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Shared Configs / How is st for subnautica ?
« on: 02:12 PM - 05/21/20 »
Hi there ,
I am gonna get subnautica on ps4 and I was wondering on xim apex is performing on this game.
I found an old discussion ( about a year ago ) where mist was saying that he couldn't support the game due to internal mechanics .
Is it still the case ?

Game Support / Re: hunt showdown config ps4?
« on: 02:07 PM - 05/21/20 »
What is your psn id willy , we can play when settings are back to normal .

Game Support / Re: hunt showdown config ps4?
« on: 02:06 PM - 05/21/20 »
I made a suggestion on their discord to add mkb support, you can probably guess the response that gets..

I can imagine, peoples are getting salty when you bring k&m on the table .
Some guys were also talking about device like xim 😂😂😂

Game Support / Re: hunt showdown config ps4?
« on: 01:44 AM - 05/20/20 »
Yep the community manager told me it is a mistake apparently , really hope they will switch it back to what it was as I started to get comfortable with my settings.

Shared Configs / Re: Hunt: Showdown PS4
« on: 04:00 AM - 05/15/20 »

Shared Configs / Re: Hunt: Showdown PS4
« on: 03:56 AM - 05/15/20 »
Hey again , two weeks that I tried your setting and I have to admit that I am pretty happy with the result.
Mouse Logitech 402: 4000dpi , 500hz
There are my tweaks :
Hip with common sync :50 and 10 smoothing
ADS with common : 60 and 3 for smoothing

Hunter control scheme
Default X: 3.00
Default Y: 3.00
Shoulder X: 1.61
Shoulder Y: 1.61
Iron sight X: 0.90
Iron sight Y: 0.90

Turning strength at 0

Shoulder aim have a little jitter for micro movements but no problem regarding tracking running target

Having the iron sight value below 1 remove almost jitter for micro Movement , making head adjustment quite easy at range

Hardware Compatibility / Re: SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL
« on: 05:15 AM - 05/04/20 »
Also interested to know as I have a nice offer on the apex pro .

Game Support / Re: hunt showdown config ps4?
« on: 01:26 AM - 04/22/20 »
Damm your config is good,  ..
Are you using any ballistics curve tho ?

Game Support / Re: hunt showdown config ps4?
« on: 10:48 AM - 04/21/20 »
Thank you so much for sharing , I ll give a try tonight ...
Until now I was playing with controller but it will be definitely more enjoyable with k/m .
I agree this game is better with friends , I usually play with the 2 same guys and we have some much fun with Hunt .:)
I am very disappointed that they decided to drop support for this game, I am sure they would have been capable to come out with something playable.

Game Support / hunt showdown config ps4?
« on: 02:54 AM - 04/20/20 »
Hey ,
As you probably already know , support has been cancelled for the game which is very unfortunate.
Many people seems to use borderland 3 ST but after trying it , micro movement are not good at all (stutter etc...)
Anybody would be kind enough to share a config (both ST and in game settings) .
Looking forward hearing back from you .

Apparently I found a post from mist saying :
Unfortunately Hunt's current look mechanic could not be supported on either platform so we needed to drop support. If there are changes to the look mechanic in the future we can revisit support (7th of April 2020).

Can anyone confirm that mist is not working on the st anymore ?

Game Support / Re: Need support for Hunt Showdown
« on: 12:15 PM - 04/09/20 »
Mist is currently working on the ST for the game.
According a previous post , it should come out in the upcoming game support update .
As developers manage to get rid of most the input lag on ps4 and also increase in-game max sensitivity , I am pretty confident he ll be able to come up with something playable .
Right now , controller is not bad at all with a bit of practice ( almost 1,85 k/d ratio ).
We just need to be a bit more patient , the st will be available soon or later f

Flashing red just mean that you re exceeding the in game movement speed limit

To conclude it should be possible but my opinion would be to carry on with the controller instead , with some practice pci placement should not be a big problem  .

Not sure if there are any official  ST for any mlb the show series .
Anyway you might be able to use either a generic ST or try different game until you find a smooth mouse mouvement.

After that you can create a sub config where you can set up mouse mouvement upon left stick ( by default it is the right stick for mouse).
When batting is done you can revert to a regular config to move players from different base .

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