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Game Support / Re: RML.. Apex legends...
« on: 02:35 PM - 02/13/19 »
Can someone paste the whole setup with curve and all

General Discussion / PUBG Xbox squads
« on: 08:29 AM - 12/14/18 »
Looking for solid PUBG players on Xbox to add to my friends list, hit me up

Game Support / Re: PUBG Xbox squads
« on: 04:33 PM - 12/12/18 »
Sent you a friend request

Game Support / Re: PUBG Xbox squads
« on: 03:53 AM - 12/12/18 »
Will do

Game Support / Re: PUBG Xbox squads
« on: 07:29 PM - 12/11/18 »
NA but, I play with eu guys

Game Support / PUBG Xbox squads
« on: 06:11 PM - 12/11/18 »
Looking for good players to squad with on PUBG Xbox. Need the fill my friend list with solid players

Did Gitgud die?

Game Support / Re: XIM Apex and PUBG
« on: 11:14 AM - 11/27/18 »
GitGud was a PUBG config God but unfortunately he quit PUBG before the ST change and has been MIA from these boards for almost a month

Anyone seen GitGud?

Have you had a chance to play around with the new ST Gitgut?

I will put something together this weekend as got some upcoming tournaments. I believe the ST behaves a bit different after the retrain so I will probably need to change the version I did on PTS.


Have you updated your config??? I loved your config prior to this newest ST update for PUBG. I am finding your config feels weird now, I don't know why... I played around training mode for a while but couldn't sort out what was wrong. I then just decided to use the old ST for pubg even though is not "optimized" for the new look mechanic.

Are you looking at your config again after this new update with increased sensitivity? Let us know!
Yes Gitgut, your configs have always been the best. We need you one more time!

What are your in game settings Gitgut

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