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Tired of waiting hours in between brackets bc a ref wants to investigate that Iím using a mouse bc the other team wants to blame that on there loss and would like to know what settings you use to still be able to play at a high level and not seem so ximmey. If you could help me out please send me a pm on this site.

Game Support / Re: Off syncs Problem bo4
« on: 06:12 AM - 11/14/18 »
Jitter is typically environmental. It'll be mouse sensor, mouse pad, dirt, handshake...something physical causing the mouse to detect micromovements.

Smoothing can be used to clean up jitter. Also ensure your mouse is tuned to your pad.

Are you on PS4 or XB1?
Iím on Xbox one and probably do need to clean up some dirt that build up on the sensor overtime will probably do that.

Game Support / Off syncs Problem bo4
« on: 04:04 AM - 11/14/18 »
See a lot of recommendations to use off synce with bo4 but it feels very stuttery or laggy to me. Doesnít feel smooth in a viewing perspective. Any ready any this is happing

I use 500hz 4K dpi with a g502

Game Support / Crackdown support?
« on: 03:54 AM - 11/12/18 »
How would I play this game on the Xbox one isnít a config? Is there another st that works with it? Jw bc it was just giving out for free on the Xbox one

Game Support / Re: BO4 no curve needed
« on: 06:33 PM - 11/04/18 »
The aim assist option doesnít work for multiplayer or blackout anyway.
they are referring to target assist which does help in multiplayer and black out.

Also for some reason sync off feels very stuttery for me I use 4K dpi

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] XIM apex not working correctly
« on: 03:21 AM - 11/03/18 »
I figured out the problem Iím stupid I had a hot key on my controller for the wing suit and and guess I accidiently press it sometimes forgetting itís my wing suit profile

Support / Re: XIM apex not working correctly
« on: 05:26 PM - 11/02/18 »
Which game are you playing and does it feel faster looking from the hip or while aiming down sight?

Also, does it happen in more than one game?
playing bo4 and it changes for both hip and ads

Support / [RESOLVED] XIM apex not working correctly
« on: 01:15 AM - 10/31/18 »
Had my XIM for few months now and the past few days I notice whole playing once every few hours my sensitivity feels way faster then normal then what I have it set too. A hard reset fixes the problem but it always comes back. Iím updated the the newest firm.

XIM Link / Re: XIM Link 1.3 is out
« on: 04:36 AM - 10/29/18 »
Will there ever be a version that doesnít have to be connected to your pc where XIM link and XIM apex is all done through the app? Donít have a pc besides me at all times
Could you clarify? Where would you connect your devices instead?

Do you have an idea of time before the ability to use the G13 analog stick will be usable via Xim Link ?
It should be already usable, if you configure it to work as a joystick on the driver settings?

I know link isnít intended for scripts but would here be a version to run scripts without having your device connected to your pc just to your console through XIM manager? Sorry if what Iím saying makes no sense never messed with scripts before just looking for something new learn and play with.

Wish I can find a apex version dr ballisicts ads curve. Need a curve for gbs again that kinda hides the fact your using a mouse but gives you strong aim assist but some what fast moments

I still canít find settings that work for me man this is frustrating af. I play competitive free ladders and tourneys so my aim has to be golden lol some of these curves either over accelerate or just feels off. I currently use 3200 dpi with a g502 mouse. I just need to be able to beam people like how I use to in ww2. Any top tier boarders who play snd tourneys got any pointers for me.

XIM Link / Re: XIM Link 1.3 is out
« on: 08:19 AM - 10/21/18 »
Will there ever be a version that doesnít have to be connected to your pc where XIM link and XIM apex is all done through the app? Donít have a pc besides me at all times

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