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I've updated to 0613 and it is hard to say  whether or not there is a distinct difference between the firmware. Since the update a few weeks ago to Apex Legends, everything has been inconsistent for me. The server went from 60 hz to 20hz essentially because packet splitting was implemented there. On top of that, default server assignments were broken, and now you have people from random parts of the country / world being assigned to what would be your best server (via ping) or you yourself may be placed in another server. Its caused all kinds of frustration for me, so it is very hard to say whether or not I feel a difference caused by the XIM or not. No match has felt the same for me to use as a baseline.

I was using advanced look controls with Apex Legends prior to update 0601, but I switched back to default as they felt horrible after the update (this could have been the lag that followed the update though, incorrect server assignments, netcode issues, etc) but I had seen others say the advanced look controls felt horrible after the Apex Legends update as well, so I switched back to the ST supported default settings.

After seeing this thread, I decided to factory reset and reinstall 0613 firmware. Rebuilt my current config from scratch as people have mentioned. I am using 7,7 in game on common sync and 500 hz polling, as suggested by d1sable. 150 SAB on ADS only, and some secondary key assignments for things like ping, change weapon, crouch, and game menu. I am not using any kind of aux configs and I have not used XIM link for a little while now.

I did go into training mode and everything seemed to work fine though, I have practiced quite a bit there doing flick shots, tracking, target switching, etc. No noticeable unpredictable aim behavior. I am wondering if it has something to do with aim assist in the game? I believe it is also present in the training mode, but maybe not as strong. Could the terrible performance with lag and dropped frame rate in Apex heavily influence your aim, similar to how smoothing could increase AA? This has been a problem since the start of this game, in game has not felt nowhere near as good as the training range, I don't know if it is just network and hardware performance or if there is something else going on in the background there, perhaps it was made worse by the Apex Legends update and/or the firmware update some how.

For those experiencing these issues, have you tried it in training mode with the same issues? Can you post a video so I know better what to look for? Is there any other variables that are in your setup like XIM Link or Titan 2, that may not be in others? This issue is just too inconsistent for anyone to drill down without more information.

In case my thoughts got a little diluted there through that novel, my main point is:
- I've not noticed a major difference between when I first updated my XIM from 0603 to 0613 firmware
- Could lag / framerate be negatively affecting our aim?
- Is it concrete that this issue is ONLY present in 0613 firmware, or what is the last known "working" firmware?
- Is the issue present in training modes?
- Is the issue constant?
- Define unpredictable aiming behavior so it is better understood, do you aim left and it goes right? etc.
- Does creating a config from scratch completely eliminate your issue to the point where you have noticeable change?

Same! I set up the aux config for looting but it didnít feel much faster, the low speed felt awful ( there is no way to make it faster ), and when I was shot while looting as d1sable said, it would throw me off. To counter that you can set it to toggle instead of press on the XIM manager that way if you release the button youíre back to normal. That method worked ok when I was using the g502 or the rival 600 with the side button on the mouse, I could hold that button only when in inventory or looting, but the slow speed was just awful. They need to either increase the movement speed, or redesign the loot box menu so you donít have to scroll, or both. Kind of like how call of duty changed theirs. I have seen quite a few posts about the slow loot/menu speed on console on the Reddit for apex, maybe the devs will see it and make a change.

General Discussion / Re: what is the meaning of dead zone
« on: 03:13 PM - 06/27/19 »
Think of deadzone as input that wont register anything (prevents stutter but can limit micro movements)

So if you pushed your joystick slightly to the left or right it wouldn't register anything until you pressed it past a certain point.
It is also similar to how you can slightly press down on L2 or R2 to fire a weapon on a controller and it wont do anything until it is pressed past a certain point. That is your deadzone.

With a mouse, if your deadzone in game was too high, your initial mouse movement would be ignored until you are moving it fast enough to register past the deadzone. You can try this out in Apex Legends with the Advanced Look Controls in game, leave everything else on default and play around with the deadzone slider to see what it does in game. (Training area of course! lol)

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Help with configuration
« on: 01:50 PM - 06/27/19 »
Oops, sorry for the late reply I didn't see that you had gotten back. The DPI in the mouse application is what I am talking about.

