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Game Support / Re: Apex RMLegends Advanced Setup (WIP)
« on: 11:53 AM - 07/26/19 »
Unless heís changed it any it is in his bo4 advanced setup. Works well with Apex, Iíve tried a few of his and this one is the best one for apex in my opinion, easy to manage, not too much acceleration but enough to break through the AA bubble in and out with ease.

Edit, just saw the previous context there, youíre saying an even better curve than the one posted for the bo4 advanced setup?

Game Support / Re: Apex RMLegends Advanced Setup (WIP)
« on: 07:47 AM - 07/26/19 »
Can't wait to try tonight.
How do you like the game so far?

Itís not bad, hate thereís no solo. I still have no clue what Iím doing. Which guns are best, what ammo, attachments, etc. is for what, and Iíve yet to use a single specialty skill. Yet Iím doing really well, well goofing off and testing settings.

I tried it and it's amazing as always, the only thing I changed is I reduced the boost for the hip to 300 instead of 1000 and it suits me best, I dropped a 15 kills second game with these settings, nice job man, I hope it helps against ranked players to cut through aa bubble fast. excellent work as always. gotta try it against diamond players today to see how good these settings really are.

Vanilla Hip isnít too bad, just feels a little sluggish and not too snappy. Granted I was coming off BO4 when I started playing this. So I was going for that same type of feel.

ADS is pretty hard to troubleshoot with no AA in target practice. I think the curve provided works really well though, Iíll probably fine tune it with more play time, if need be. Appreciate the feedback, your guys input really makes things go faster on games like this.

I think there is just a small amount of AA in the range, at least on the pop up targets up front. Not sure about the ones further back.

For guns:

Alternator with Disruptor hop up is the primary gun right now -- shreds shields quick! (use r99 until you find the hop up and then get an alternator since the hop up can be hard to find at times)

R301 is great with a 1x sight (preferably 2x HCOG for me) it can be a laser. 262 damage with no extended mag if all shots hit / register.

R99 fast fire rate, quick reload. It is basically the Vesper from Bo3 with a little recoil but completely manageable. Hit headshots with this for quick kills.

Havoc is pretty good for an energy weapon, manageable vertical recoil, just watch that muzzle flash it can be difficult to see targets after a bit of shooting.

Devotion, the energy LMG has one of the highest DPS in the game, as it's fire rate gradually increases while shooting. Just be careful with energy weapons, most people don't use them so it is hard to replenish ammo, especially in fights where you have 3rd and 4th parties as you most likely wont find energy ammo in death boxes.

Longbow is a great sniper, combined with the skullpiercer attachment you can get some easy knockdowns from distance.

Wingman is a great primary or finisher weapon, needs a heavy mag though, 4 shots can be annoying with multiple people / squads but you maintain your movement speed while ADSing with the wingman. If you empty an R301 for example, you can swap to the wingman and usually finish with 1 bodyshot for 45 damage. (Pair this with the alternator with disruptor, shred shield in a heartbeat, swap to wingman, down enemy in 1-2 shots!) Known as the high risk high reward weapon. Also skullpiercer is a great hop up for this, sucks they made the hop up harder to get this season.

Flatline which has recently been buffed has iffy recoil compared to the other AR's but once you get the pattern down it is stronger than the R301, but I would not recommend it for anything past medium-close range, r301 would be better suited. If im using this, I'm in somebodys face and nailing them at medium close while ADS behind cover, or if I am really close, the hipfire is pretty good at taking them down.

Spitfire (Not as good as it once was, mainly used with hip fire up close as its magazine size is massive) would not recommend over other weapons though, its alright early game.

G7 Scout -- can't really recommend, but it is fine early game and still viable late game. I usually grab this and a 2x sight if I can as a placeholder for the R301 to swap. 30 damage to body 60 to head, unless they are using Gibraltar or Caustic. If you get it early game, watch out, the iron sites are pretty bad.

TOP TIER Combos:
Primary weapon:
Havoc (trade ASAP)

Secondary weapon
Alternator w/Hop Up.

Stock - does not let you strafe faster like Cod, rather it reduces idle sway
Barrel stabilizer - reduces recoil, higher tiered ones reduce muzzle flash
Extended mag - Priority for me, i've won a lot of 1v3s because I was able to take down enemies without having to reload as often. I can often take out 1 enemy per mag with a lvl 3 mag. Whereas if I had a lvl 1 mag I'd likely have to reload twice as much.

