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Game Support / Re: doubt in Apex Legends
« on: 09:53 AM - 06/05/19 »

when I am aiming the legend move slow (with keyboard). How can I increase the movement of legend?


That is a feature of the game and has nothing to do with your XIM. To increase your ADS speed you will need to use a different gun. Alternatively, hip fire is fairly accurate for most weapons and it may be beneficial for you to hipfire at a close target.

You can see the ADS values here: https://i.imgur.com/EcPfGK3.png

Feedback / Re: Suggestions on turn speed cap
« on: 12:33 PM - 05/29/19 »
I think what Nunkey is asking for, is to eliminate the wasted input. We've exceeded the turn speed and we feel that slowdown because the input is ignored until it returns to an acceptable level. Would it not be better if it returned to the maximum acceptable level, and each time it was exceeded it was directed there rather than ignored?. I've attached a mockup of what Nunkey is talking about, instead of all input being ignored past the turn speed, it could use the value to at least continue the highest possible movement, whether it be user defined or determined by the XIM (Don't know if that is possible, but if steady aim can detect movement speed and quantize it, and the XIM can detect the turn speed, there may be a foundation for this) It may sound better in theory but there could be unforeseen effects as well.

EDIT: The image is not loading for some reason? here is the URL: https://imgur.com/a/QJ71eBY

In regards to aim, this is what I can tell from my experience: Off or default sync is better for micro control over your aim and it is typically paired with a higher DPI while common or slow sync provides less micro control but better AA or more "magnetic" aim, but with all magnets, they can attract and repel. Sometimes it is best to combine common or slow sync with a ballistic curve, steady aim, or boost to counter the negative effects of AA because there is no worse feeling than being stuck just outside the hitbox.

On top of that, everyone is using different equipment which may cause different behavior. Off sync with 12k DPI may be the perfect config for one person while it may feel horrible for someone else. This hidden variable here could be that one person is a wrist aimer while the other is an arm aimer, or perhaps one is using a cloth mousepad while the other uses a hardpad.

In essence, go with what feels right to you and do not constantly change your settings just because someone else with high stats posts their config, chances are they have built muscle memory around a similar setup or they have been using that setup for a long time. Those who constantly chase the "next best settings" will only hurt their muscle memory and wonder why they are not performing as well as the person who posted their settings. I used to be that person, changing my mindset on that has done wonders for me. 

When a new game comes out, try to match your sensitivities across the games, (it will be impossible to do this 100% as look mechanics will be different, turn speed caps, etc) but getting close will instantly give you a head start on building muscle memory. Measure your cm/360 on your current game and start there as a base. This is what I did so I could play Apex Legends on both PC and PS4 with similar control.

On a sidenote, perhaps we could benefit from a dedicated video on synchronization. If you don't get a response here I would recommend leaving a comment on the XIM Gameplay YouTube channel or becoming a member of it and joining that discord, there is a lot of good conversation there, future video topics being one of them.

Really wish they would explain how sync effects your mouse movements.. If I understood what effect it had on my movements I'd be able to choose a sync setting alot easier. Synchronization is way too confusing when you dont explain the effect it has on movement..

It syncs the apex with framerate.. okay. Well how does that effect my movements

Sync is discussed during this tutorial about aim assist: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=o7yvB4a0YVU

If I remember correctly it deals with the refresh rate syncing with the games refresh rate, if aim assist wasnít a factor then everyone would likely use the one that matched their game, but people use different syncs either to cut through AA (off or default sync) or to increase AA (Common or slow sync)

I agree this could be beneficial! There is two different ways to do this though

1. Automatically adjust based off current sensitivity and do not show the resulting value.
Example: The user finds their preferred sensitivity of  10 with default sync. Later on the user changes their sync to common, the app automatically calculates the sensitivity without showing the user that they are now using 5. My concern with this approach is less granular control over your sensitivity. You would remove the ability to have a common sens of 5.3 as an example.

