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Iím thinking about changing my keyboard since my huntsman doesnít load profiles and I have a Steelseries mouse and was looking at the apex 7 but I donít know how the OLED screen would work or even if the profiles work on Xim

Support / [RESOLVED] USB coming out of Xim?
« on: 02:22 PM - 10/13/21 »
Iíve had my Xim for over a year or two and when I go to pull it out my Xbox the Xim comes out but leave the USB end in the Xbox and I just gotta put the prongs back in the holes is a minor inconvenience but Iím afraid one of the prongs will break or I wonít be able to get the usb part out one day

XIM APEX Discussions / Controller Update Stops Xim
« on: 11:06 PM - 10/11/21 »
Just downloaded a 100mb update on Xbox for the controller in my Xim and now the Xim will not work the app loads configs and shows the buttons being pressed but the keyboard input doesnít shop up on the Xbox
The controller can still work plugged up but itís input isnít detected by the Xim app

My xim turns on a few minutes after my Xbox goes off every night turning on my rgb and my controller, I usually just pull the xim out of the usb when it does it, anyone know how to fix this?

XIM APEX Discussions / Cold War Config Substitute
« on: 05:35 PM - 11/21/20 »
Iím using COD BO4 Config for my Xbox Cold War Config and Iíve seen people use the MW2019 Config Which should I use for Cold War

Support / [Q/A] SteelSeries OLED Display
« on: 12:58 AM - 06/21/20 »
Does the OLED display work with a xim or not?
Iím thinking about upgrading to a steel series keyboard because my razer does not have onboard memory

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Apex Legends Key Binding
« on: 09:59 AM - 03/12/19 »
Try using a familiar setup similar to a game you play better, on mine I have LB-Q and RB-E for most of my games and I keep the sensitivity about the same this is so you will be familiar with the controls and wonít have to adjust too much on when switching between games

Support / [ACTIVE] Party Trouble
« on: 03:58 PM - 01/13/19 »
When Iím playing A game on Xbox with my xim Apex whenever Iím using three or more buttons only on my keyboard and mouse my mic in my Xbox party cuts out until I release the three buttons

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