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Technical Support / Re: XIM Apex - Falls Apart Mid Game.
« on: 09:31 AM - 07/18/19 »
Calling me an idiot because I disagree with what you are saying is not the way to go. My job is an Information Technology Specialist, and I have been doing that since 2009. I have dealt with many hardware issues.

You are clearly only reading to reply rather than trying to actually understand someones point of view. Insulting people is not going to get you what you want, nor is threatening for that matter (yes I already read your explanation, you believe that you are not threatening anyone, don't bother to explain this again)

I'll post this in a format that may be more familiar to you -- please take the time to actually read it, and don't just read it to reply based off emotion. I am not saying you are lying:

Quote from: Fatality913443
Please my friend, do some research, there is plenty of other incidents exactly like this

I did do my research, a handful of "broken" devices does not inherently prove that YOUR device was shipped to you defective, nor does their post prove that theirs was as well, or the quality of their product. You can see the white marks in those photos where stress has been applied to the device. (In reference to one of the other broken XIM devices that you have shared, I don't believe for a second that someone just woke up and their device did this by itself while they were asleep, perhaps something else, such as a pet, child, book falling off a shelf, or other person or thing did this during their sleep.)

Your previous statement:
Quote from: Fatality913443
Look right now it's working so I'm still a happy customer (In sense of it actually doing what it should be doing)

Your statement in response to my explanation on how my XIM still functioned, but was broken: (Further explained below, citing your earlier explanation that you can slide it back on "like a pen cap")
Quote from: Fatality913443
Also is it broken or is it not broken? It can't be both

I'm confused because of these two statements, you stated two opposites here.

Quote from: Fatality913443
Gee wizz, imagine a CSI saying "Nah not coming in today, just send me a few pics of the dead body and I will tell you EXACTLY 100% how this person was murdered", Yeah.. Nah doesn't work like that.

A CSI could look at a picture and see for example strangulation marks around a neck. In fact, it would be the medical examiner providing their opinion after a full autopsy. Can the CSI say 100% while looking at a photo that it was caused by strangulation? NO! Nor could they if they were on scene, because that is the job of the medical examiner after they have completed an autopsy. Since you want to use this analogy, You are REFUSING to send your device in for a proper "autopsy" and only showing pictures and demanding service.

You are NOT willing to pay the shipping cost only, if they deem that the device was defective.
You are NOT willing to pay the shipping cost + the cost of repair, which is reasonable.
You ARE willing to put in the time and effort to pursue action with the BBB and other entities, as well as the cost of layers etc? doesn't make sense to me

Quote from: Fatality913443
Thanks for your Input on a similar incident WarCat, although they are not the same. A lot of what you have said validates my claims.

I was hesitant to even post my experience because I had a feeling that it could be misinterpreted. The whole point of my post was to validate that excessive force had in fact been applied to the device, please state what part of my experience validates your claim. The symptoms of your device line up with what happened with mine after, how that excessive force happened may differ.

YOUR device symptoms vs my device symptoms.
Quote from: Fatality913443
The device actually still works (At first i thought it was busted, I've now put the case back on (Fits right on like a pen lid) and used it all of last night

1. I've stated that mine does this as well, that I can slide the USB back on and it works fine.
2. Obsiv pointed out the obvious similar markings in my post.
3. Your statement:
Quote from: Fatality913443
however it is quite loose and is a bit finnicky in the sense that it's like an old charger that needs to sit a certain way so it charges the phone
- Mine is doing the same, after the excessive force.
4. Your statement:
Quote from: Fatality913443
Again, this metal head has obviously not been soldered on properly and/or is weaker than normal for whatever reason as it has come off without damaging the actual motherboard in the usb, I'm not sure how this happens with excessive force, surely Excessive force means the entire thing is busted and wont work
- Again, I've stated that mine still works just fine, I only have to remove the USB header from the PS4 and slide it back on the XIM, which is what you said you can do as well.
5. I wanted to make clear that I knew exactly what caused my device to break in this manner, which caused those similar marks. If the solder was faulty to begin with, (only on the left side for example) you would likely only see the stress mark on the right side, as that would be where the the stress would be applied to cause the white discoloration (just my assumption, not a fact)

