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Shared Configs / Re: RML WHERE ARE YOU
« on: 06:35 PM - 01/16/22 »
Ta, I'll see how that curve performs.

Haven't used NEXUS in a few weeks, there was a bug that needed to be fixed and I've been camping at the beach. Getting back into it today. I'll try Crucible on my son's account ;)

Here goes antithesis again pretending heís a human and not actually an escaped experimental military AI

Shared Configs / Re: RML WHERE ARE YOU
« on: 02:58 PM - 01/11/22 »
NEXUS has different settings in the Manager app, it's a totally different beast, so no Sync, Smoothing, Steady Aim etc. I do use the same in-game D2 settings for APEX and NEXUS (mostly for the sake of convenience), but NEXUS sensitivity can go higher because AA feels stronger than on an APEX.

In Destiny 2, I spent a fair bit of time messing around with in-game Sensitivity and FOV to find the optimal mix of turn speed and aim assist. I prefer the feel & speed of FOV at 105, however targets are larger at 95 and AA is also stickier at lower sensitivity. Don't go too low though as reducing FOV makes gameplay feel slower & reduces visibility. Turn speed is still important and 11 feels faster than the pre-patch sluggish sprint days. Keep in mind that I'm not a shotgun ape, which could benefit from a higher turn speed.

At 95 FOV and 11 / 0.8 in-game Sens, I'm consistently railing peeps with the Lorentz Driver, even in Trials (I played Freelance this last weekend to unlock the weapons and did better than expected). I wish I recorded my best Control game, but it was something like 18 straight headshots before Shaxx shut the match down and some nubcake reported me for aimbotting on Xbox...lolz. DMT is also very satisfying to use, as are other longer range weapons like Igneous Hammer, The Messenger, Eriana's Vow, Cloudstrike, Polaris Lance etc, because of the lower FOV and higher AA.

I love Lorentz Driver because it has very high AA & bullet magnetism, covers all ranges except melee, competes with scouts, snipers, bows, pulse rifles, hand cannons and to a lesser extent fusions & shotguns, takes out supers with a single headshot and has collateral damage to mop up packs. My favourite Crucible activity is shutting down supers as soon as they pop - the only thing it can't take out is a blocking Arcstrider. There are few things more satisfying than headshotting a Bladedancer or Striker that's right in your face, or a Dawnblade or Revenant launching in the air half a map away.

Anyway...this is off-topic, but IMHO complex settings for Destiny 2 are not required, especially since the turn speed for Sprint has been boosted on console and Traction is no longer required. Sparrows work fine so we don't need an AUX, and there's no need to reduce AA via a curve, which is what RML tends to do with his configs. I take the opposite approach and do everything I can to enhance AA in D2 because it's like a gravity well and has no hitbox entry issues. For CoD though, RML's word is gospel :D

Speaking of aimbotting on consoles (and wall hacks) itís not currently possible is it?

With sync set to OFF, that means itíll run at the Hz set in Global Settings? And having set to anything else will override the Global settings, correct?

I am very worried because i just dropped very sticky sugar stuff on my mouse cable ( G502 hero )  i donít want my cable to be sticky and disgusting so i decided to take my mouse and submerged the cable (not the mouse )in the water 3 time in row to be sure to remove the sticky stuff on and after i decided to lets the cable dry but i am worried because this cable is a braided cable!! Is the braided cable of my g502 hero is waterproof? Will my mouse work ? Will my mouse work like nothing happened? I need expert like anthesis , obsiv mist4fun od1n and anyone opinion and thought

Braided cable of g502

Relax man, youíre fine. Inside the braided cable are 4 wires which are insulated. As long as you didnít soak the mouse in water youíll be ok. If you want to be SUPER certain give it a day before plugging it in or use a hairdryer on the braided cable but that would be over doing it

Shared Configs / Rainbow 6 Siege request
« on: 03:04 AM - 12/20/21 »
Iím going to get back into siege, and because itís a game Where the settings seem to change drastically quite often, I was wondering if anybody could recommend a Settings/set up? Also, is it still necessary to tweak in the game settings to get it optimised?

 cheers and Merry Christmas everyone

Shared Configs / Re: Cyberpunk 2077 Settings?
« on: 03:01 AM - 12/20/21 »
Anyone have a somewhat usable Cyberpunk config? I know that there's "unpredictable/incomplete aiming-behaviour" but has anyone figured out some decent settings? Looking for good deadzones, sensitivity, etc.

I donít have a config anymore more however One tip I found out is that tweaking the in-game settings made the difference between garbage and quite nice control. so if youíre having trouble getting it just right, play with those

Turn on turning assist, this helpa so much to turn around
Turn off flight assist in settings

im sorry but what does turning assist mean in the setting panel?

Watch the basic xim setup guides on youtube,

Shared Configs / Re: Garbagefield 2042
« on: 02:58 AM - 12/20/21 »
Anyone got settings to stop the epic feelings of disappointment with the game?