2. Automatically adjust based off current sensitivity and show the user the calculated sensitivity. User maintains ability to further refine from there, this would be preferred in my opinion.

For the programming side,

Would need to declare variables for current sync and updated sync. Im sure there is a better way than physically coding every possibility, maybe a lookup table would suffice? Either way, it could save the user some time. I barely change my sync, as I don't want to take from my muscle memory in any way, but it would be a neat QoL feature.

May be an issue with your ISP preventing this then. You have no control over what IP address is assigned to you. The ISP authorizes your modem to connect to their service and it then uses Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) to obtain the IP address from the ISP. They will unlikely give you a static IP as that would reserve it ONLY for you. Whatever the case, it sounds like it is caused by a change from the ISP (could be something like a reduction in redundant routers for better efficiency)

You might have an easier time contacting twitter support to see if they will unban you. Is the reason that youíre banned that severe? If so then itís probably best to avoid such social media platforms.

Information Technology Specialist here.. what you are describing is private IP vs public IP, private IP addresses for most routers / modems will be or the last two octets may be 1.1 or 2.1 for example. This is standard for MOST routers, and these are your private IP addresses. The reason for this, is if every device in the world had its own public IP addresses, there wouldnít be enough to go around with the current version of Internet Protocol (IPv4) which is why IPv6 was invented, but that is not fully implemented and it is in hexadecimal format. If youíre banned from Twitter, it is likely an IP ban, changing your private IP address will not fix your problem because Twitter will only see your public IP. A good way to test this is to go to a website like IPChicken.com (this will give you your public  IP address. Write it down, then go to windows, open command prompt and type IPconfig. If your numbers are not the same then you are using a private IP address that is being converted to public.

I would not recommend using a VPN, it sounds like you may have gotten lucky and had a good server close to you, but it will always be slower as your network traffic is being routed elsewhere (along with everyone else who uses the service) processed, then sent to where it needs to go.

If you are banned by MAC address rather than IP, why not just buy a new $20 network card? This is where your MAC is tied to, and it is unique to all cards. All you have to do is unscrew the current one from your PCiE port and pop it out, replace it, new MAC. Or try downloading a MAC address spoofer, but they can be a little tricky.

I've never played OW, but it is pretty easy to spot XIM on COD.... just look at their clan tag lol. Heck they even put a keyboard emblem that you can use as a default one. I've asked a couple people if they use XIM after spectating them in SnD, and was told no by both. I think the only OBVIOUS way for me to tell is if someone is using turn assist. I spectated a teammate in Apex Legends and it appeared that he was using turn assist with every rotation.I could be off on that, I don't use the turn assist feature but from my little experience with it, it seemed to match.

General Discussion / Re: Xim vs native k&m on xbox
« on: 01:52 PM - 05/17/19 »
Relax...! I've been curious about native support on console, which is the only reason that I replied to this topic in the first place as it seemed like there could  be some good discussion on what makes the XIM better overall, as well as what is lacking on the native support side. Your first response didn't really dive into any details so I figured i'd help the OP out and satisfy my curiosity by diving in to it deeper. I'm not attacking you or anything, just wanted to have further discussion into the details.

General Discussion / Re: Xim vs native k&m on xbox
« on: 01:31 PM - 05/17/19 »
I can't speak for how native performs precisely, but from what I've seen online, the input lag is the biggest hurdle, on the other hand, if there is no turn speed cap with native, that could be a benefit that would be taken in to account. I am simply saying that XIM being 100x better than Native may be a stretch, (assuming that Aim Assist was turned off).

You also have to take in to account that you have muscle memory with the XIM, unless you are an avid PC player, it is going to feel different due to the look mechanics difference. I play both XIM and PC, they do not feel the same. Turn speed caps, better hardware, etc etc etc.

My answer to the OPs question would be, if you are looking for better aiming performance with minimal input lag, and want to utilize aim assist as well as stay on console lobbies, get the XIM. If you want to be placed in lobbies with people running far superior hardware, don't want aim assist, but may benefit from not having a turn speed cap (potentially?), choose the native support route. Obviously, I suggest the XIM for console. I've played without Aim Assist on console, and while it is perfectly doable, I would not want to do it in PC lobbies!