Landing Location is preference, but I like Thunderdome because it has top tier loot, usually enough to have your whole team fitted with lvl 2 or 3 armor, can push skulltown after if you're wanting to be aggressive. Usually at least one other squad lands here for some quick kills up front. Every now and again you'll have 4 other squads and it turns into a playground because it is so open. Longbow can be devastating early game here. Do not land artillery!!!! Worst loot distribution IMO and it can be spread out. For as big as the buildings are and how far apart they are with the amount of teams that go there, its just a horrible spot. I've hit 3+ buildings there before only to retreat because my inventory is full of magazines, sights, ammo, stabilizers, shields, health, but I haven't found a gun. Can happen anywhere but it seems to happen more often there.

Game Support / Re: Apex RMLegends..
« on: 02:16 PM - 07/25/19 »
Unfortunately no, there is also no fill squad option either like COD, but your teammates will likely jump solo and/or disconnect for several reasons... you chose their main, you didn't want to drop at their location, you aren't using your mic, there is a kid in your lobby, etc, etc.

That said, you'll start out in "noob lobbies", I think until around level 10 so enjoy that while it lasts. I think I remember you saying you had already played before so you may be out of those already?

I don't mind being with rando teammates, but I don't usually talk on the mic either. If my teammates are loot goblins or just have any kind of other bad etiquette, I really question whether or not I respawn them if they are worth the effort or not. I won't put myself in a bad situation for a crap teammate because as soon as you hit that respawn any nearby teams are going to come running. Heck, I've told my older brother that I wasn't going to and he threw a fit. There was 2 squads left, didn't need that attention.

I am testing out your latest curve from the bo4 post, it kind of reminds me of the granular curve that would emulate steady aim, but more smoothed out from the look. So far I like it on Apex Legends, it is working well with getting in and out of the hitbox. I'd prefer to use the standard settings over the advanced look controls in game, you've provided an option to do that so thank you!

I am looking forward to your thoughts on Apex Legends!

when i i used Generic Alpha Aim Down Sight This game does not support aiming down sight

if I use Auxiliary 1 is it the same?

Yes, you can use the Aux config as ADS. As far as I know the look mechanic or anything else does not change between hip, ADS, or aux. Only your settings within these will change the behavior.

Technical Support / Re: Mouse doesn't move on APEX LEGENDS
« on: 09:16 AM - 07/24/19 »
Are you using the preferred port order? These are indicated by dots on your hub.

Port 1 = .
Port 2 = ..
Port 3 - ...

It should  be controller in port 3, keyboard in port 2, and mouse in port 1.

Also, power off your PS4 and make sure you power it on with the PS4's power button rather than the PS button on the controller.

As far as I know, there are no issues with the rival 310 and it does support onboard memory. With that being said, make sure that you have onboard memory enabled in the SteelSeries app on PC! You might be using 400 DPI and it is not enough to register a movement on screen. try pressing the DPI shift button to see if that makes any difference.

Edit: I just saw that you said you were pressing the fire button on the mouse with no response in game, that would eliminate the DPI theory. Try unplugging the XIM and plugging it back in while in the training range, does it flash green after a few seconds?

No problem! Wasnít expecting it to take so long but I wanted to be as thorough as I could. To sum it up in a single phrase, forget about season 1 and imagine that season 2 is a new game that that was just released, along with the ST. We need to do what we always do in this case, tweak our configs as best as we can to work with AA.

Glad I copied and pasted this to a word doc before submitting! My login timed out..  :-\  :)

I've completed some testing, if you would like to view the results first hand, visit the link below. I have included timestamps if you do not feel like watching the whole thing, we are all busy! This took about 2 hours to capture the game play, 1 hour to export / upload from ps4, download from YouTube, and another 3 hours to piece together the video and edit for a total of 6 hours, I hope this is helpful to those who take the time to watch the video and read this.

Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3-5DUYV81w

I'll preface this by saying, I do not have the best aim in the world, do not expect me to beam people like Dizzy or Shroud... also, I am not asking for subscriptions or anything like that. I do not upload regularly and that is not what this video is for.

I'll go in order of events in the video

#1 (10 seconds to 3:45) Gameplay from season 1 using Wingman and Longbow.