Quote from: Fatality913443
My "setup" don't move, hasn't moved in over a year, in fact my set up has been the same from before I even ordered the item. Also I don't plug anything in the back of my PS4, i have 2 usb ports in the front, and the only thing in the PS4 is the XIM and it's in the front.
Did you not understand or visualize what I have said multiple times? My XIM was plugged into the FRONT. I never plugged the XIM into the back. I was plugging another cable in the back, can't remember if it was the HDMI cable, PS4 power cable, Ethernet, or optical cable for my headset. I tilted the PS4 forward so I could better see the ports on the back. Picture it this way -- XIM plugged in front. PS4 tilted Forward like this: 3 backslashes (\\\) will represent the PS4 with the top representing the back of the PS4. An underscore (_) will represent the USB portion of the XIM.  A forwardslash will represent the XIM adapter piece (/)

What happened: \\\_/

See how the PS4 is tilted forward, the USB remained in the PS4 but the Adapter portion under pressure was bent upwards? The noise that I heard was the stress and audio response to the pressure which caused the discoloration at the stress points.

You are very quick to make insults and then act like you are the victim. Nobody said that you are lying -- just that you may be unaware of how the excessive force happened! You on the other hand, have insulted everyone involved and slandered business as well as people.

Technical Support / Re: XIM Apex - Falls Apart Mid Game.
« on: 12:09 AM - 07/18/19 »
If you are not going to read others posts, why would you expect people to read your novel, especially when it keeps saying the same thing. Obsiv asked if there is any outside influence that could have caused it, for example a child tripping over your mouse USB cable. He didn’t ask whether your setup ever “moves” or not.

And you clearly didn’t read mine, it wasn’t just a simple tilt of the PS4. I was upset so I put force behind the tilt in a bit of rage. I also said that I could slip it back on and it worked for months after (still works actually, just wanted to make sure there wasn’t any performance issues with it)

The point is, you can’t deny the marks on mine look exactly the same as yours as Obsiv pointed out, which can only be caused by force. Whether you are aware of what happened or not, that doesn’t mean you get a pass on their policy in my opinion.

Nobody is calling you a liar from what I have read, they are simply saying you may not have been aware of what caused this to happen, but it did not arrive to you in this condition, it did not “FALL APART MID GAME”

It looks like they have been more than reasonable with you, and you continue to slander the product and the distributor. The XIM is not made cheaply. I had mine for over a year and never had an issue, nor have I seen this as a common issue on either the forum, XIM Reddit, or both XIM discord channels that I frequent. The fact that they have been communicating with you, all parties, beyond what is required, should let you know that they care about their business and customers. I am sure they could have denied your request and let you go on your merry way.

Technical Support / Re: XIM Apex - Falls Apart Mid Game.
« on: 03:36 PM - 07/17/19 »

This is mine, as you can see the white line going across it. This was after pushing VERY hard on the PS4 trying to get a better look at the ports on the backside of the PS4 while the XIM was in the front. I heard a crunch and set the PS4 down when I realized what I had did. Even after the stress, it maintained for months and that was after installing every firmware update during those few months, at least 5-10 times removed from PS4 for updates / rollbacks / config testing. Even after this, I was still able to slide the piece back on and use it in the meantime until my new XIM arrived.

I didn't contact support, nor care whether it was under warranty or not because I knew that it was my fault.

Technical Support / Re: XIM Apex - Falls Apart Mid Game.
« on: 11:47 AM - 07/17/19 »
This happened to mine, but it was 100% my fault. I was trying to plug in a cable from the back of the PS4 and tilted it forward so I could see what I was doing and I was frustrated because I had been moving my setup and it was taking much longer than expected. It was definitely excessive force, and it still worked for about 2-3 months afterwards, before I pulled it from my PS4 to update firmware and it left the USB inside. I don’t see this happening without some kind of outside intervention. The fact that it worked for months after the excessive force was applied, is a testament to the build quality of the XIM. Just sharing my experience, I don’t see how that could happen without force being applied.

Reported: who knows.. but keep in mind that same person probably reported a 100 others before actually getting it right. Banned: whole different story, and as far as I know, that number is 0.

People just look for a reason to blame their inability. Picture this, the person is standing out in the middle of the open field and they are headshotted by a sniper, whether it be a Kraber, Paladin, etc. THEY MUST USE XIM!! Reported! When in reality, the guy has no map awareness, no thought towards positioning, and no movement to counter someone who takes 15 seconds to line up a shot. Its quite silly really.

#1 reason that I have seen from people who think it is cheating is "because you still have aim assist", while AA can help, it is not going to aim for you... and if you have your configuration set up to rely on AA, you'll be stuck aiming too far left or right and be unable to hit your shots.

