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Has anyone else been experiencing (recently -- last 2-3 weeks) a freeze in mouse movement when trying to make a sudden shift of view to get on target in FPS's? Namely COD: MW and Overwatch.

It usually happens when a quick turn is combined with a jump in MW, and just a sudden quick turn in OW will result in the reticle freezing in place for a moment, until what appears to be the game catching up, and then it will resume normal function. It's frustrating because it keeps me from getting to my enemies just on the edge of my FOV without a split second freeze and reset.

I'm positive it's the in game movement speed, because my XIM blinks red when the freeze happens, but the weird part is this is a very recent problem and I haven't changed anything in my profiles in months...

Has something perhaps changed in these games?



A couple of questions, as a new Xim user and my knowledge of the software and history is limited.

1) Now that Microsoft is making native M+B support, what effect could this have on the Xim? For example, could Microsoft now say "we will only accept players who use our native support and will no longer allow third party software for M+K support" due to the Xim communicating through the controller?

2) If Xim is still allowed, and devs decide to separate M+K users from controller users in game, which bunch would Xim fall into? Is anyone confident in Microsoft's ability to identify the Xim being used on XBO?

3) How likely is the chance of the Xim being "outlawed"? In the hypothetical situation that Xim is outlawed, will there be some sort of warning, or appeal by Xim?

4) How would native M+K integration effect the Xim if Microsoft can detect Xim software being used, and Xim users fall under the M+B game settings (i.e. would aim assist be different, would settings in game or Xim software need to be changed to compensate the new M+B specific game rules, etc.)?

I realize some of these questions probably can't be answered right now, due to the limited information there is on all this from Microsoft, but speculation is also welcomed. I just want to hear every one's thoughts on it and what it could potentially mean.

Hello everyone,

New to Xim Apex and this forum, so I will keep it brief (also, if this is in the wrong forum, I apologize).

Starting to optimize my settings and hardware for each game that I play, so I'm trying out different options. I came across a video that mentions the Sony Nav and the Nintendo Joy Con as viable options for an analog stick. To me, the Nav is a little too pricey, so I want to try the Joy Con, but I can barely find any info on it's functionality or performance. So for those of you that use the Joy Con, could you please give me your thoughts on it, and whether or not you'd recommend it?

Currently I play a lot of Overwatch, Halo 5, and Destiny 2. Might venture into Fortnite, CoD, and other shooters in the future. All for Xbox One.


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