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Works great with xim-link got it Friday and it's an amazing product. The only gripe with it is I wish the magnetic wrist rest was alittle more magnetic it barely holds however the feet have great grip and somewhat make up for it.

I'm guessing it wouldn't have any issues if using ximlink either would it?

Thinking of buying one if analog works with ximlink

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: d1sable - goodbye for now!
« on: 07:36 PM - 06/30/20 »
Sorry to hear about your loss mate.

Thanks for everything many of your tips and Configs were extremely helpful and appreciated

Funny enough I only just figured this out the other day wish someone had explained if earlier to me like you just did.

I came from PC after I stopped playing WoW in 2017 and then started to play mostly only fps games. Right away I came to see how much of an issue hacking was and Pubg was the final straw for me. Ever since moving to console and using a Xim I always tried to use my same sense as PC and I literally only just figured out how bad that was :/

I've doubled what I'm used to or would use on PC and already finding it's a huge improvement thanks to aim assist pulling it back once I'm on target anyway.

Wish I'd seen this a year ago but hopefully helps some new ximmers because honestly it's probably one of the best bits of advise if coming from PC.

Hey man just saw these and tried them out tonight unbelievable settings really @#$% solid thanks for sharing I just have a question ... I followed all settings to the T apart from I didn't change from 4k to 12k dpi and also I play at 94 fov (about that anyway) either of these going to have much of an effect on settings (especially dpi) and if so what kind?

Understand you don't play Apex anymore but any input would be appreciated.

Edit: For anyone wondering as above theses may be old but still work quite amazingly

General Discussion / Re: Titan Two vs Cronus Zen vs XIM
« on: 09:47 PM - 01/06/20 »
In my limited experience of Zen, the mouse mechanics are heavily flawed with a small window of usability, let alone viability. The software sucks, the mouse settings donít do what they describe or donít work at all.

Zenís m/kb support is a hot mess and Zen is very far from being on par with a XIM, or a T2 for that matter, despite Charlieís claims.

I'm also a Zen tester and I have to agree with the above 100%. Nothing seems to do as it says or is labelled and the skipping especially with swift movements is terrible. I don't understand the point of fanboys jumping to it's defence instead of pointing out these issues and trying to help improve the issues while it's still in beta, you'd think you'd want it to be the best it can.

It has potential but only if they listen and start to work out bugs and inconsistencies.

I'm noticing same issue, Xbox is amazing but ps4 ... Nothing .... I also just did a copy so will try also later to make fresh with no copy and get back to you

Tried these settings today and tonight and got to say it plays like a dream now AVG 2k dmg up from about 1k won 9 games out of 12.

Awesome job thanks for sharing!!

Hereís a SMOOTH version of the curves. Some may want for just ADS and sniping. 1-6 weakest to Strongest.

Maybe a stupid question but in what way do you mean weakest to strongest? (I honestly still don't understand curves all that well to tell by looking at them how they work)

I've seen these before but always wondered the difference between them outside the obvious that one the a smaller steps and the other larger ... How does that translate in game /use?

Played with these settings for a few hours tonight at 3200dpi and have to say they are by far the best settings I've played with so far only changed the sensitivity to suit my aim better but followed the rest of the settings exactly and it's perfect.

Thanks heaps mate!

What dpi are you running?

Thanks for the settings I plan on trying them out in the morning :D

XIM APEX Discussions / Help with a curve please
« on: 04:41 AM - 02/20/19 »
I'm trying to find or make a curve that will basically work like the aim ease in does for overwatch (when set round 70ish) to use with other shooters where aim starts finer with slower movements but increases with movement.

I've looked around and tried a few but I don't really understand curves all that great so am not totally sure what I'm looking for could anyone help point me in the right direction or possibly post one for me please.

Thanks alot :)

Game Support / Re: Pre ST BO4 setup
« on: 08:06 PM - 10/14/18 »
Rml mate I want to have more aim assist so when they run to follow them!I need a curve and common for that?

Just use 125hz polling (XIM not mouse)

Aren't both Xim and mouse meant to be the same polling or is it better to have 1k mouse polling and 125hz Xim for aim assist?

Game Support / Re: COD BO4 ADS Delay?
« on: 10:49 PM - 10/13/18 »
Is this why in Overwatch if I use a ads profile it feels like twice as fast at the same sensitivity?

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