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Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 09:39 AM - 11/19/20 »
the look mechanic on cold war feels so different to bo4 idk maybe its me but it doesnt feel right

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 12:24 PM - 11/18/20 »
They have a target release date by the end of the week, just use the bo4 or mw19 ST for now... They work great! Micromovement at extreme sniping ranges (across armada in 12v12 for ex.) are the only problems I have with the bo4 ST

I know i just really want to use the official st because we have new settings like with deadzone and things ive never sen before so i dont really know what to choose.

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 10:42 AM - 11/18/20 »
Hi mist do you think the cold war st will be out today please can we have an update thanks for your work !

Hi please can the xim team give us an eta when the cold war st will be available for ps4 ?

xbox and xbox controller polling rate please

General Discussion / Re: PS5 canít do 1440p, XBSX can
« on: 11:02 AM - 11/07/20 »
Is there a significant advantage to the 16-bit stick resolution xbox has over playstation when using xim? Please could you explain the advantage to me antithesis I still havent made my decision on next gen console yet

Trying to work out the best ADS delay numbers for Call of Duty and was curious when the HIP turning mechanic turns into the ADS turning mechanic in the actual game and not on the xim.

Also (in game) is it a gradual transfer or does it just change instantly after a certain time.


Gun takes 200ms to aim in. Does the ADS mechanic instantly switch on at 200ms too? Or is it a little before/after?

Thanks Mist I am on PS4 using off sync I just find it strange there isnt any jitter when only moving the mouse but there is when i move the character and mouse, I can provide footage if that would help

My mouse doesnt jitter when I just move the mouse by itself, but when I move my character and mouse at the same time the mouse has jitter, does anyone know why this is and how to fix it without smoothing please?

I also tried to use the controller for movement just to see if the jitter still happened and it did.

My mouse is g403 hero 500hz 4000 dpi.

Are there any pro/cons to using either setting?

I know sometimes a mouse can't consistently get 1000hz but almost all mouse can consistenly get 500hz, so is there any difference for me setting a mouse at 1000hz or 500hz when the xim is at 500hz?

I really feel like I'm not hitting the turn cap because when I intentionally hit the turn cap I really have to swipe my mouse, but when this happens sometimes I'm barely moving it at all.

I have ordered another xim apex to see if I have the same problem with a new one. Thanks again mist for trying to help

I have the PS4 pro so I can't use audio compatibility, I have tried other surfaces and cleaned all the sensors and found no hairs or anything. I tried testing with a piece of paper too and that didn't change anything.

Do you know why the xim blinks constantly telling me I am hitting the turn cap when this happens? (I'm definitely not hitting the turn cap)

Is it possible my Xim is broken? It happens on every game, I really want to try and fix this before the new modern warfare BR comes out.

I don't know what else to do :(

Any idea what to try next mist please?

Ahh I get it.

I ticked the left stick option but WASD is still only controlling player position, with the mouse also only controlling player position. I wasn't able to move the screen at all. I didn't find any stutter with the mouse controlling the player position though.

Thanks for all the help so far Mist I really hope we find the solution to this. Also I can't make the stutter happen intentionally by moving my mouse faster than the turn cap, the xim blinks red but doesn't stutter like in the video, it seems to happen at completely random times. The xim blinks red when the stutter happens too.

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