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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Communication with the APEX XIM
« on: 05:05 AM - 08/28/19 »
Okay thanks you :)

Hardware Compatibility / SteelSeries Compatibility Off
« on: 10:02 AM - 08/26/19 »
Hello everyone,

I have the Mouse Steelseries 500 . Everyone was okay for some month and i was able to play with the XIM APEX has expected.
But since the new update of Steelseries Engine 3 (today) when I plug the XIM APEX with the mouse it does not recognize it.

So with the new update of them software you can't use the SteelSeries mouses with the XIM APEX.

MAJ on Steelseries : 3.15.4

Thanks you

XIM APEX Discussions / Communication with the APEX XIM
« on: 06:27 AM - 07/11/19 »
Hello everyone ! :)

I am a young computer developer and I have an XIM APEX.

That's what I want to do:

I would like to be able to connect my APEX XIM to my computer and then code a small program (in java of preference) allowing me to send a series of instructions to the XIM APEX that it will reproduce. As for example ask him to press the X button on my controller or a series of buttons.

I do not know if it is possible to communicate with the XIM APEX in this way but if it is possible I will be glad that one helps me or that one gives me an alternative.

Thank you so much!

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