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Game Support / Re: Anthem Beta support for 1/26-27
« on: 04:22 AM - 01/27/19 »
Everything was made before, 1080p, boost mode, disabled supersampling.
Just played on pc and on ps4 pro in same time, easy to see the difference. There is no even 30 fps in big fights, everything laggings around you. Just check it in the cave before spider boss, where you should capture the objective and bring 6 boxes to disable the artifacts.

Spent all day on PS4 (pro) day 1 with friends on there and then spent all of the next day on PC with everything on Ultra, and both at 1080P. You are over exaggerating the difference between them. Of course PC is going to look a bit better and run smooth as silk, but the PS4 version certainly didn't have any issues at 30 FPS.

Play where you want to play.

Came across this today and I have to say, this feels smooth in every single game I have tried (BO4, WW2, PubG, Siege, Fortnite). There is no delay, jitter, latency, or lost pixels I can notice, and that is translating to my games, finding myself getting a lot more kills because for me this feels really close to what I had on PC.

Can't seem to get your latest full config to paste. I am on the latest beta firmware.

XIM Link / Re: Xim Link causing mouse to freeze.
« on: 07:48 PM - 01/04/19 »
Would like to give a quick update. I have fixed the issue and maybe this will work for anyone else having this issue.

I ended up doing a ton of troubleshooting and poking around at random things and figured out the mouse stutters/freezing was because of Chrome. If I have chrome closed it's gone completely and runs smooth, with it open it stutters/freezes again.

Needless to say I will switch to Firefox now (which also works fine with Link)

XIM Link / Re: Xim Link causing mouse to freeze.
« on: 11:43 PM - 12/29/18 »
I am also having this issue too.

I have Belkin Easy Transfer (F5U279) and I've tried Xim link beta 1.2 and 1.3 and both do it. I have tried all of my ports on my PC and the Apex hub.

G502 Hero 12k DPI and 3.2k DPI, 1000hz, razer orbweaver.

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