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Are yíall really talking about this mans pub stats? Before league play came out he was probably playing GB/CMG. I can tell by his post he actually plays competitive and knows what he is talking about. I only have a 1.5 kd but have golds on both gb and cmg with over $500 plus earned on players lounge on blackout wagers. Pub stats donít mean anything.

Feedback / Re: Might switch back to controller
« on: 04:26 AM - 03/15/19 »
I ended up staying with my XIM I canít go back to controller I feel handicapped. I just love the XIM just wish mine wasnít falling apart will probably have to buy a new one soon.

Game Support / Re: Is Apex Legends getting retrained?
« on: 10:38 PM - 03/13/19 »
I feel like the st is perfectly fine I still prefer the alpha st with 2500 boost but the regular st feels good. Why is everyone so butt hurt in the comments. The XIM dev team are amazing at what they do if I could give them more money for there work I would.

Use lint with like 2300-2500 boost feels perfect on the alpha ST

Guys try the pubg st off synce hip feels a little weird but the ads is perfect been dropping 10+ kills every game. This isnít my vid but itís a buddy of mines on the ST for apex legends

Appreciate it Iíve been looking for this info for a couple days now. Not going to lie the XIM community is the best community

The developer 01dn told me in a post that on off sync polling rate does change the sensitivity

Anyone know the sensitivity differences from 500hz to 1000hz? So I know how to match my 500hz sensitivity bc there is definitely a change

Hardware Compatbility / Re: Mouse that pollz at 1000hz
« on: 11:23 PM - 01/21/19 »
I used a website browser. If I donít see any stutter or anything at 1000hz will it be safe to assume that Iím not negatively impacting my aim by running it at 1000hz

Hardware Compatbility / Mouse that pollz at 1000hz
« on: 02:09 AM - 01/20/19 »
Iíve been using the g502 for awhile now i like it but it only polls at like 900hz. Itís fine but I was wondering if there is any mice out there that 100% will pill at 1000hz consistently

Good feature request I wish they would add a feature where you can just copy your keybinds but not your settings to other configurations so you donít have to re set them up on other profiles.

Game Support / What sync to use for bo4
« on: 04:54 PM - 01/03/19 »
So Iíve always used default in bo4 bc itís feels nicer then common to me. Previous cod I used slow and common but this cod default works best for me but I have friends that tell me that I should be using common because itís a 60fps game that Iím not using full potential of my XIM that off and default are old features and shouldnít be used. Can anyone please inform me with correct information on synchronization. I play blackout not multiplayer btw

I really donít understand what you mean your nav doesnít hit the turn cap. Your keyboard shouldnít either bc itís just character moment. You mouse is what causes jitter not your keyboard or your nav. All it does it take you from wasd movement to  analog movement.

Shared Configs / Re: New to KB&M and Xim
« on: 02:48 PM - 12/28/18 »
Donít pay attention to any curve any boost or any feurige for that matter. I suggest going to the YouTube channel XimGameplay has multiple tutorials on how to find XIM settings for you. I suggest not using any advanced features for at least a month till you understand XIM. I still donít use boost or anything

General Discussion / Re: Blackout
« on: 09:35 AM - 12/28/18 »
Create a sub config (located after ads settings called auxiliary) set the activation key to what ever you want. Make the sensitivity 4 times your hip sensitivity and place this in your Ballstic curve spot.

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

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