What I do, (I'm pretty good pilot)... is use Turn Assist, I know is not easy or ideal but, I had it mapped to the same button I use to sprint, when I'm on foot. This makes my brain thinking on "going faster", turning faster on this case... and if I want to do a wider turn (dogfighting) I tap repeatedly the turn assist button while swiping the mouse instead of held down all the time, I only do that for a tight turn, is not easy requires mastering but it does work.

Another things that I tried:

Nav Controller for vehicles while aiming with mouse.

Pick up controller.

I've just been picking up the controller but I never tried tapping the turn assist like you said thanks for the idea

After digging into BFís settings, which have the ďfigure it out yourselfĒ approach I found you can switch it pretty easily to BF4 type control, which is better.

What did you change specifically? I think BF4 had the best vehicle controls.

In the Control Schemes menu you can go to pilot sticks & change them to legacy, which is like BF4, and also go to pilot buttons and change it to alternate. That changes the heli & jets to BF4 control
I went through the custom menu and basically did the same, but just turned off a couple things like the radio etc

Itís a pretty huge bug as far as potential goesÖ itís also the most useful bug I think Iíve ever seen in a long time so I thought I should share wit with fellow gamers on here

Do you find smoke in BF2042 annoying? Whether itís from an actual smoke grenade or just from the tank shell you fired at an enemy 50 feet from you. Hit ĎOptionsí on PS4 (whatever brings up the pause  menu  you on your platform) then just move right to highlight the Collections menu and unpause. Takes less than a second and the air is perfectly clear. Hereís a ten second video showing it..

After digging into BFís settings, which have the ďfigure it out yourselfĒ approach I found you can switch it pretty easily to BF4 type control, which is better. Iím 99% sure the power up/down heli inputs arenít even analogue anyway so thereís zero point having it on a stick..

 Also with what gasknr1 said about mapping pitch up/down to keys I think thatíd work well in jets but for the heli i find it helps me to have pitch up/down and yaw on the right stick and work in diagonals etc

I think Iíll grab a controller for pilot mode like people suggested.. the pilot control settings have a separate extra sensitivity slider in-game as well so it should work fine

Iíve run into this before, and Iím wondering if the console & PC games are setup differentlyÖ

Basically I canít use a mouse (& navi) to fly any aircraft to save my @#$% life 😁 Ö Iím constantly needing to reset the mouse on the mousepad because of the way a mouse only registers when moving and Iím wondering:- Does this mean on PC thatís just what you have to do or are the games Ďsetupí differently to kind of help with this?   

I know thereís the Turn assist option but it doesnít work for me tbh.. this is one area that I think any advantage with a mouse is negated by the difficulty of not going straight into the ground like a f*%ing lawn dart 😂

Anyone had any luck with this issue or is it just a case of putting the time in to git gud ?

For me default or common works better for hip then sync. Off.

Same for me last time, but after XIM posted this conversion table - it changes everything for me. You may use Sync Off, but cap the XIM refresh rate. Your Default sync will be the same if you do Sync Off but cap at 120 in XIM advanced config, For Common I think still need to use it with Sync. This cap works better for me now (Sync off + cap at 120 in XIM)

So what would it mean if you had sync common but the xim set to 500hz? Or 1000? 
Does that mean if you set sync to anything other than Off, it overrides whatever is set in Global?

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Nexus & ps5
« on: 06:29 AM - 10/27/21 »
Sony hasn't intentionally blocked anything, except the DualShock 4 for PS5 games. By proxy, devices that rely on the DS4 protocol, including XIM, Cronus, Brook, Titan etc have been blocked.

This is almost certainly related to Sony's patent royalties deal with Immersion that they've been desperate to ditch since the launch of PS3. By forcing DualSense controllers to play PS5 games, they make a clean break from paying controller rumble fees by forcing games & gamers to use the DualSense's proprietary haptics. It's those haptics that are protected by encryption to prevent third-party devices from accessing their IP.

In short, XIM wasn't targeted by Sony, nor was anyone else. They don't have any other device up their sleeves, it's to force us all to migrate to the DualSense.

And yes, licencing NEXUS with Sony was explored. Sony either doesn't want the competition for DualSense, or XIM isn't big enough to be considered for a licence agreement (Hori, Scuf, Thrustmaster etc sell gazillions more controllers).

That makes a lot of sense. I didn't know that controller vibration was patented, although I did hear that Scuff had managed to get some patents that were part of the reason DS4 controllers were so expensive. Maybe it wasn't Scuff but whoever holds the rumble patent that's doing it.   

I watched a good video about how patents have become a bad thing in a lot of instances, particularly in the computing world. They've ended up holding back a lot of tech progression.  Iirc some guy who made a soccer 'game' using the menus in a laserdisc apparently extorted a tonne of money from game manufacturers too.


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