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What SAB do you use?
65 for Apex and Infinite Warfare. 125 for Overwatch.

Are you using 65 SAB on ADS only for both games? I've not tried any SAB on Infinite Warfare as it was not a feature when I played it last, but for Apex Legends I cannot use any SAB on hip, sprint cancelling issues and what not.

Beta / Re: I can't downgrade as iOS user?
« on: 04:28 PM - 07/09/19 »
No worries man, here is some screenshots of what I am looking at


General Discussion / Re: Apex Legends ultimate ability
« on: 04:21 PM - 07/09/19 »
I have mine set up for ping to be mouse-forward and tactical ability to mouse-backward

I then set a secondary assignment for ping to be on the middle scroll wheel button so that I only use the side buttons on the mouse for tactical and ultimate.

Beta / Re: I can't downgrade as iOS user?
« on: 02:25 PM - 07/09/19 »
Open test flight
Load manager from there
Click previous builds at bottom
Select desired build

Beta / Re: I can't downgrade as iOS user?
« on: 11:27 AM - 07/09/19 »
You can revert to previous builds from the TestFlight app but it does not have 0603, only 0601, 0613, and 0702.

What beta were you on prior to 0702? I was on 0613 and everything was fine. I upgraded to 0702 and started experiencing major issues (though I donít think they were related to the beta) I downgraded to 0613 and the issue persists. Iím having issues with what feels like getting stuck on the AA bubble with no ability to track enemies or control recoil.  Iíve spent a lot of time in Koavaaks aim training and aim lab running flickshot and tracking exercises, along with the 3000+ games that I have played on Apex Legends. Iíve experienced AA issues in the past, this is not the same. Iíve also spent hours in the training range practicing recoil control with weapons like the havoc, spitfire, r301 and r99. I didnít just suddenly lose my muscle memory to control recoil.

Something is off with Apex Legends right now. For the life of me though, I canít figure it out. Iíve seen many say they are experiencing the same issue but Iíve seen others say they have not experienced any change. Iím not sure what the difference could be and why it wouldnít be a major issue for others, but the game is near unplayable for me right now.

Does anybody have any ideas with this? Iím currently running 200 SAB, steady aim 1.0 or 2.0 (donít remember which value I have on right now) and 200 boost, all of which on ADS only and the issue is still present! It is a tiny bit better but I have seriously lost confidence in my ability to win even a 1v1 gunfight because if the enemy moves or I get snapped to the outside of their hitbox I canít do anything, even when I am hitting them, the recoil is just unmanageable. For example, with the havoc I typically would just pull down on the mouse as it is mostly vertical recoil and if I use that weapon now, it just continues to climb as I fire, pulling down on the mouse seems to have no counter effect whatsoever.

Hereís my troubleshooting so far:
Iím using G Pro Wireless with a soft pad.

Started fresh with new ST on 0702 firmware - issue present
Reverted to firmware 0613 started with fresh config - issue present

The issue is not present in the training range

Tried advanced settings in game - minimal change

Switched back to default settings / disabled advanced look controls in game

Tried deadzone none in game, didnít like how floaty it felt, accuracy was worse, changed back to classic deadzone.

Also tried the Granular Quantization curve on vanilla ST, minimal change.

Ok so now we are back to the standard vanilla ST with 7,7 in game sens.

ADS only!
Increased boost 0 -> 80 minimal change
Increased boost 80 -> 200 minimal change
Increased steady 0 -> 1.0 minimal change
Increased SAB 0 -> 150 minimal change
Increased SAB 150 -> 200 minimal change.

So currently with 200 boost, 1.0 Steady Aim, and 200 SAB I am still experiencing this major issue. I donít know what else to do, I feel like anything further is going to severely impact 1:1 performance more than I already have. Iíve never had an issue like this with any other game.... AA issues yes, but being unable to counter the AA, along with recoil control disappearing? It is unplayable.

I hope someone can offer some insight here, it is driving me wild.

You can change LShift to sprint and set crouch as C or another key, whatever you are used to. I have my ping set to mouseforward and tactical ability set to mouseback. That way you can activate your ultimate just by pressing both buttons on the side of the mouse. I donít like to use mouseforward to ping though, so on the secondary assignments I have also assigned the scroll wheel press to ping. I tried keeping it as close to PC defaults as possible.

I use:
WASD move
M map
G grenade
3 change weapon
4 heal
Esc game menu
Tab game menu (secondary)
~ PS4 menu
LeftCtrl crouch
LeftShift sprint
Leftclick fire
Rightclick ADS
Ping (for ultimate ability activation only) mouseforward
Tactical mousebackward
Ping (secondary assignment) middle /scroll wheel click
Extra ability (wraith warning, thank you call outs, etc) H
Fire mode B
Melee C

I might have missed something but Iím not at home right now

I tried the advanced settings a couple ways, there was slight improvement but nothing major.

