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Feedback / Pass through
« on: 03:00 AM - 01/11/21 »
What's the chances of getting a pass through toggle for games that support kb+ m? That way I can use the native support without mucking about with the wires?

XIM APEX Discussions / Azeron key pad group buy?
« on: 07:43 AM - 08/17/20 »
Hi. Does anyone know if azeron has been contacted in the past about a group buy discount? I'd like to get on but at 200 delivered it's pretty pricey. But if 5 or 10 people can group buy for a discount then it's a win win.

Game Support / Re: Hunt showdown
« on: 06:07 AM - 08/17/20 »
Thanks for the better st and suggestions. I still feel like the in-game xy is a bit iffy. Quick short up down movements still seem to have me looking at the sky or my feet when compared to xim X/y tweaks. The main thing I want is a linear feeling to the look mechanic.

The BL3 st is nice so thanks for that, no more boost required. I'm on 500hz as my mouse can't consistently put out 1000. DPI around 3500 I think. I set it up ages ago following what I read and saw on YouTube from the guides.

Game Support / Hunt showdown
« on: 10:01 AM - 08/15/20 »
I just wanted to share my ballistic curve. It is tuned to my taste so some tweaking may be required for your tastes. I'm on Xbox btw but the following should still apply.

 It's by no means perfect, yet. In short I use a high turn assist and aggressive curve to counter the acceleration for a high turn speed but a (more) linear feel with none of the jitter you get from turning up the in-game X/y sensitivity.

Day z st.
Default synchro.
X/y to your choice but keep the game X/y the same. I use 0.9 in xim settings (Tldr below)
In-game turn assist is set to 200. (enables high max turn speed)
Reduce hip/shoulder/ads until micro aim jitter is gone.
My boost is 1700. Found by following a xim vid on YouTube about making your own st's. 

Copy in the following curve to aim ballistic curve. A shallower curve to hip might be more desirable.

My new BL3.st curve for hunt.
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

Next head to training and tweak your xim sensitivities ( don't forget to do the scopes bit too)

I'm still working on the curve to get it even better. I'd like to try other curves if anyone cares to share.

X/y tldr: I found that if I used a lower y setting in the game menu it seemed like it's fine until you hit the start of the turn assist acceleration. At which point you get a massive jump in acceleration. It's like to X/y setting only adjusts the low speed movement.

Edit: spelling and turn strength value should of been 200 not 20. Removed my settings as  BL3 st is better than dayz on xb, thanks chewie1978.

Game Support / Re: Remnant: from the ashes
« on: 10:35 AM - 08/19/19 »
I'm using my anthem for the time being. It works ok for the most part. The aim assist seems pretty high to me and some tweaking was required to break out of the bubble. Micro aiming is lacking due to the large amount of sway and the stickyness but its playable.

Game Support / Re: XIM APEX + LOGITECH 502HERO
« on: 10:43 PM - 06/17/19 »
I'm on xbox but it'll probably apply to ps4 too. Mine is set to 4000dpi and 500hz. It works for me pretty well. Higher dpi on a cloth pad can cause issues.

Feedback / Suggestions on turn speed cap
« on: 07:33 AM - 05/13/19 »
I get that the reason there is a cap and why but not why it slows your turning when its exceeded.

 How about a slider that allows us to set the max turn speed so that when it exceeds the set value it doesn't cause the in game motion to slow down? But instead it holds the set value until the mouse speed is below that value.

Apologies if it's been suggested before but the search function is a pita and I could find a result when I searched.

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