I included this footage because I wanted to explain what settings I was using and showcase what the meta was for me at the time. Longbow being overpowered, wingman still being a high risk high reward weapon. In order to use these weapons effectively, you need to be able to enter and exit the hitbox without aim assist causing issues, otherwise it will take you too long to line up your shots and you'll find yourself looking for your next match. As you will see from the footage, I did not have an issue doing this in season 1 with 7/7 in game sens, 3200 DPI, 500hz polling, and 150 SAB on ADS only (D1sable's recommended settings)

#2 (3:45 to 9:30) Gameplay from season 1 using r301 and r99

I had a rough start! You will see my inaccuracies initially. This was my first match of the day and I wasn't ready for my teammates to die and to take on multiple squads at once. It gets better as I get warmed up. I included this video because I wanted to showcase the tracking ability within season 1, using the r301 and r99. These two weapons are great baselines as the r301 is low recoil but requires good accuracy and tracking. The r99 is higher recoil, fast fire rate, and also requires good accuracy and tracking. (glad my aim improved as I got warmed up..)

All footage shown from this point forward was captured today via PlayStation Share

#3 (9:30 to 10:15) Gameplay from season 2 using various weapons.

Alternator / Spitfire for the first clip I made this short and sweet because I died a painful death due to my daring attempt to rescue my team, they should have taken my zipline that I pinged for them. Showcases some aiming issues, hip fire is much better for me than ADS with these settings, 12k DPI, 1k polling, 200 SAB, 20 boost.

#4 (10:15 to 12:28) Continuation of #3 with the same settings, this is the following match.

I used the r99/alternator and the r301/alternator with disruptor rounds combo. this clip shows some of the issues I was having with tracking and staying on target.

#5 (12:30 to 12:42) Short explanation for my experience with 8/8 in game sensitivity and some firing range footage.

#6 (12:42 to 17:37) Highlights from match using advanced look controls rather than 7/7 sensitivity.
I had no issues entering the hitbox with this config, nor did I have issues staying on target, reminded me very much of the season 1 feeling, with an increased turn speed as an additional benefit.

My final conclusion:

The meta:

As I mentioned earlier in this thread, the meta has changed pretty drastically with the nerf of primary legends / mains via the new low-profile nerf, adding 5% more damage to these legends. Disruptor / Hammerpoint hop ups do major damage to shielded enemies (Disruptor) and un-shielded enemies, (HammerPoint). This has lowered the TTK and lessened the skill gap, now you have to play even smarter if you want to get your wins.

The increase in storm/ring damage, along with the increase in speed that it closes, has people looking for less loot, and accepting that 3rd partying is the best way to fulfill their loot goblin tendencies. Have an exit strategy and use good positioning. The matches are also shorter.

The Aim Assist:

The aim assist is nowhere near as kind as it was during season 1. You will have to compensate for this with higher DPI, SAB, Boost, Stead Aim, or Ballistic Curves. I saw that RML released a new curve today, and from what I can tell, he is very excited about it. I will be taking a look at how it interacts with Apex Legend's AA.

I wish Respawn would have mentioned this change in their patch notes, but we don't know if it was intentional or not. They did remove a lot of source code that was related to Titanfall, perhaps that is why the behavior changed.

Also, I played solo today and did not experience any major stuttering and/or framerate issues or screen tearing, nor did I encounter any enemies who had excessive lag/rubber band issues. Everything was smooth, so I cannot say for sure how this will impact my configurations but I have noticed that with the regular 7/7 in game settings, my issues are much more noticeable, while the advanced settings seem to be more resilient to these negative effects.

The look mechanic:

After testing, I don't believe that there has been any change to the look mechanic. My previous suspicions were proven to be false today. I think that much of my prior testing was corrupted by the GPW inconsistent polling issues at 1,000 hz. There is a thread about it here on the forums where many have reported the same issue. If you are using a GPW and 1,000 hz, I would recommend that you try another mouse to see if the impact of the Aim Assist change is lessened.

I tested my CM/360 to the width of my mousepad on both 7/7 and 8/8 in the firing range and in game. There was no difference, other than 7/7 offering aim assist while 8/8 does not. I did not notice any deadzone changes, acceleration issues, deceleration issues, etc. I did notice that while using 8/8 instead of 7/7 in game that my issue with tracking was gone in the instances where my tracking was on point. This confirms for me, that my config with 7/7 does have issues entering in and out of the hitbox. This does NOT indicate any change in the look mechanic for me.