Call of Duty Bo4: Heavy Aim Assist - Most people use 12,000 or 16,000 DPI
Apex Legends: Not so heavy Aim Assist - Most people use 3200 DPI or 4,000 DPI, have seen some use 12,000 but not many
Call of Duty WW2: Do not remember what I used, I would probably start with 12,000 DPI for this one.

Keep in mind, this is not PC, DPI with the XIM is not for sensitivity, its more to change how the mouse interacts with Aim Assist. You will adjust your sensitivity via the values in the XIM Manager.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Help with configuration
« on: 01:26 PM - 06/25/19 »
The XIM doesn't disable aim assist, if you want to disable it you would have to do it in game if it supports  that option.

- I recommend that you only have ONE option for your DPI in the mouse settings, there isn't a good reason to have that many DPI options set up. Since you are playing Call of Duty and 12,000 DPI is commonly recommended, I would remove all other DPI options and only keep 12,000, this is your preference though.

- This is Console not PC, you are limited to the turn speed cap (If your XIM flashes red during your mouse movements you are hitting this cap)

- Since you are very new to XIM, I recommend that you do not change any of the "advanced or expert" settings, just find the right DPI for you (3200, 4000, 8000, and 12,000 are some of the more common ones that I have seen), and find the  right sensitivity. After you get used to that then it may be beneficial to look at how the advanced/expert settings can further enhance your gameplay. I'm not saying spend a year with the default settings, but you need to familiarize yourself with the default settings first. Don't go chasing someone elses "OMG BEST CONFIG EVER YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS" settings.

Game Support / Re: Feels like mouse acceleration
« on: 03:14 PM - 06/24/19 »
You can test if it is the turn speed that is causing the problem, go into a custom games match and perform the flick shots while looking at your XIM, if the lights flash red you are exceeding the turn speed cap.

 Also, you do have your in game sensitivity set to maximum right? Setting it any lower may also lower the turn speed cap.

I also recommend 12k DPI on bo4 as the aim assist is really powerful and will often be unfavorable, look up RMLs advanced BO4 settings, he has an in depth explanation. Iíve not played BO4 in a while but I would imagine that his settings are still solid. Not sure if d1sable had shared settings for bo4 but if he did those are probably great too.

Could the sensor play a part in it as well? If the G502 is using the (3360 I think) vs the G502 Lightspeed using the hero sensor? I wouldnít think that it would make a major difference in sensitivity though.

On another note, the G502 corded used the LGS software, but with the newer Logitech mice, Iíve had to use the G Hub software, and also I made sure to switch it to onboard memory mode instead of the default mode which needs the software. Not sure if it is the same for the 502 lightspeed, Iím using the  G pro wireless, but if I remember correctly I had to use the G Hub software with the G502 hero version, or maybe that was the g305 wireless. >.<

Hardware Compatbility / Re: Wireless headset
« on: 08:30 AM - 06/20/19 »
Hello there. Would Razer thresher ultimate work on xim4 on ps4. The headset is wireless tho.

Is there a reason why it wouldn't? I thought the only issue with headsets were the ones that were wired AND needed to be connected to the audio jack on the controller. If a headset normally works with the PS4 and is wired (plugged directly to PS4, not controller) or Wireless and it works without the XIM, it should work with the XIM.

I've never had an issue with my headsets, but I've only used Astro A50 and A40's for PS4. This explanation is just my understanding of it, maybe someone will confirm.

My peripherals are attached to my UGREEN hub, received the power adapter today and I am still experiencing disconnects. Could be a faulty XIM?

I also just got mine, you can use the ugreen  hub without using the XIM hub at all, I didnít know that at first. I am not using any additional power, just mouse in port 1, keyboard in port 2, controller in port 3. Hub connected to Apex Adapter. Havenít had a single disconnect

people are not in there rite servers atm ive played with randoms and asked where they are from and they are not in Aus but are playing in the oce server and they didn't realize the update has changed servers for some ppl for some reason.

