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In Call of Duty rotational aim assist doesn't activate until you are moving at least 30%. I looked at the values of SAB and sometimes it starts below 30, is it possible to make SAB start at 30 so the moment you move rotational aim assist is activated?

Are the PC ST's already being made/are made? It would be great to be able to use PC ST's for vanguard/warzone on the day of delivery

Game Support / Re: Call of Duty: Vanguard ST - Rework?
« on: 07:52 AM - 11/25/21 »
Yes train on 1.0 gradual please

Game Support / Re: Mist about Vanguard's ADS delay value
« on: 06:12 AM - 11/24/21 »
Do i have to use the 0.10 deadzone or can i use 0.05? will there be any negatives if i dont use the recommended one

Game Support / Re: Mist about Vanguard's ADS delay value
« on: 06:09 AM - 11/20/21 »
if your gun aims in at 400ms and your ads delay is 224ms of course there is going to be a jump.

just change the ads delay to whatever gun you are using, the gun stats tell you the exact ads time.


Game Support / Re: Vanguard ST ETA?
« on: 04:28 PM - 11/18/21 »
Will the vanguard st be ready for the weekend?

Game Support / Re: Vanguard
« on: 12:50 PM - 11/08/21 »
does anyone have an eta on the vanguard st

Game Support / Vanguard ST deadzone
« on: 05:23 AM - 11/06/21 »
If possible please dont train the vanguard ST on the standard 0.20 deadzone that is way too high, 0.05 is much better

If I had one controller with Dynamic Latency Input (DLI) and one without would the one with DLI perform better with the xim apex?

I'm thinking if its worth buying a xbox series x controller to use with the xim as my current xbox one one doesnt have DLI.

Game Support / Cold war on PC. Xbox or PlayStation ST?
« on: 12:12 PM - 01/05/21 »
I am moving over to PC and curious if there was any benefit to using either the Xbox or PlayStation ST over the other one. I have both ps4 and xbox one controllers.


Santigold would you please share your graphics settings for the second pictures I would like to make my game look like that, thanks!

On coldwar you can change the deadzone of your controller, the default being 10 and 10 was used on the official xim gameplay channel config.

Would there be negative/positive effects if I was to lower this? I can reach as low as 4 before i start to get stick drift.


XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Cold War pc ? I need help
« on: 08:13 PM - 11/21/20 »
I think PC because you get more fps.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Cold War pc ? I need help
« on: 08:02 PM - 11/21/20 »
Yes you can connect xim apex to a computer and play. The game will recognize that you are playing with a joystick. You will play against mouse and joystick together.

I really hope the official st still comes out in the next 24 hours nothing feels right for me, can any staff members confirm please?

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