#2 reason that I have seen, people do not understand that using a mouse on console does not allow you to perform 180's in the blink of an eye, with a flickshot to somebody's head all before someone can react. (someone gets a lucky shot, MUST BE XIM!) You are limited to the turn speed of a controller, you cannot do anything that is not possible with a controller.

People see good players using a XIM and they do not take in to account that the person has been playing FPS for longer than some of them have been alive. XIM is a tool, the hammer does not make you good at building something, the experience does. Some tools are not as efficient though, I could use a rock to hammer in a nail, but there are better tools for the job. Do not get a CronusMax adapter. You get what you pay for.

Technical Support / Re: [Q/A] Im so anoyyed
« on: 12:00 PM - 07/16/19 »
If you are using wired G pro, then it uses LGS software like Mist has shown. I use the wireless G pro, which uses G hub software.

When I set mine up, I enabled the “make DPI consistent across all profile” enabled
Then I enabled on board memory mode
Then I changed it from “Default” to “Desktop” where the active profile was.

To test this out you need to make sure that you only have 1 DPI setting of your preference. Then go in game and press the DPI switch (located on the bottom of the mouse) if you feel a sensitivity difference you will know that you are not in onboard memory mode or you didn’t assign the right profile to onboard memory.

Another way you can test this is by customizing the RGB lighting, saving to onboard memory, then put it back on console. If your lighting remains in your customized format you’ll know that onboard memory is enabled and working.

Technical Support / Re: [Q/A] Im so anoyyed
« on: 03:03 PM - 07/15/19 »
Also keep in mind, some mice do not support onboard memory, or you may need to manually change it to onboard memory mode before it will save the DPI to your mouse.

Technical Support / Re: Im so anoyyed
« on: 11:16 AM - 07/15/19 »
It could be a number of variables, are you using a hard pad vs them using a soft pad?

Some people are arm aimers vs wrist aimers, they may have a large pad and though the sensitivity is higher, they are making larger movements with arm aim rather than wrist aim which would have you hitting the turn speed cap or overshooting your targets.

This is why you should always use someone elses config as a baseline to finding YOUR preference. Lower the sensitivity until you are comfortable. I'd recommend that you watch the tutorial "How To Find The Perfect XIM Mouse Sensitivity Tutorial" from the XIM Gameplay channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs0sH4rfGRc

This will help you find your dexterity level, and don't be shocked if it feels much slower than what you thought it would be. I did this about a year after using XIM and it made a big difference, I've slowly raised my sensitivity since then as my dexterity has improved.

When you look at someone elses config you should be asking, why is this config better than the vanilla config? There is really limited answers on why because the vanilla ST (configuration with default settings) is trained to be 1:1.

1. Aim Assist: The vanilla ST will not account for aim assist as its intention is to provide a 1:1 look mechanic.
2. Turn speed: I've seen some configs to better deal with turn speed caps on games where it is low, this includes advanced in game settings, or ballistic curves with deceleration via the XIM.

I can't think of any other reason that a user config with any settings would be better than the default / vanilla ST provided by XIM, along with whatever in game settings that are required and listed on the XIM forums here: https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=43775.0

Mine was doing the same with PC audio and Console Audio combined via the Astro A40 Mixamp. I never fixed it but I did read an article that said if one device was plugged in to one wall outlet, while the other device was plugged in to another outlet, this issue could happen.

 which was exactly how mine was setup, Console and Mixamp to outlet #1 while PC / aux cord from PC to outlet #2

Never tried setting it back up with all devices only getting power from one outlet, if you can, that may fix it. Also read that low quality 3.5mm connectors could cause this. I did try buying some "higher quality" ones from Amazon, but it did not fix my issue.

Technical Support / Re: Can't update to beta firmware
« on: 06:51 PM - 07/12/19 »
Are you downloading the right firmware?

XIM APEX BETA [Firmware 20190702] [Manager 20190702] (**LATEST**)


Beta / Re: I can't downgrade as iOS user?
« on: 10:36 AM - 07/12/19 »
D1sable just posted his updated settings, I've not got a chance to give them a shot, but I would recommend testing them out.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Apex legend settings?
« on: 10:28 AM - 07/12/19 »
This new meta for Apex Legends is so horrible to me at the moment. It seems as if they've lessened the time to kill. I feel like I die way faster than first season and I'm not liking it one bit. I used to be able to melt multiple squads by myself, but now that areas on the map have become more accessible teams get to me a lot faster. And now the map looks cluttered and filthy. Shields also seem more flimsy and breakable for some reason. I've increased my kill count according to my stats but I'm literally close to quitting apex legends because I feel that they're beginning to cater to noobs and make the game more easier. I'll give it one more season and if it gets worse I'm done.

