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Game Support / Re: New F2P BR: Apex Legends
« on: 04:43 PM - 05/30/19 »
Is it just me or is there virtually zero aim assist in this game? Coming from someone with a 4.0kd in cod, and a 30% win rate in fortnite, Iím getting dominated.

You don't notice it because the aim assist in those games is strong AF. Especially blackout. Fortnite is really Strong too, if you have never notice controller players rapidly tap left trigger when they shoot because they can't aim and the aim assist aims for them, pog

That doesn't help in Apex legends, and I've never seen met or met anyone who still does that crap in the last 5 years. Plus there's alot of videos on youtube of kickass cs:go ninjas using a controller on console with AA off, and hating it.

Ok Just found this out, and had a derpy moment, but
The Navi wonít charge unless itís data pin is active. Which means some phone & USB chargers wonít work! The PlayStation will (obviously) but a laptop etc will too.
Also the charging docks work (again, obviously)

Apparently this applies to DS4 as well, but mine works ok...

Game Support / Re: Best setup for Apex Ledgends
« on: 05:56 PM - 05/29/19 »
God @#$% thats a lot of games man. Two things why stick to 90 fov when you get an advantage from a higher fov and two if you are on ps4 whats your id i want to know if i run into you 😏

>90 can give you a bit of lagging sometimes, and hitboxes are smaller. I think XIM reccomends it not set above that, but it's all about if it works for you, then that's what to use!

There is a guide on here for setting up the radial menus, i used that and made down on the d-pad the options button.

The rest is all just personal preference.. one thing I like is setting reload to mouse scroll up & swap weapons to scroll down. The reload on scroll is handiest cos of how much (and how rapidly) you need to hit it when you're running over gear you want to pick up as quickly as possible.

I use evolved when I use a controller, so I made L1 on the navi jump, and the closest button on the mouse to the left click.. I like this cos I can jump or slide without letting go of the directional controls.

I'm an instrumentation electrician, which means ZERO to do with this, but I've got to say that out of the half dozen online forums I'm on, this community & the guys behind XIM are world-class.

Outside of techs that are paid specifically to do it, (not tech-support lol) you are proactive as HELL, your videos and theory are brilliant, and you communicate some complex concepts across to people who range from what must be actual kids thru to long-term customers! And I'm not a game programmer (or an actual programmer outside of automation) but I'm going to assume that every game is combining and innovating different layers of things like AA and you've come up with cool solutions.

And ALOT of this, especially on here, you don't HAVE to be doing- I mean collective minds charge a fkn subscription fee and your supports makes them look like terrible (which their hardware support kind of is, and I know it's a totally different product ppl).

Anyway enough back-patting, get back to work. :)
Oh, if I had one thing I would really love, it'd be a way to make ballistic curves (not on my mobile, too imprecise), basically like your spreadsheet tool, but one that.. is polished.. but this is not causing issues, i'm just getting greedy!

Thanks for your Hwork

Yes, are you still looking for this?

« on: 10:12 AM - 05/13/19 »
Awesome, i'll give it a try, thank you


That's why I always offer explanations for my curves. You should only use them if you're looking for what I offer. However, I can't make people read my lengthy explanations. So I often find myself answering questions that can be answered in the OP.

That's the hard work piece of this, the rest is easy.

I'm very new to XIM Apex, and I've watched & read a heap of the awesome info that's put out by this community, and I think I've found the answer to something that's been effecting my gameplay regularly, but I just wanted to make sure I'm not heading up the wrong path!
In a nutshell, there are times in FPS's (atm apex legends) where I'll be in a close range fire fight with a single enemy, with say each of us circling / strafing to out right or left, and my crosshairs seem locked just outside their hitbox. And whenever I look back at any footage it's (this effect) very consistent.

This is essentially me on the edge of the AA bubble that you often refer to right?

« on: 02:42 AM - 05/12/19 »
I've played on console about 20 years, and i've always wanted to use M & K, just cos that's the next level according to everyone..
So I got a xim apex a couple weeks ago, a logitech G402 and some new shoes (shoes unrelated)..
And i watched every one of the awesome config videos the apex guys put out, those + the nothing but 5 star feedback from the community is what convinced me.
My opinion is thus:- Mouse is definitely better in almost every situ.. I'm still so new/awkward hat I have to think which button does what occasionally and already I can feel it's potential (or rather mine when I've clocked some hours..)

Keyboard, imo, is a disadvantage in a lot of ways, maybe it'll take time but I got a sony nav control & it feels a little better. I've also tried a tonne of settings, but I think something I kinda picked up from the xim setup videos is basically that the AA algorithms are tuned well, and are tuned for controllers. About a third of the videos is how th setup your xim curves etc to resemble console input as much as you can to break into the "A bubble".
I'm still getting fruustrated tho, and I'm starting to think it's this:-

I don't think it's 'cheating' at all to use a M & K on console, but it is taking advantage of the fact a controller is inferior to a mouse in an FPS. But I'm thinking that this 'gap' has gotten alot smaller with apex legends, and I think maybe the dav's were always thinking about those "crossover" rumors that are around, and put in the work so if/when this happens it won't just be PC owners crushing it.

I think that maybe the advantages of mouse have been made less significant, and also that maybe the A 'bablu' can worj against mouse users in some situs

 I imagine this could apply for any game, but I just got my XIM Apex & Apex Legends is a blast..
During the slower games, my friends and I set each other game challenges, like an
 RE-45 only game, etc and it can end up being a good skill builder as well.

And I just had an idea for something using the trusty XIM Apex..  You each get to design each otherís ballistic curve for the match!
I think thatís going to have some good YouTube worthy results!

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