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Hardware Compatibility / Re: 3drudder
« on: 08:02 PM - 01/10/19 »
3DRudder wants to have always running services on Windows. I think these services interpret the 3DRudder input and present them as different types of joysticks to Windows.

XIM4 detects 3DRudder as a joystick, but doesn't seem to understand any of the input.

If I set 3DRudder to keyboard mode and dualboot into Linux, it will "just work" as a keyboard device under Linux.

HOWEVER If the 3DRudder is unplugged or otherwise loses power, it reverts to joystick mode.

Using a Y split USB cable to keep the 3DRudder powered at all times, I was able to set it to keyboard mode, disconnect it from PC to connect it to the XIM4. This time, the XIM4 detects it as a mouse, not a joystick nor keyboard. However, XIM4 still doesn't respond to any input.

Given that it works under Linux, I think there is hope for making keyboard mode work with XIM with minimal effort. I have a XIM Edge, XIM4 and XIM Apex. If the developers would humor me in this pursuit, I can provide whatever diagnostic information and I can beta test on any XIM device.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: DS4 Wireless XIM4 Support?
« on: 05:32 PM - 08/31/17 »
Has this idea been abandoned?

Masking the DS4 as an xbox controller is very useful for PC- software solutions are too finicky, unreliable, and as mentioned are often limited in scope. The tool in question (x360ce), for example, does not support any game from the unity engine, period.

I'm not sure how common this is, but iirc Bioshock has a unique, unmappable, unreplicatable control scheme for Xbox controllers. When an xbox controller is detected, certain buttons do multiple actions in different contexts, which means you can't simply map another controller to the keyboard/mouse controls...

If the bluetooth compatibility is there, enabling wireless support would be appreciated!

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Windows phone support?
« on: 10:14 PM - 05/26/16 »
Actually, it shouldn't be *too* difficult to port over the existing Win32 XIM4 Manager to UWP. With UWP, you have support for both desktop Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile.
Note that deploying UWP apps as packed installers (like .msi/.exe) is very much supported, so you could publish the UWP to both the Windows store and as a download here on the forums, for those who refuse to sign up for a MS account and therefore cannot use the storefront. Also useful if your app doesn't meet MS's app guidelines and they won't let you submit it to the store.

Feedback / Re: UAC compliance
« on: 12:20 PM - 01/02/14 »
win 8.1 x64

I've been reading that others have issues with 8.1... For me, I've never gotten it to work run I run normally, but it works just about every time when run as admin.

Sorry for the delay, I updated my email address and never got the confirmation email.

Feedback / UAC compliance
« on: 12:38 PM - 12/30/13 »
Xim edge manager needs to be run as admin for it to connect to the device- I suggest that you either just have the manager request elevation, or try to program it in a way that doesn't require administrative privileges.

I was very confused when the manager kept freezing whenever I tried to connect to the edge!


XIM Apps / Re: xim commander and xemulate?
« on: 05:33 PM - 01/13/13 »
I agree- this is ridiculous. I popped by the site to check for updates, I notice "apps" subforum of XIM3 and after scouring all manuals, tutorials, etc, I can find NO mention or reference to this area at all.

From looking at various threads, you have to buy an easy transfer cable. I had to dig for that simple information. From that and the fact that the "Apps" run on PC I can guess that this probably is a way to provide support for more USB peripherals (and also convenience of not having to keep unplugging devices all the time?).

Someone create a thread clearly explaining what these are, what you need, etc, and sticky it.

Feedback / My Compatibility List
« on: 07:26 PM - 08/20/11 »
Hey; just got my XIM3 today; very happy to have this. I noticed the official compatibility list is a bit sparse, so I thought I'd help fill it out a bit; I don't know where else to submit this. I haven't had the chance to test all my hardware, but I'll edit this post as I go.

Logitech K750; Works!
Razer Onza Tournament Edition; Functions as the wired 360 controller (I was under the impression a standard 360 controller was required- if I get my hands on another wired controller I'll see if I can't get the Onza to be a re-mappable joystick)

Razer Orochi (USB mode); Works!
Logitech G19; Untested
PS3 Controller (USB mode); Works!
PS3 Navigation Controller (USB mode)

Is it even possible to use the PS3/360 as target devices for mapping? I'll be testing that regardless of what people say, but at least the 360 controllers should be able to since I believe the XIM3 has support for USB joysticks (and the 360's is standard, afaik. PS3 isn't methinks...) PS3 controller works

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