I agree, I am sure that most non-casual players do not like the updated meta.

5% damage increase to nerf Lifeline, Pathfinder, and Wraith is terrible. Why not do this the proper way..?
10% damage reduction I was ok with for Gibby and Caustic.... 15%!? why?

Wingman has technically been further nerfed, now that skullpiercer is a gold hopup, technically affects the longbow too but I don't think that is much of an issue as the longbow has not been nerfed in any other way.

Disruptor Rounds...... Fundamentally breaks the game. Yes, they nerfed the damage already, but that is not the issue. The issue is we have come accustomed to breaking from battle and healing shields and then getting back in the fight. What is the point of breaking from the fight to heal your shields, only to lose them as soon as you get back in it?

Increased ring damage: At first I thought this would be a good thing, but it seems like the no thumbed players just can't comprehend that they have to get out of the ring.... why does this matter? less kills for me if the ring is doing the killing. On top of that, they just had to nerf Lifeline's bot to where it is useless in the storm. (This part may be one of the few that didn't cater to casuals... but it doesn't help skilled players either in my opinion)

Ranked mode... Really? 5 kill cap for RP, damage not counted as a qualifier for RP, placements matter most... I don't think this shows skill.

I think it is time for Respawn to update their description of the game. It is no longer the "fast paced battle royale" that they advertise, which is part of what made them unique to begin with.

On top of that, I am fairly certain that aim assist was tweaked for season 2. Help those casuals hit their shots just a little bit more so they stay and buy up some cosmetics.

I also enjoyed the high TTK, it was frustrating at first but I began to really improve on my aim, movement, and positioning because it was demanded. My teammates are always trash, I've heard that their matchmaking selects the more "skilled players" to pair these no thumbs with, so they still enjoy their experience while they are being carried. Can't have them leaving, there's cosmetics to be sold.

The Code:Leaf / Net, along the the complete kick out where you get reconnecting attempt 1 of 9, over and over again until you restart you app, has me frustrated as well. This could also be changing the meta. Who wants to hot drop when they've just spent the last 10 minutes trying to get in to a match?

Won't even get started on the netcode...., just cannot stand the game favoring the poor connection.

That said, it is still a very fun game at its core, but if I felt that there was a better option out the right now, I would give it a shot.

What´s your settings atm with 16k? and in game settings? small deadzone? etc...

Thanks for sharing :)

Hip 5.40 Ads 3.30 small dead zones and I put 200 SAB on Hip just to test it out so far melts

I thought there was major issues with sprint being canceled with SAB, even at low values,  never tried any high values on hip

General Discussion / Re: Apex Legends ultimate ability
« on: 02:46 PM - 07/10/19 »
If the ultimate is L1+R1, it's very easy to do on a XIM Apex.

Ensure Expert mode is enabled in XIM Manager > Global Settings.
Edit your gaming config, swipe from right to left to show the HIP page, then scroll down to the bottom of Actions.
Click the ellipsis (...) and you'll see the word Primary.
Click the arrow to the right and you'll reveal the Secondary bindings page.
Assign both L1 and R1 to the same key or mouse button in Secondary, e.g V.
Pressing V will now activate L1+R1 for the ultimate.

I had a hard time with this, I was trying to bind both to mouse forward and it wouldn't work in game. I don't remember where I read but I remember reading something saying that some actions in Apex Legends are based off ButtonRelease rather than ButtonPress, so it may have been a timing thing related to that. Either way, the issue was instead of activating the ultimate, it only activated the tactical ability, got me killed a few times lol!

I'll give it a shot again though, something could have changed, or I may have messed something up. I'll report back!

- Side note: if this does work now, or it was my config that was messed up, you still have to keep in mind that if your ultimate is not ready and you press your ultimate button, you will use your tactical ability

What SAB do you use?
65 for Apex and Infinite Warfare. 125 for Overwatch.

Are you using 65 SAB on ADS only for both games? I've not tried any SAB on Infinite Warfare as it was not a feature when I played it last, but for Apex Legends I cannot use any SAB on hip, sprint cancelling issues and what not.
How do you use SAB for ads only?
On the top of your ADS profile you will have to uncheck "inherit" this will give you the option to set SAB on ADS

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