADS page, enable the Auxiliary, set a key of your choice, increase the sens until it feels good. You have to manually activate it when you need it.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Do I need to factory reset?
« on: 10:50 AM - 10/18/19 »
Could it be DPI related?

I think itís all about the material, I personally prefer cloth. Mine is 900x300, sometimes I wish it was 900x400, other than that itís absolutely perfect. Iíve used G Hub to calibrate my mouse on the mat and it feels so much better!

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: 180 or 360?
« on: 01:53 AM - 10/08/19 »
Yes, I've been using the traction perk ever since it was introduced!
What I mean is the red flashing light on the Apex, I tried to lower DPI/sensitivity/whatever just to get rid of it but it's still there no matter what I do. Doesn't really matter, once MW comes out I'll probably never touch Destiny 2 again, that "hybrid" p2p is so wack. I don't have a lot of time to play and I certainly don't want to play a game that makes me want to puke after 2-3 matches.
I really don't care about the controversy around CoD, I loved the beta even though it had it's issues...
Sorry for going off topic.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: 180 or 360?
« on: 05:46 AM - 10/07/19 »
I started with 360, now it's 180 (900 mm pad). I got caught many times because of it to be honest but at last my hip fire is not all over the place. ADS was 50% at first, then I realised it was too slow. 75% is the way to go for me for now.
From what I've felt so far (I could be wrong), 30 FPS games have a much more limited turning speed.

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