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Game Support / Re: BO4 My Advanced Setup (20181216)
« on: 01:12 AM - 12/28/18 »
Why use 1000hz on g502 if it canít poll consistently at 1000hz? Just wondering

Ive never had an issue with the 502 at 1000hz.
how would I know if mine isnít polling right if indecide to try 1000hz

Game Support / Re: BO4 My Advanced Setup (20181216)
« on: 08:50 PM - 12/27/18 »
Why use 1000hz on g502 if it canít poll consistently at 1000hz? Just wondering

I was getting so mad at this game bc it felt terrible then realized I had dead zone at 100%

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Problems with xim
« on: 10:29 AM - 12/23/18 »
The free lights do not show up if I have to power cycle my apex but however they do show up if I disconnect my mouse and Sony Nav and plug up my controller first then connect my mouse and stuff. This is a temporary fix for me till it stops working

Support / Re: Problems with xim
« on: 09:55 AM - 12/22/18 »
Let's try a console hard reset, it can sometimes fix this issue. Press and hold the power button on the front of the console for 15 seconds. Once off unplug the power cable to the console for 60 seconds. Reconnect the power cable and power on the console. Attach all peripherals to XIM then connect XIM to the console.

Note that removing the power cable while off has been reported as necessary by some users.
I tried this earlier I was reading other peopleís post with similar issues trying to fix my problem.

Support / Re: Problems with xim
« on: 06:18 AM - 12/22/18 »
Update it also shows itís connected in XIM manager

Support / [ACTIVE] Problems with xim
« on: 02:52 AM - 12/22/18 »
Controller doesnít connect to Xbox one controller. XIM apex does not flash yellow or anything just stays one solid color and does not flash yellow. If I powercycle XIM 15 times I can get it to work but can come quite annoying. It will power up the controller but thatís it. Iíve tried 2 other controllers with other cables.

Please note Iím on the latest beta firmware

Edit: now controller powers off by it self and disconnects but found a easier solution to temporarily fix it is to unplug Sony Nav and g502 Plug in Controller the plug in the 2 ports 

Feedback / Re: Might switch back to controller
« on: 03:43 PM - 12/19/18 »
I promise itís nothing to do with the device. Itís just some games have that really strange look mechanic thatís feels nice with a controller but weird with a XIM aka borderlands. I guess curves can fix this but donít have the patients to teach my self how to customize them for me which is my own fault. Iím probably just giving up playing on XIM on non fps games and just use a XIM for cod and stuff bc I really do overall enjoy the experience the apex gives me.

Feedback / Might switch back to controller
« on: 04:46 AM - 12/19/18 »
 XIM apex has been a wonderful experience since I got it about 5 months ago. Iíve enjoyed it a lot but Iíve always been a controller player and it just seems like a hassle when it comes to switching games. When it comes to cod itís amazing and easy to set up but if I want to play a game like borderlands, Skyrim, red dead, or even fortnite i find my self spending hours to find settings that work for me for each game and itís just too much for me. I guess I just donít have patience for it but other then that I have enjoyed smackin kids in bo4 and ww2.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Looking for Xim Fortnite coach
« on: 02:53 AM - 12/19/18 »
I didn't get a chance to try your previous settings but I was keeping up with the thread and curious what you ended up with. I don't really see the big deal. Yes, I tried the sensitivity tutorial more than once and it didn't improve anything for me. I don't why. I don't think I have terrible reflects or dexterity because I use to be good with a controller which is suppose to be more difficult. I did order another mouse though (g pro) so that I could try a lighter mouse out. Do you notice much difference between g502 and other in terms of aiming?

Absolutely! That's what I was trying to say. You'd have to have the same peripherals as me. An Elite controller for further adjustments. A Rival 600 which I prefer over the G502 because my aim is better with it. I can build faster with the G502 though. As stated before by someone else on the forums; A dirty mouse pad could throw your aim off, mouse being dropped therefore needing recalibration, and a number of other things. As far as me sharing my config it's not a big deal, but having people rely on my settings when I know it won't make them the best they can be is. Od1n just gave me what I've been looking for years and have seen for months. The problem is I waisted all that time using other people's stuff and copying and pasting like you. When all I needed to do for perfect aim was to find my own dexterity level. Different mouse/mouse pads play into that as well. So, I'm drawing the line and trying to save people from going through unneeded trial and error like me. That's why I won't post it. The tutorial is the answer. We're all grown enough to ride without training wheels.
It just seems like you think it's a lack of effort or something when it really isn't. I'm not lazy or busy. I put time into trying things every day - I just haven't found anything that feels good. I'm curious though... Why do you build faster with the g502? Is it because you use different mouse buttons for the building pieces?
g502 has a lot of buttons but anyways he is right nobodyís settings will feel good to you. You literally have to find your own and find what works for you. I was as hard headed as you with this till I got tired of changing settings literally every day. Do the tutoriol for maximizing your AiM and stick with it for a week bro even if it feels off you will get use to it and will feel perfect after awhile.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Problem with sony nav
« on: 03:02 AM - 12/18/18 »
Just started having this problem also donít know why

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: The Apex at its finest
« on: 11:20 AM - 12/16/18 »
Try this, just some minor tweaks to his setup.

Hip 1.5
ADS .85
ADS x/y ratio 1.25
Ads delay 400 SAT disabled.

His same curve on both Hip and Ads
800 dpi
1000 polling

Use this setup with some thing like spitfire and extended mags.. insane. Just keep your finger on the gas and go baby!

Code: [Select]
   >>> XIM APEX [matutaiki (slightly tweaked)] START COPY >>>
<<< XIM APEX END COPY <<<   

Haven't had time to try it with different dpi or sync settings, but honestly don't know if I need to. This is a pretty dynamite setup!

Way to go matutiaki (Hope I got that right).

Two thumbs way up!
I get a error trying to paste this config and the one on his channel and Iím not sure why

in my future update this week, im going to be making this following..

* Dpad left easier access

* Dpad right easier access

* 4 different DPI level profiles, 5150, 8500, 12000 each one will have the same cpi tho

* New curve for less AA for people who use sync lower than slow.
please make one for default synce and 1800 dpi

Polling rate seems to change sensitivity on this firmware
If Sync is set to Off, then yes, it does. It always has as sens is tied to response rate with Sync Off.

If Sync is set to any other value and that value doesn't change (e.g leave Sync at Common, change response rate from 1000Hz to 500Hz), then response rate shouldn't affect sensitivity as its values are normalised.

I haven't tested this though on the new FW, so it's worth checking.
I believe you are right bc I was using sync off

Polling rate seems to change sensitivity on this firmware

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