Advanced Settings
For me, advanced settings have been the most reliable for me with this changed aim assist behavior. The aim assist is helpful but not intrusive and I haven't had a single experience where I felt like aim assist was repelling my mouse movements or "getting stuck", I can move in and out of the hitbox with ease. This will benefit those who have not heavily relied on aim assist and gamble whether or not it will work in their favor.

My recommendations:

To the community, try out some of these advanced settings in the Shared Configs section in the forum. *Note* I have not had any luck using Generic Alpha & a ballistic curve or boost on PS4. I am using the official Apex Legends ST. Try both options out for yourself and see what works best for you. I will be releasing my settings after some more testing and tweaking if necessary, I hope they can help others to have a positive experience.

To the XIM team, I appreciate your hard work in providing this experience, I understand that the ST cannot take aim assist in to account, that the purpose is to provide a 1:1 experience. My testing cannot be as precise nor compare to what an official ST would be like with advanced look controls being trained, but I do believe that it would offer a better experience with Aim Assist and a better turn speed.

I have suggested on both Reddit and the EA forums that the advanced look controls include numbers rather than sliders, or a combination of both, but I have not received any developer response and I don't assume that I will.

I also understand the hesitation to include confusing instructions or add a separate ST unless it is absolutely necessary, but I do think this would help a lot of people.
As an alternative, could the app be altered to include a tickbox such as "display alternate/expert ST" default being off, which would allow those who have it enabled to choose which ST works best for them? I think this could solve the desire of those on Apex Legends and Rainbow Six Siege.
Sorry if I rambled a bit in this post, its been about 7 hours now. Looking forward to everyone's thoughts.

Love the explanation Alan! Looks like something out of doctor strange there too! I am assuming that this would be the same for when a character is rubber banding or teleporting forward due to their excessive lag, except the hitbox model would be further away in that case. Lag compensation is the worse thing ever, especially in games that favor the poor connection in their netcode. Why should the person with a stable, wired 1GB fiber connection be punished over the person using their cellular hotspot in the back of a 1962 RV parked under a bridge?

Where is sab? I have last firnware

Make sure you have the latest BETA firmware, retail does not have it I don't think. If you are on the latest BETA, or the latest retail does have it, make sure you have your "expert" mode enabled, then go to your config and press the 3 dots (...) under the movement tab. You'll see the SAB/Simulate Analog Behavior there. Be careful though, too much SAB on hip may cause sprint cancellation issues depending on the game. If you want to put SAB only on the ADS, you will have to uncheck the inherit tick box on top of the ADS config.

This is a hard issue to nail down, server performance and framerate may be affecting this as well. Some matches feel better than others, where I donít notice the aiming behavior impacts as much. Iíve also seen some posts on Reddit explaining that the US servers were performing poorly compared to the European servers which could explain why some are experiencing these headaches more than others as it may be a minor inconvenience to some while it is a night and day difference to others.

It is interesting to see the types of problems people are having over the lifetime of XIM. People report significantly different performance between firmware builds that actually didn't change (only the version number changed for example). I don't remember seeing this much earlier on in the project when all the talk was about COD and BF. When Fortnite and PUBG came on the scene, it was clear it had serious quality problems. By quality problems, I mean issues that cause aiming determinism failures. Apex Legends sounds like this as well. I really don't know what is going on with game studios these days, but, they seem to be ok with shipping low quality stuff.

Another major variable in this whole issue is the rapid change in the "meta" between season 1 and 2. Popular legend selections pathfinder, wraith, and lifeline were all nerfed to incur a "low-profile" penalty for their small hitbox, where they take 5% additional damage. On top of that, the disruptor hop up, can take out max shield with only 4 bullets, and many are taking advantage of that. It ruins the season 1 meta where you collected as many shield batteries as possible, and during a gunfight you would be able to retreat as necessary, heal shield in 4 seconds with shield battery and get back in the fight. Now, as soon as you get back in the fight, your shield could be gone in only 4 bullets again. If 2 people are running these disruptor rounds, forget it.

So effectively, the skill gap has been lessened due to this, combined with some aiming performance issues, whether it be AA, look mechanic, or a combination of both, leads to a major change in the overall experience.

I believe that AA has definitely increased -- and if that is the only change then so be it, we will have to find our desired config to work around it as the ST would still be working as designed/intended, providing a 1:1 experience minus AA.

