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PlayStation / ASIA Looking for people to play Apex with
« on: 05:02 AM - 07/13/19 »
Im on PS4, NA. just looking for people that are chill to try and get some squad wins.

I've tried everything. Did the factory reset. It works fine after, but when everytime I unplug it from my console and back in again; it flashes red, green, blue. It never use to do this. With Xim4 or the Apex. I believe Microsoft has done something. Please help cause I'm tired of resetting to factory. I even backed up my configs, but it keeps flashing after I restore them.

I got it to work  But hve a question  When I ADS and my guy is standing still my gun is swaying to the right not shure if thats jitter or what ,How do I remove that ? Also thanks for the config so far Im likening it

PlayStation / The small xim warface community PS4
« on: 01:26 PM - 07/10/19 »
I would like to play with you guys but I'm on Xbox .  By the way does anybody want to play destiny on Xbox ?

Feedback / Might switch back to controller
« on: 11:17 PM - 07/09/19 »
Is it implied that I MUST aquire a 360 controller in order to ghet all the achievements and therefore unlock the Goldenceptor?

Tutorials / Tutorial Best Mouse XIM Polling Rate
« on: 02:55 AM - 07/09/19 »
Could anyone can sest me Best SEO tutorial for web optimization that cover all basic seo techniques..??

Character is stuck in a hole....the escape command does not work...What should I do to fix?

Hardware Compatibility / Razer Headset compatible
« on: 09:05 PM - 07/07/19 »
Razer Cynosa does not work on Debian log in,no respond.Dell keyboard is working,can anyone confirm it why?

XIM APEX Discussions / Ballistic Curve Creation Tool
« on: 10:31 AM - 07/07/19 »
I'm looking for a CODAW PS4 and Xbox One Ballistic Curve set, the games turn restriction screws me over, especially when ADS on both consoles..

Tutorials / Tut Modded N52te 2016 Edition
« on: 08:35 PM - 07/06/19 »
i hadnt finished my response part, and people seemed to want a tut, so i posted what i had, if you had read the bottom of my post you would have known that.

Hi Im new  my mouse deathadder chroma works but the left and right button are not firing but if I move the mouse it responds Im using a PS4 pro and downloaded the firmware and manger on my iOS device twice but get the same results can someone help please

I would like to know if i can use Corsair  K63 Wireless Keyboard  Corsair Dark Core Wireless Mice with the Xim Apex on Xbox One?

XIM APEX Discussions / Xim help
« on: 05:47 PM - 07/04/19 »
Good afternoon I recently bought a xim apex, I did update as the seller indicated and I noticed that it does not have the boost option, does anyone have the same problem?

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