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Hardware Compatbility / Re: Microsoft elite controller v2
« on: 04:51 PM - 11/24/20 »
Welcome to the community. Yes, XIM APEX supports Elite 2. You will need to upgrade to our latest firmware though: http://xim.tech/latest

The elite 2 will never work with the Xim 4?

Let's go! Could we know a little bit of the ALC values it's going to be using?

Default Curve, default deadzone, max outer deadzone, Max pitch and yaw, no extra pitch and extra yaw because thats timed acceleration.

kinda doubtful on if its the best, but you guy are the mods so ill take ur word for it

You can give it a try with the current ST and is not THAT bad. Obviously is gonna feel better with this upcoming ST. We'll see.

I have been using similar settings but with
2 deadzone
1 outer threshhold
14 response curve
98 fov
And 250 hz on the xim

That looks like it's unplayable tbh

hey @maria

How are you doing? i have a short question..
i play on pc with a Logitech G PRO Wireless, which dpi do you recommend?
Pretty sure you can have multiple DPI profiles, personally I would atleast want 800 and the highest possible, for additional you could have 3200 and 12,000 since they are common figures

Thnks for replying!
I mean in combination with XIM. what is the difference to play on 3400 - 3600 dpi or 12.000 to 25600 dpi if you play on pc.

This config is for console which requires a high dpi 12000+. I don't know if it'd work on PC I haven't tried it. Most ALC configurations don't work on PC. On PC with classic settings I suggest 1600 or 3200 or something in between. Check out DJurik's settings.

Como podria romper la burbuja de AA con este alc es demasiado fuerte
Puedes tratar steady aim ex 2.0 hip - 1.6 ads o subir los optics un poco como 1.2x 1.3x

So this would be 3.84  hip and 2.7 ads with a 20,000 dpi if i did the calculator right?

I don't really understand what you mean, I've always have just used whatever sensitivity you post.

Oh then yeah you're good.


Let's go! Could we know a little bit of the ALC values it's going to be using?

Como podria romper la burbuja de AA con este alc es demasiado fuerte

Baja el response curve un poco or algo. Pero como a ti no te gusta mucho AA y juegas en D3+ tal ves no te recomendó este setup.

Dont know where asking this, and i dont want to create a topic for it but i've a question :

Do you feel some differences between S6(and before) and S7 Aim assist ?
I stopped playing the game for 3 weeks, then i felt like the Aim assist is not the same anymore.

Especialy on turn assist and "strafing following up".

I asked on Reddit, but obviously players dont play on max sense/max ALC sense ;

So do you feel some differences ? Am I the only one struggling with my config ? (that i use since the ALC-add Patch)
Yeah I felt it on my 2deadzone config, played it multiple seasons but now it's just terrible. And it's to do with the aa, not server issue as I've tested it in firing range
Something be going on with this game. With these new settings I got a clean squad wipe and then the next fight it all just stopped working. Next game same thing. Then I reset my game and all was back to good. @#$% servers aside. The frame drops so much on the PS4. Can't wait to get a PS5.

Maria thank you my friend, first game 3400 damage
wow really did you save it?

So this would be 3.84  hip and 2.7 ads with a 20,000 dpi if i did the calculator right?
Yes but you should use your own sens. Coming from the 2 deadzone ALC it's almost the same turn speed because I'm guessing Unknown matched it.

My g502 mouse only can 12000 dpi...what should i do?

That's pretty high. Should be good. Most modern Logitech mice can be brought to 25600 with a an update.

That tracking on the Lifeline....Gross

Nice ill give it a go mate

I know I say this a lot but this is by far the best config I've ever tried. Now if only it sticks after a few days or an update.

Head on to the first page I added a new setup. Here's a quick preview....


This is only for off sync. You can go from something random like 250 / 125 hz to 500/500 hz and on other syncs sens stay the same.

This would suck with xim imo

You might be right. Thanks to Unknown I found something interesting. Deadzone at none and then increasing the response curve to get more aim assist and then decreasing it with the highest dpi available is so smooth. Now I don't know if 0 / 9 / 16 is the optimal combo or if you can even go higher on the response curve but it sure feels like a different game imo.

Shared Configs / Re: Apex Legends Season 7 Settings
« on: 04:02 PM - 11/20/20 »
I'm not feeling much aim assist, is there something I'm doing wrong?

I'm using the apex legends config straight from the app

Logitech G pro wireless at 3200 DPI

500Hz on xim

Synchronisation on common. Everything else besides sensitivity is default

Apex legends sensitivity is 7

Response curve classic

Look dead zone small.

Advanced controls are....

Dead zone 2 clicks to the right

Yaw speed max pitch speed max

Ads yaw speed max, ads pitch speed max

Everything else default

Common sync is not recommend unless you're on the original Apex PS4 ST which is no longer supported. Besides the reason you could not be feeling aim assist is because these settings haven't been feeling so well on the new map because it's so framey compared to the other two.

You only know the feeling of how it could be when done from at designed for 7-7....

Dude I just tried one of your old setups and it's soooo good. Controller like aim assist. 0 Deadzone, 9 Outer Threshold and 16 Response Curve. First game with it 2500 damage.


Can you guys see how this set-up feels. Obviously the Yaw/Pitch speeds maxed out.
https://youtu.be/pLxOgLgR4OM at 8:50

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