The problem with this though, is with increased AA, and the lower skill gap due to these hop up attachments / disruptor rounds, I genuinely feel for the first time that this game would be better played with a controller rather than MnK as my preferred input method as the increased AA is helping the controller users and has not been beneficial for XIM users.

If it is just AA being an issue, I still think that we would benefit from the advanced in game settings being trained on a separate advanced ST, that way our performance isn't being hindered as much by both a low turn speed and less than desirable AA.

I will record some gameplay with each setting to showcase exactly what I am experiencing between advanced settings, 7/7 sensitivity, and 8/8 sensitivity along with a brief write up to further document the process, I believe it will be beneficial to those who watch/read it. I will also include some season 1 footage to have a comparison / baseline before these issues came up.

Does Apex Legends feel fine using the latest ST when using 8?

Iíll test that out when I get home in about 4 hours and report back, last time I tried it out I was experiencing polling issues at 1000hz and the GPW, I switched to the G305 now and it seems that those polling issues are gone. That also accounts for some of my discomfort with season 2 as I ran my GPW at 500hz for the entirety of season 1 but the issue with a subpar performance in season 2 is still persisting.

Iíll report back with my findings.

This is a hard issue to nail down, server performance and framerate may be affecting this as well. Some matches feel better than others, where I donít notice the aiming behavior impacts as much. Iíve also seen some posts on Reddit explaining that the US servers were performing poorly compared to the European servers which could explain why some are experiencing these headaches more than others as it may be a minor inconvenience to some while it is a night and day difference to others. Most people used 3200 or 4K DPI and 500hz polling with some added boost or SAB during season 1. Since season 2, Iíve noticed that most have moved to 12K DPI and 1k polling, with more boost or SAB, and still experience these issues.

I imagine that it takes longer than a 15 minute match to train the ST in game, sure it could be done, but factor in the storm, you might have to move every couple of minutes and interrupt the ST training. I donít see a feasible way to do it in game that wouldnít be tedious and very time consuming. I donít think there is a different look mechanic in training, perhaps the aim assist is different.

You have to keep in mind that when training an ST, aim assist is not taken in to account. The titan fall ST may work better than the apex, but it is not better at providing a 1:1 experience which is the goal of the ST. If your intention is to have a better experience with AA then sure, experiment with the expert settings, in game settings, or a different ST.

Now, if the ST was trained while aiming at a target in the firing range, there is aim assist, which may impacted the ST training (an assumption, not a fact)

With that said, I feel your pain... season 2 has been horrible for me and my experience with AA, and many others as evidenced by the increase in DPI per config. Maybe something changed between season 1 and season 2? It would be nice to have it looked at just in case. Perhaps the difference between 7/7 in game and 8/8 in game has changed? If I remember correctly, I tested 8/8 out and aim assist was still present, or I still lost functionality when ADSing... so maybe something changed on ADS only?

Also, Iíll add that I finally was able to get better aiming behavior and/or aim assist experience by once again switching to advanced settings. I know itís been asked quite a few times before, and the answer has been difficult instructions and not much improvement to the existing ST, but I believe that it is much better with advanced settings in regards to turn speed. I donít know if I am remembering correctly but I think Mist (or maybe it was someone else) said that it was only about a 3% difference, but it feels like a much better turn speed  experience in game with max pitch/yaw. Could we please get advanced settings supported with an official ST, even if it has to be separate from the ďbasicĒ ST?

We have the option in our XIM to enable expert settings, and they can be confusing, but we still have the option for the best experience, why canít we have that same option with an ST and in game settings as well?

You are powering it on by pressing the power button on the PS4 rather than the controller right? Not sure if that will help but that is what I always do. Is there a preferred port order for XIM4?

Also playing Apex Legends with firmware. Did a factory reset to install it to start with a fresh config. Iíve not noticed any bugs or differences with the prior firmware, I donít think I ever had a problem with my config being corrupted though. Any issues that I am experiencing I believe are related to the game itself rather than the XIM. I did initialize my PS4 to essentially factory reset it. I have noticed some performance increase since doing so.

My overall opinion is, if there are no bugs reported with this firmware then I agree that it is the release candidate. I like having the ability to fine tune SAB with off, 0, or other desired value.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim has ruined me
« on: 10:45 AM - 07/21/19 »
I use Kovaaks Aim trainer and Aim Lab, keeps me fresh for PC and XIM

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