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Game Support / Re: Apex Legends Config like season 1
« on: 08:00 AM - 08/17/19 »
You can most definitely beam in season 2 with corrected settings, ill link you my solo 18bomb gameplay.


Thanks guys for the long responses but still no. Both pubg and titanfall 2 shoot better than apex legends st. Pubg has a tighter ads and titanfall 2 has better aim assist response I sat d1sables current settings season 2 next to pubg 12k dpi  -hip default 11.16 no smoothing no steady no sab. ADS default 2.72 no smoothing no steady 106 SAB I encourage you to do the same, and this is just one I made in 5 minutes to show the difference between the two y'all feel it out and then figure out where the problem is. Take it to the training range and strafe with the r99 on the dinkus standing there and switch back and forth between the two profiles and notice how it's ever so slightly easier to keep it on target with pubg. In my opinion the ratio between hip and ads seems further apart on pubg which may be why there's better control it's like ads is tighter I don't know but I shouldn't be getting better results on pubg it's the difference between a 5 kill game and a 15 kill game for me it's extremely noticeable because people have gotten accurate and you need that suction aim assist to sink the whole clip and put people down when you first see them it's part of the meta you're talking about. In order to consistently 3v1 a team and not die you have to be able to put one down instantly and pick them off after that without aim assist you basically wiff every 3rd or 4th 301 shot from ads jiggle and then bam you're dead because bud and Jeff know where you are now too after you ruined the first stream so target A runs and heals while bud and Jeff stick it in your already stinging bum.

Haha facts, iíve missed multiple squad wipes because of inconsistency with AA in apex st i can second this, and when you come up against ppl who are good in ranked(diamond) they will out strafe your bullets left and right and u will miss most of ur shots, I've basically made a disabled version of pubg st and i can confirm it works better than the actual st on 7/7 default classic curve.. barely run into someone who can outstrafe my bullets when its right on target leading the shot..

Game Support / Re: Apex Legends new solo mode
« on: 06:39 PM - 08/14/19 »
i Just drop skull town every game, i dropped 18 kills, 16 kills, then 14. I just engage every fight and see where people drop as well

Link to video regarding these settings:

Did you adjust the DZ variable at all? I need some ps4 players to shine the light on that aspect

Can someone post the ps4 version of this configs curve, that would be helpful please

The original curves for hip/ads are the best, i have tested both curves out, and i use 1 smoothing w the off sync. This is now my main config, thank you RML you really are the GOAT  ;)

I used this on ps4 w a minor tweak, instead of default sync i used common and bumped sab to 200. Straight lasering people, really like how the tracking feels w this config overall A+ i had similar settings to these before.

Remove the boost, it's what makes it feel inconsistent imo.

It registers tiny movements as 80, now factor in AA boxes at different ranges and it hinders more than it helps.

Just my 2 cents

This x2, with my long trial experiments with boost in apex, 100% confirm that boost has more diminishing returns and causes you to miss many shots that you could of easily landed, it just destroys your 1:1 and hitbox issues is very relevant with even small amounts as disabled stated.

FYI everyone, turn SAB- OFF****

Youíll thank me later

You use a nav tho, how about keyboard players? Has anyone full tested sab off in that aspect?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Apex legend settings?
« on: 08:29 PM - 07/12/19 »
This new meta for Apex Legends is so horrible to me at the moment. It seems as if they've lessened the time to kill. I feel like I die way faster than first season and I'm not liking it one bit. I used to be able to melt multiple squads by myself, but now that areas on the map have become more accessible teams get to me a lot faster. And now the map looks cluttered and filthy. Shields also seem more flimsy and breakable for some reason. I've increased my kill count according to my stats but I'm literally close to quitting apex legends because I feel that they're beginning to cater to noobs and make the game more easier. I'll give it one more season and if it gets worse I'm done.

I agree, I am sure that most non-casual players do not like the updated meta.

5% damage increase to nerf Lifeline, Pathfinder, and Wraith is terrible. Why not do this the proper way..?
10% damage reduction I was ok with for Gibby and Caustic.... 15%!? why?

Wingman has technically been further nerfed, now that skullpiercer is a gold hopup, technically affects the longbow too but I don't think that is much of an issue as the longbow has not been nerfed in any other way.