Right now I am using d1sables recommended settings with a slight tweak.
To counter AA I am using the following on ADS only: 200 SAB, 1.0 steady aim (I might have increased this to 2.0) and 200 boost... it seems pretty drastic, but I canít stand how stuck in the mud I feel with aiming at someone.

Itís not the usual AA issue that Iíve had in the past where I can get stuck outside of a hitbox but still technically track that outside hitbox as the enemy moves... this time, it feels like I cannot move from where I snapped to, and recoil control is impossible/ unresponsive. I go in training, the issue is gone, go back in game and itís back. Not sure what could cause this.....

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Stupid question alert...
« on: 11:36 AM - 07/04/19 »
Sorry, I'm sure if all info is stored on the Apex itself then this isn't possible, but is there a way to view or configure settings on the mobile app without being connected to the Apex itself? 

I'm at work at the mo and would love to tinker with some settings, or at least view settings I have already created, but I'm not sure if this is possible as when I open the app it immediately tries to connect to the Apex. Is everything held on there?

Thanks and sorry if this is the stupidest question on the forum!

Not a dumb question at all! Iíve seen mobile apps that are designed to work in ďoffline modeĒ and cache the data that is entered in a form, and upon receiving a connection, update the data. Iím sure that would work similarly. Would have to add some kind of obvious banner or something so the user knows that they are not connected. I can picture all of the posts related to it if the user wasnít aware they were in offline mode (not connected to Bluetooth, or other reasons) but yeah I believe it would be possible.

Iím sure many have wondered why they cannot edit the config while not connected. It could either copy and paste the whole config upon opening the app when connected or do a differential update. This is all in theory of course but I donít think it is a stupid question at all

Games unplayable for me currently. Idk what happened

Did you read the patch notes? Could be something in there. If youíre using pathfinder, wraith, or lifeline, expect to take 5% more damage from each bullet now, or 15% more if you got a squad shooting at you lol. Gibraltar and Caustic buffed from 10% to 15% damage reduction. There is quite a bit going on. I am still trying to figure out exactly the new meta, it is still to early to call.

Game Support / Re: Apex legends weird lag
« on: 10:33 AM - 07/03/19 »
Itís felt a lot better since the update, guessing the server assignments being fixed (or somewhat fixed? Not sure yet) and the packet splitting no longer being an issue has helped out. They also made some changes for better framerate or more stable framerate. Overall Iím very happy with the progress that has been made.

Iíve not had an issue with ports though, Iíve been NAT type 1 for a while now with direct connection to the modem, essentially, all ports are forwarded. Beyond that, when I was using my router, I had the PS4ís IP placed in the DMZ which is essentially the same as direct connect to the modem

Game Support / Re: Apex legends weird lag
« on: 05:15 PM - 07/02/19 »
How u change servers ??? Its not working like before after update

At the main menu, you just press the melee button now. There is no wait or anything

Game Support / Re: Apex legends weird lag
« on: 08:16 AM - 07/02/19 »
Tried changing servers to fix the network lag, usual servers are between 25 ms and 32 ms it actually performs better on a higher ping for me. I've tested this on servers with up to 100 ms ping. Tested that theory after seeing the latest video from Battle(non)sense. As far as the movement issue, feeling weighted down, I think that is just frame drop. It literally is hard to look at sometimes, especially in the brighter desert areas.

Here is my experience with host when joining a friend, your location = A your friends location = B, server = C

Salt Lake City Server = C
Scenario 1 (you are the host, or playing solo) A -> C = 30 ms ping. You are connecting directly to the server
Scenario 2 (you are playing with a friend, they are hosting) A -> B -> C 150 ms ping. You live in New York, your friend lives in California, they are connecting to the Salt Lake City server because they forgot to change their server.

I always assumed that when playing with a friend who was a party host, you were ONLY connecting to whatever server they were on. After some testing, when I connected to a far away server in another country, I would have 100 ms ping. After connecting to my friend as host and performing the same test, it was higher than 250ms!

On a side note, I was reading that 1440p monitors could further detract from the image quality with Apex on console, since it would be upscaling? Should I be looking in to a 24" monitor instead of 27"?

Game Support / Re: Apex legends weird lag
« on: 04:04 PM - 07/01/19 »
Ive ruled out my isp's , i have two in my household and both have the same issue , the game feels sluggish / not smooth on ps4 pro , could this be a xim issue or the game itself?

Starting to wonder if it is an issue with the PS4 pro... it feels different than the normal lag, feels like my character has weights tied to the ankles and is running with a parachute. I gave away my regular PS4 so I canít test that theory. Some matches feel fine though.

Could it be an issue with frame rate or something like that?

Lucafalic, what do you mean by old ST? Didnt know there was any old/new ones. Did you mean firmware version?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Fortnite mouse and keyboard?!
« on: 03:09 PM - 06/28/19 »
Maybe he meant that he also plays on PC lol

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