Maybe PS5 will offer better support.

General Discussion / Re: Xim vs native k&m on xbox
« on: 12:43 PM - 05/17/19 »
Ya XIM is 100x better than native on Xbox. Not perfect PC, but still very good.

Huh? Native mnk on fortnite console is just like PC + the input lag that generally comes with consoles, XIM is not very good in Fortnite because the look mechanics on thumbstick are bad compared to games like CoD or BF where the thumbstick mechanics can be customizable and acceleration completely removed.

The only good thing about XIM on fortnite is aim assist

Huh? Did you read the OPís question? I answered his question. He asked about XIM vs Native on Xbox playing Fn. Heís speaking to the separated lobbies. Itís much better to fight people with the same hardware, regardless of input. So yes, XIM enables this and does a very nice job. 100 times better, IMO.

Definitely not trolling, was stating my theory on this matter. I believe that if you disabled AA on Fortnite with the XIM your "experience" on Fortnite would  be different, so saying that Native is trash, may be your unfounded opinion.

Is native mouse and keyboard on console subject to a turn speed cap like XIM?

Im just wondering if the lack of AA and poor console specs made a bad experience for you. Think about it, in essence, you're playing on a computer (Yes, all consoles are essentially computers) that was released in 2013, with already poor specs compared to a typical gaming rig during that time period, 6 years later.

Did you expect native MnK to run your console game at 144hz with G-Sync? lol. It is unfair to compare it to actual PC.

General Discussion / Re: Xim vs native k&m on xbox
« on: 09:49 AM - 05/17/19 »
No. Native keyboard and mouse is just not playable. Itís nothing close to PC mouse and itís nothing close to XIM. Itís just sad how bad native MnK is.

What makes you say that? Is there a different look mechanic with native support on Xbox? i.e. Controller, Native MnK, and PC Mouse and Keyboard all have a different look mechanic?

Is it because of the low frames per second on console?

All I can tell from your post is, you've had a bad experience with native MnK on console, but you haven't given a legit reason, for all we know, you performed poorly without Aim Assist, combined with low FPS, and it was a bad experience for you.

I've not tried native support, but my limited research hasn't given me any reason to believe that it is "terrible", just that it may suffer from motion blur, input lag, and low fps (which will happen regardless of whether you use XIM, controller, or native.. you just don't have AA to make up for that)

Iíve noticed this too, especially with off sync. To counter this I run my setup with 3200 or 4000 DPI, default or common sync, and 500 hz polling. Iíll add that after setting up XIM link, I use 1000hz polling on common sync with 4K DPI and the issue has not been noticeable.

I would probably have issues with this on a game like bo4 with heavy AA because I usually ran 12k DPI and off sync to cut AA as RML suggested

General Discussion / Re: First time keyboard user
« on: 11:36 AM - 05/05/19 »
Also right now I'm thinking about picking up a game pad. Currently have a Razor Cynosa Chroma full keyboard and feel it's a bit overwhelming because of how big it is. What do you guys think?

A lot of people like the Razer Orbweaver,  I used it for my first year with XIM but unfortunately the palm rest and height of the keypad gave me bad wrist pain. On top of that when I switched to PC for some games I had a hard time binding my keys to it comfortably. I ended up switching to the apex 750 keyboard and I was in a similar boat as you, it felt too large and awkward. I returned it and purchased a g pro keyboard which is much smaller. I had no problem getting used to it and my muscle memory to those keys developed really quick. For Apex Legends I mirrored the PC keybinds so I can have a closer to PC experience.

Technical Support / Re: XIM sensitivities
« on: 09:00 AM - 05/02/19 »
What mouse are you using? Many mice have a DPI shift button (usually below the scroll wheel button or on the bottom of the mouse), it sounds like you accidentally changed your DPI

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