That's probably because they changed servers to get easier lobbies.   If you unplug your cable on the main screen and  press X to continue.  Wait a minute or 2 and Press X to continue again, It will now show you Data Center in the bottom left corner and allow you to change servers to wherever you want.
Apex legends is easier on high ping servers because somehow the aim assist increases 10x and you are really hard to hit. This has been getting abused for months.
yea I no all that but it has def changed servers unintentionally for some ppl.

Seems they fixed it in latest update

That is incorrect, the devs have clarified that localization issue fix is not referring to the server assignment issue. I've attached their explanations.

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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: XIM Apex Apex legends strafing
« on: 10:44 PM - 06/10/19 »
What firmware version are you using? If it is not the latest beta 0603 then you will run in to problems with your sprint being cancelled. Even the latest retail / gold firmware has been confirmed to have this problem (not as often as some of the other beta versions though)

The other problem, and this may be your main problem, is that AD/left and right/keyboard strafing is not very fast on this game. You take a significant movement reduction regardless of whether or not it is a controller or XIM! It is still better than standing still but try to combine it with other movement such as jumping or sliding.

Another tip, if you are running away from an enemy, do not use the keyboard to strafe as you run away! It will only slow you down. Instead, use the mouse to look left and right while you run, it will essentially allow you to strafe while maintaining a pretty good movement speed. Just make sure to put your weapon away for even faster getaways if the situation allows it.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Apex legends aim assist crap
« on: 11:38 AM - 06/10/19 »
1. You did check to make sure that your ADS delay is set to 0 right? That is where I would check first, you didn't mention it in your post.

2. What firmware version are you using? Have you tried a different firmware to rule that possibility out?

3. Is it something with the game itself rather than the XIM? (i.e. maybe you're picking up more 3x scopes than usual and there is a longer delay anyways? just checking! Apex Legends is really laggy right now for me, could that be a factor?)

4. You're not using any other devices with your XIM such as Titan Two, CronusMax, etc?

If none of these help, try installing a NEW Apex Legends profile in your manager, ensure ADS delay is on 0. If the issue still persists I'll try to come up with some other ideas.

Iím wondering if look mechanic has changed, this was a big update. I figured it was because I noticed this after switching from 0601 firmware (felt really good and noticed improved aim/tracking especially with hip fire)  to the 0603 firmware, which resolved the sprint canceling issue and still felt better than the beta version prior to 0601, which didnít surprise me because it was stated that this was closer to retail / gold firmware.  However, the game performance has been terrible for me the last couple of days. With all of those variables itís difficult to say exactly what the issue is, but I have seen quite a few people expressing the same concern. If the look mechanic has changed, maybe 6,6 feels better because the increased AA is making up for the lack of accuracy / tracking ability due to a changed look mechanic. Someone did mention that it was worse with advanced look controls, which is all I use so I cannot comment on the official settings. But, it would make sense that if the look mechanic changed, the vanilla would feel off, but unsupported configs would feel worse. May be worth looking in to.

Edit: I also think that it is very likely that the server performance is worse than ever and this is the reason why some are having issues (depending on their server / locale)

XIM 1 / Re: Horrible!! 125hz in 2019?!
« on: 02:20 PM - 06/06/19 »
This was an absolute scam, I plugged it into my console and it wouldn't even sync. Someone told me to put it in the freezer because it will recharge the lithium battery inside and now it won't even turn on. Im never buying another XIM product this was not worth the $200 I paid on ebay. The XIM1 sucks

I think you may have gotten the wrong instructions, it depends on what firmware version you are on. If you are on any other version of firmware besides XIM Revision 10-26-2007, you put it in the freezer. With XIM Revision 10-26-2007 you need to put it in the microwave as that firmware version no longer supports cool temperature lithium regeneration, only heat generated lithium regeneration. Always read the instructions first.

**legal disclaimer** this post was sarcasm, no one should place any electronic device in the microwave or the freezer. Any action after reading this post is of your own choice and the person who made this post assumes no liability for any of these actions, including those that lack common sense.

For anyone who is reading this, OP is (obviously) not serious, and you should not buy a XIM1 in 2019.

This feature was never removed as far as I know. You can copy the config and paste it to any other profile with the XIM Manager (as long as the firmware versions are compatible) It copies your sensitivities, button assignments, and the additional expert settings. Are you talking about something else?

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