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Game Support / Re: Halo Infinite ST!!
« on: 02:08 AM - 11/19/21 »
Everything feels good except fast movements. Same dramatic slow down then speed up I was thinking would be eliminated when official st dropped. Same for others or did st fix? Going to be updated later or is this final?

Just bought a dark core, having the exact same problem. This is so annoying. Instead of a keyboard in my left hand I use a PS3 move controller. Basically mapping one half of the controller to each device which is why I need a mouse with so many buttons to be properly mapped as the right half of a controller. Looks like I'm not going fully wireless after all, back to my Logitech g502 and it's funky cord. Oh well, at least it works correctly. If a fix to this is ever discovered I would very much like to know. Good luck to you.

Hardware Compatbility / Re: Corsair Dark Core Mouse Help
« on: 02:48 AM - 01/28/19 »
Did you ever find a fix for this issue? I am having the exact same problem.

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