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So is this for people who plays with controller on PC?

Anyone else's app is crashing? Im using this XIM APEX Manager 20190601 for iOS

Shared Configs / Re: Apex tigger dead zone
« on: 11:22 AM - 03/23/19 »
I use kb n m but I just was wondering if there was a better dead zone to fire /control recoil better
Then it shouldn't matter since clicking on a mouse would only set the value 0 or 100, no in between like if you were using a controller

Like the posters above, I agree that setting ADS and Hip sensitivity to the same value seems to work best for me.

I use Sync - Off.

Ingame settings:
  • Sensitivity 5,5
  • Response Curve - Classic
  • Look deadzone - None
  • Movement deadzone - Small

Deadzone should not be none.

Why not?

Cant copy curve on mobile can anybody explain how or make a pastebin?
Here you go

Last config in 20182204 versions! Check Manager and FW.
One thing boost is gone.
Edit: Pastebin modified for Boost.
Where did you find that firmware? afaik the latest is 20181204

Which of his several posted configurations are currently working best for you guys?

This is what i have been using lately.

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [bo4havox test] START COPY >>>

Copying this will copy/paste all of the settings for hip/ads including SA/Boost? Or what does this code entail?

Where should I paste it?


First page with the game picture, hit the 3 dots and then paste. Nite you will have to bind all your control's all over again when pasting my config. Make sure you are using a brand new config slot just incase you do not like it.

Thank you Havoc, and just to confirm this code will include ballistic curve set ups in hip and ADS, SA, Boost, Y/X, etc?

I click the 3 dots, then global settings, then I enable expert mode - where do I paste from there?

I appreciate your feedback and help.

I got an error when pasting it there.. currently using 20181204

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