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General Discussion / Show me your Headphone/Headset
« on: 07:29 AM - 08/29/11 »
in this thread you can show what headset you have or had.
(please own photos and not bigger than 800x600)
and please only post pictures, no discuss here.

Sennheiser HD598

BeyerDynamic DT770-Pro +mic mod

Audio Technica AD700 (tommy mod)

Test Area / .............
« on: 06:04 AM - 08/29/11 »

hey guys,

in every rat7 thread i have read "only 8 buttons from the rat7 can bind to the xim3!"
but thats incorrect.. in the xim manager you can bind all 13 buttons to the xim3.  :)

Here are the xim3 bindings from the xtra-buttons:
thumb scroll right = aux1 (it's not meant the scrollwheel)
thumb scroll left = aux2
aim dpi  button = aux3
profil button = aux5
dpi down = aux6
dpi down = aux7

these mouse works very fine with the xim3 and the latest firmware.   8)

edit: insert image

thx to passkes for this image :)

Test Area / GIF test
« on: 06:29 PM - 08/17/11 »

Code: [Select]

Zeit ist Geld - warum also keine Uhren kaufen?

hello obsiv,

I noticed that the xim3 has problem to detect till-left and tilt-right.
sometimes you have to press the button twice ore more, to recognized.

I thought at first that's a problem of the mouse.
but it isn't.. it's a problem by the xim3, because
I have these problem with multiple mice.
roccat kone, kone roccat (+), and SteelSeries xai.
all these mice have the problem with tilt left and tilt right.

it's no big deal.
The buttons are rarely used.

but maybe you can fix it.

if i use a usb hub, i have a litte bar under the mouse icon on the xim3 display.
I have any disadvantages if I use a usb hub?
maybe a lag or something else?

here is a picture you can see this bar under the mouse

i want to use the roccat usb hub because i like the mouse bungy and the blue light.
but if i power the hub direct on the xbox it is always powered.
so i want to connect the hub between xim3 and mouse.

I hope someone can help me and tell me whether I have disadvantages with a usb hub


Obsiv please find a way to use the keys 6 and 7 from the mamba 4G with xim3.
with the razer firmware you can't set these buttons to generic, so the xim3 can't see these buttons.

the tracking from this mouse is amazing and she works very well with the xim3.
but I use the sony nav, so i need these xtra buttons.

I'm talking about these two buttons -->

has anyone the naga .? if yes.
how feels the mouse on the xim?
the sidebuttons are working on xim3?


thx for help  :)

General Discussion / want to make a Blops ELITE Playercard
« on: 06:43 PM - 07/16/11 »
I want to make a  Black Ops Playercard with the ELITE logo.
which looks better? 1 ... 2  or  3  ?




General Discussion / whats your fav silenced BO weapon??
« on: 11:41 PM - 07/11/11 »
i know we have many "best blops weapon" threads.
my non silenced fav is g11 and famas

but i can't find the right silenced weapon for me.  :-\
at time i use the galil with silencer for my stealth class.
But I think it could somehow be better^^

so whats your fav silenced weapon??

hey guys  :)
I met one yesterday in black ops,
he is also german and he is rushing every game.. his k/d is 6,79  :o
that is amazing. he says he playing with controller. but i can't belive that.
he play with insame sens (10) and that with controller??  ???
his aiming is perfekt. every bullet hit the target. and he moved soooo fast.

please look the vid, what do you say?? xim or controller??

here is a domination vid on villa 108:9   

i have look his stats on blops leaderboard.
his kd is over 6 but his win/loose is 0,8^^ loool
He leaves every game is not going well for him

1: he is a good player
2: he has a imba connection ( 8ms ping )
3: but unfortunately he is a pu$$y ^^ ;D

I have rated the vid negatively because I do not support something like.
@#$% dashboarder  >:(

Hardware Compatibility / g500 profile switch possible???
« on: 11:43 AM - 07/06/11 »
hi @ all :)
today i have become a g500 mouse.

how can i switch the profiles?
i can't find a option in setpoint. i can only switch between dpi but not between profiles.

i want to save 2 profiles in the mouse.
one profile for xim3 (all extra buttons to generic)
and another profile for using on pc.

how can i realize that?
with my g700 this is no problem..
but not with the g5090.
setpoint says: i can only save one profile to the mouse.. more profiles are only possible with g9, g9x oder g700.. is that true??

i hope anybody can help me.
and sry for my bad english^^  ;D

General Discussion / Black Ops Funny Kills & Moments 1
« on: 02:47 AM - 07/01/11 »

hey guys,
today it was a 15mb black ops update.
a friend of mine says they have nerfed the famas.
is that true? has anyone infos about that?

Configurations and Requests / [Request] Saints Row 2
« on: 09:05 AM - 05/29/11 »
has anyone a Saints Row2 config..
i can't find a good working config :(

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