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PlayStation / Re: PS5 Dualsense support!!!
« on: 04:36 PM - 12/08/21 »
Xim has full support for ps4/xbox1. They never mentioned support for the new generation.
U paid for PS4/X1 adapter, not PS5/XSxs.

Stop crying and get used to it. There are already 3 solutions to play ps5 games with xim.

Of course, they would like to make it work like in the last generation but all we can do right now is blame Sony for not supporting controllers like DS4, Nacon, Razer, or Astro which cost a lot of money and doesn't work now with the PS5 version of games.
It is not only a problem for Xim users but also for anyone who owns expensive controllers from the last generation and cannot use them now.

On Xbox is easier because they have full support for old controllers. In this case, M$ is a better company.

Tutorials / Re: How to play all PS5 games over Remote Play
« on: 03:03 PM - 12/06/21 »
But I have a question;how do you get voice chat to work?
I currently own an astro which I connected directly in the dualsense with a 35 mm jack since the ps5 has no optical connection.?


That's best option. Your headset is connected to ps5 and in settings, you will need to change voice input and output from RemotePlay to console.

I guess the easiest way is to copy your current BF config, make a new one, paste your original one and name it BF vehicles. Bind them under F1, F2, or other keys. In the new config just change L2R2 for WS and that's it. When u jump into a quad or another transport vehicle just press F2, when u jump out just press F1.

Maybe there is another way, faster or better. I'm not playing BF2042 currently 🤷‍♂️

It has nothing with XIM.
In BF vehicles in which the driver doesn't shoot (transport ones) are controlled by L2R2. Like in driving games.
Go and check in-game settings for transport vehicle control.
Maybe in BF2042, you can change it for "normal" steering with the left joystick.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: BELOADER
« on: 01:19 PM - 11/30/21 »
Man. Next time spend some time reading forum before making a new thread. Your question was already answered many times...

Any other device used for RemotePlay (PC, Mac, Pi, PS4, Beloader) is just an input device for Xim. Your audio and video are going straight from PS5 to your monitor/TV. You will have 1080p/120fps, 4k/60fps, etc etc.

Yeah I see. But still you will not be able to play games that require dualsense.
Here you have link to unsupported games.


I highly recommend reading other threads and walking around the forum for more info.

As it was mentioned all around this forum...

Right now the only option to use xim on PS5 for dualsense only games is a workaround with remote play using your: PC, Mac,beloader, pi. You should be able to play with dualsense but it's not working every time. DS4V2 is working always (right now).

Check other threads. Read forum man.

Beta / Re: Did you get the sample?
« on: 04:15 AM - 11/27/21 »

It was mentioned a million times man...

In every case (beloader, remote play, pi, etc) you're not using video from 2nd device. It's just an input device. The screen is connected directly to PS5 and your video and audio output is going FROM PS5.

I'm playing ps5 games on remote play with xim apex(kb&mouse)and
Dual sense.

So why DSv2 is mentioned in almost every thread about RemotePlay? I'll try to read this thread again in free time and check your posts.

I would like to use my xim apex with PS5 using RemotePlay.
I have CronusMax Plus and two DS4v1.
Do I really need DS4v2 to use RP?
I heard some people are using T2 which can trick system and appear as DSv2 for RP (or maybe I just misunderstood)
Maybe someone checked it already or if has old DS4 and Cronus can check it?

I believe our developers will crack DualSense in future. I don't want to buy new Dual Shock to use it for let's say 3 months and then just put it in drawer.

I can't try it myself now because I'll get PS5 at beginning of December. I'm already in my home country and I can buy new DS4v2 cheaper than in country where I'm living and working.

Eventually maybe there is cheaper option? Like hori mini or something I can buy instead of DS4v2?
I'll also have my old PS4 and I can use it for RemotePlay. If I'm using PS4 for RP do I need DS4v2?

I'm still not sure which option is better...

If anyone know the answer I would appreciate it!

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