Disruptor Rounds...... Fundamentally breaks the game. Yes, they nerfed the damage already, but that is not the issue. The issue is we have come accustomed to breaking from battle and healing shields and then getting back in the fight. What is the point of breaking from the fight to heal your shields, only to lose them as soon as you get back in it?

Increased ring damage: At first I thought this would be a good thing, but it seems like the no thumbed players just can't comprehend that they have to get out of the ring.... why does this matter? less kills for me if the ring is doing the killing. On top of that, they just had to nerf Lifeline's bot to where it is useless in the storm. (This part may be one of the few that didn't cater to casuals... but it doesn't help skilled players either in my opinion)

Ranked mode... Really? 5 kill cap for RP, damage not counted as a qualifier for RP, placements matter most... I don't think this shows skill.

I think it is time for Respawn to update their description of the game. It is no longer the "fast paced battle royale" that they advertise, which is part of what made them unique to begin with.

On top of that, I am fairly certain that aim assist was tweaked for season 2. Help those casuals hit their shots just a little bit more so they stay and buy up some cosmetics.

I also enjoyed the high TTK, it was frustrating at first but I began to really improve on my aim, movement, and positioning because it was demanded. My teammates are always trash, I've heard that their matchmaking selects the more "skilled players" to pair these no thumbs with, so they still enjoy their experience while they are being carried. Can't have them leaving, there's cosmetics to be sold.

The Code:Leaf / Net, along the the complete kick out where you get reconnecting attempt 1 of 9, over and over again until you restart you app, has me frustrated as well. This could also be changing the meta. Who wants to hot drop when they've just spent the last 10 minutes trying to get in to a match?

Won't even get started on the netcode...., just cannot stand the game favoring the poor connection.

That said, it is still a very fun game at its core, but if I felt that there was a better option out the right now, I would give it a shot.

This x2, you couldn't of said it any better, quality of the game actually has decreased significantly, hope they revert/fix alot of the stuff they messed up alrdy

Game Support / Re: Input lag on xim
« on: 09:59 PM - 06/20/19 »
Its not input lag when I play , its really when I move the mouse I feel like there is a delay when I move my mouse

What firmware you using? I noticed alot of input delay on the new firmware with the mouse as well

Tried SAB off and 0 value on fortnite.Movement and mouse feels really bad on this firmware. I prefer 0603

603 had one of the best aiming behaviors imo compared to all the other betas that were currently released, nothing else compares to it, but the only downside is the movement and buttons have noticeable input lag, and don't register correctly sometimes especially when theres more lag present in the server. Then you also have the gun jamming issue which is present in that firmware, if they can just replicate 603 aiming behavior and fine tune everything else it would be a solid retail..

Btw you guys, the manager 315 actually works with the private beta so you dont have to revert your managers back if all else fails. You can still see all the advanced options

Which game are we talking about again? Is this PUBG.

I looked at your trace (thanks for sending that) and it's perfect. There are no timing issues with your console. You are using 1000Hz. Can you please switch to 125Hz and let me know if that changes anything for you?

If this is PUBG, we have no choice, the game doesn't work with SAB fully disabled -- I have seen many reports about this. But, all the prior builds mentioned have the same SAB (or just minor tweaks).

It would really help to know if you experience this in all games for just one. And, when it happens, if you pop back out to the console dash when it's happening do you also notice this delay when pressing buttons? Without info like this, it's going to be really hard to track down because when I look at what XIM is passing to the console, there is no explanation.

Thanks for the help.

The only games i have tested this beta on was bo4/blackout, have yet to try apex legends or other games.

The micro adjustments feel pretty nice in this game and the mouse feels solid for the most part. Way better than the last two builds. The profiles seem to change or feel different on this one without a reset, or reload. It's funny that the mouse is perfect on this one almost! However, the movement is off. Whereas, the last two builds the movement was spot on but I couldnt win a gun fight to save my life.

Tbh, I know this is general as an answer.... But, build 204,119, and 109 felt great.
From now on I will start recording my findings more.
Now I don't know what to do as I can only downgrade to manger version 315 or vanilla. Hmm.
I can use PC but I like using my phone.

My aiming on this build is spot on. I feel like this is almost there! Just I keep loosing control of my character movement and dying. lol.

Exactly!! same situation i reported to osbiv based on my trial run and tests with the private beta, its like theres a input delay in the overall buttons you press. Movement is just not smooth like 320, 204, or 119(best one imo). The aiming is def solid just doesnt go well with the movement or button delay

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