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Quick question.

My basic setup: XIM Response Rate 1000 Hz & Sync is Off.

Am I correct that if I change my XIM Response Rate to 500 Hz that in order to keep the timing of the Activation Delay and Deactivation Delay the same that I would divide the two delays by 2??

@ 1000 Hz on the XIM my Activation Delay is 260 ms.

So @ 500 Hz then I should put my Activation Delay at 130 ms?

So recently PUBG announced their new set of policies regarding the banning of players.

Below is the new matrix regarding the offenses that could get you banned on console:

Here is the link to the community post if you are interested:


So, I am curious as to your thoughts. I mean let's be real here. The thought of PUBG trying to ban people that are still actually playing this game is laughable, in my opinion. Getting it right the first time, only happens once and its appearance rate is equally spread across the vast multiverse. It has never actually happened in our universe. That we know of.

I seem to remember last year that PUBG Corp and Bluehole assuring the PUBG console community that the use of peripheral devices, such as mouse and keyboard, was insignificant because such few players were actually using them.

Here is a pic of Community Manager, Dan Whittel's Twitter post stating the fact:

So, what has changed?

Nothing! Nothing has changed.

Just like everything else PUBG Corp and Bluehole have done, it's a disaster.  To say these idiots could @#$% up a wet dream draws credit away from people who have actually awoken during this sex filled slumber party.

Let me put this in to context. 5 months after the release of PUBG, when arguably you had the #1 game on the XBOX console, the number of people using M/KB was very, very low according to your tweet. But as time went on and player count dropped, all the way up until yesterday-which again, is arguably the lowest player count you ever had on console- that the amount of people using M/KB (as you call it Unauthorized Hardware Devices) skyrocketed!

HELLO? MATH ERROR! Does. Not. Compute.

Hey, trust them guys, they have it all figured out though because they are PUBG Corp, in conjunction with mobile developer, Bluehole, and they want PUBG console players to experience fair play in their game.

Let me restate that, they want console players to experience a fair playing experience despite the fact their game developers can't engineer their way out of a paper bag.

Every update they've released has broken more things than it fixed. It's like they originally served us Syphilis, as time went on, they gradually exposed us to Herpes.

So fear not fellow Ximmers. They'll never get it right!

However, it might just spell 'THE END' for PUBG on console. If their sketchy math is legit. Meaning, the number of M/KB users has increased to a point that they have classified it as a wide-spread problem and thus implemented this type of action, where the 1st offense = permanent ban. Then PUBG on consoles demise is imminent, as if, it wasn't already.

So my thoughts on this: BAN ME! I am all you have left!

I am curious as to what you think.

Please vote in the poll and share your thoughts.

Hello ! I am new to the XIM Apex.

I play PUBG on XBX1. I have a SteelSeries Rival 600 mouse and a Redragon K582 kb. I also have a CronusMax Plus running scripts and the 5V 3A Power Supply running to the XIM APEX. Additionally, I bought a PS3 Navigation Controller for under $10 on Amazon.

My setup works fine. Everything is OK on the setup side of things.

However, I still have several questions.

First, is there a guide that explains what each individual option actually does in the XIM Manager Configuration App? For instance, what does "Use Aim Translator" or "Use ADS Translator" do? How about Smoothing? What does smoothing do?

I every much appreciate the new videos posted on YouTube about some of the newer features in the XIM Manager App, and I will keep those in mind for future reference. Most new features don't apply to PUBG though. They only apply to games with Aim Assist.

Maybe someone could post a link to the XIM Manager Guide or a link to more information on the individual feature options in the Manager App.

Secondly, more importantly, why is it suggested to run your in-game sensitivities at the MAX level. I have experimented with the in-game setting at the max value and tried them at the values I would normally use for the regular controller. As far as my mouse movement goes, I really can't tell a difference. I was using a polling rate at 500 MHz in the XIM Manager and on the mouse. And my DPI was set to 4000.

I followed the helpful YouTube video about how to find your XIM APEX Sensitivities and I really can't tell a difference. I know when I have my in-game sensitivities set at the max values, when I ADS and fire my weapon, if I move my mouse in the slightest bit the bullets spray all over the place. I believe my AIM Sensitivity is set to 23.05 and my ADS Sensitivity is around 3.01.

I would like to say that sometimes small movements with the mouse on the normal in-game sensitivities throw it off but not nearly as much as when set to max in-game sensitivities. I also realize that the game designer tries to thwart the use of M & KB but I don't think this is the reason simply because BlueHole and PUBG Corp have bigger issues to worry about than people who play their game using a M & KB. After all, I am still playing their game.

I guess what I am saying about the in-game sensitivities is: if I chose not to set my in-game sensitivity to the max level, am I able to offset this by either: 1) increasing my DPI OR 2) increasing my AIM and ADS Sensitivities in the XIM Manager App? Or both? Or, what happens if I decrease my DPI to 2000 but increase my XIM Manager Sensitivities? Or vice versa? 
What if I kept the normal in-game settings but used a ballistics curve to slow down my mouse when ADS'ing?

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

Third question, am I able to use a USB 2.0 hub on the keyboard slot on my XIM APEX? I was wondering if I plugged a USB 2.0 Hub into the 2nd slot on my XIM Apex if I could use the Keyboard and PS3 Navigation Controller at the same time - provided I mapped the controls correctly- also, keep in mind, I do have a 5V 3amp Power Supply connected to my XIM Apex- i.e. I don't think power drain should be an issue.

I like I would like to use the Analog Stick for movement, ADS'ing and Third Person Targeting and have a few keys, such as the XBOX Button, View Button and Menu Button, mapped to my keyboard.

Would this work?

Finally, I would like to make one suggestion to the XIM APEX Development and XIM Manager App Team. It mostly has to do with these genre's of Battle Royale games that games developer have to implement in order to fit all the controls that one needs into a standard analog controller.

One thing I have noticed is that one button may have two outputs depending on the length of time it is pressed.

For instance, since I play PUBG on XB1X, the X Button for example. Tapping the X Button causes you to interact with objects- i.e. Open Doors, Pick up Objects. A tap is usually considered anything under 1000 milliseconds.  However, Holding the X Button for something greater than or equal to 1000ms or 1 second makes you reload your weapon.

Is there a way to incorporate this into the XIM Manager App? I feel that distinguishing between a button "tap" and button "hold" would allow much more of a true keyboard port from the original game design.

I guess what I mean is, in the XIM Manager App, are you able to develop and implement if a button mapped to the keyboard is suppose to be a "Tap" or a "Hold"?

For example, going back to the X Button on the Analog Controller. In the XIM Manager, each button would have "Tap" output and underneath it a "Hold" output. So if I mapped my X Button Tap in the XIM Manager to my keyboard "F" key it would perform the X Button Tap output. But if I mapped my X Button Hold to the "R" key, if I press and release the "R" key it would actually send the command to "Hold" X for 1000 milliseconds.

I feel like having this customization in the XIM Manager App is almost a necessity to achieving the true functionality of using a keyboard and mouse on these new consoles and condensed controller outputs.

It's just a suggestion though.

This is my first post, I had a lot of questions and didn't want to take up Forum space by creating multiple topics for each question, so I am sorry if this post was a little long.

Please comment and provide any feedback.

Thank you for your time.


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